Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Shoe choices

Lessons in Charley horses and shoe choices!
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The one and ONLY time in my triathlon life since having Coach Paul that I don't ask him a major question I find out the hard-painful way!

I wanted to break 3hours in my marathon...so I pretended to be an "elite" runner girl. I studied a bit about them... they are very tiny and wear very little shoes. Hmm, I don't have the very tiny "elite" runner girl genetics BUT I do have the shoes... RACING FLATS! So, I wore them!

Today I can barely walk around my house. My calves are screaming at me! My legs are wondering why I didn't support the impact of my "not elite runner girl frame" on my legs, MY CALVES! I am paying the price in pain for not asking Coach Paul what shoes to wear...

I just had a chat with coach. I found out that:

1. Racing flats are for 1/2 marathons and shorter
2. Elite marathoners that run in racing flats have built up the ability to race in them for that distance and they aren't my size...
3. Down hills are not "racing flat friendly" ewww, no wonder that down hill at mile 24 killed!
4. I should be in more supportive shoes for that distance... not necessarily trainers, but "light weight trainers" for a marathon. (I knew I should have worn the DS Trainers!)


Eileen said...

Yikes, hope the charlie horses subside soon. I have done that before - Oops. I can't wait to decide on Feb-April stuff, ya know? YAY!


Crash said...

been there - and have lost toe nails because of it.

ShirleyPerly said...

OUCH! I've not made that mistake but have worn brand new shoes that I'd never trained/raced in before during a marathon. Live and learn ...

Have fun playing with Kainoa this week. Let him do all the running :-)

Speed Racer said...

Oops! Well, judging from the picture of how those shoes ended up after the race, it didn't look like you'd be racing in them anymore anyway.

Live and learn.

BreeWee said...

Are you kidding? I am running in those shoes for the Jingle Bell run this month :)

Bob Mitera said...

I hate painful lessons like that. Good to hear it is only muscule rebellion and not something 'serious'. 3:03 - NICE!
Great picture in Triathlete Januaray BTW. You are right next to my picture of Tim Hola in my basement. (Tim and I go way back.)
I am still missing skin and two toe nails from the Chicago Marathon (91 F in October!)...my heel looked like I had a bout with ebola.