Friday, January 4, 2008

Got Tea?

Living in Hawaii I have fallen in love with tea. Everyone here drinks it in all flavors and temperatures. I was a regular cup a day of green tea girl (I learned that from all my Japanese buddies). Then I went to Canada and my host mom in Vancouver, Angela James (click on her name to check out her tea site) took me over the top!

With NO exaggeration she had tea all day and night! When I met her she poured me a cup, when it was empty she refilled it, before bed she made me more, she even gave me some to take to bed with me! She had about 64 ounces of tea a day (I think). It was a lot! After spending time with her I realized at her age (50's) she had no wrinkles, more energy than my young son, such good moods, and she was also racing Half Ironmans! She credits the tea.

Back home to Hawaii, I am hanging out with my best Japanese buddy Reiko San and we are talking about tea and mac nuts and we are admiring one of her good friends, 83 years old, out picking coffee beans and mac nuts-professional style-with the knee thing! I am way younger and I can not work my knees like that, I have way more wrinkles, and I need a nap after all the works she does! She credits tea.

Then I see a nutritionists and well what does he do to help kick my mid-night snack craving... recommend tea! So, little miss cup-a-day tea is now at 5 cups a day of all kinds! I think it works, I believe in it, and here are some that I have found to do the trick!

  • Green Tea: Contains EGCG, loaded with antioxidants- more potent than 22 fruits and veggies, (helps speed recovery), burns calories, prevents tooth decay and helps prevent cavities, wards off diesese.
  • SPORTea: Endurance builder, stamina enhancer, promotes blood flow and circulation, click to learn more!
  • Egyptian Licorice Tea (Yogi Brand)- helps stop the sweet tooth, taste like a treat...
  • St. Johns Good Mood tea (Yogi Brand)- Helps women on that time of month with bad pms mood and fights fatigue
  • Ginger tea-helps with nausea (WORKED awesome when I was prego), helps settle a sour stomach and aids digestion after a BIG meal!
  • Joint Comfort (Yogi Brand)- help keep cartilage, and bones, and joints doing their thing so you can do yours.
  • Roobios- check the website for all the fun flavors and varieties!


Kellye Mills said...

My mom has had me hooked on tea for years! I've been a green tea devote mostly, but those others sound really good also. Thanks for sharing!

BTW: You've inspired me to see how quickly I can do my brick tomorrow! I am not necessarily shooting for 60 sec however :) !!

Mel said...

CAN I add a cup of sugar to the tea and still have the same effect?? I am A HUGE coffee drinker, BUT with tons of sugar and flavored cream (then I am bitchin I am packing on the LBS...hmmmmm...Wonder WHY :) I Will try the Licorice tea...since you said it taste like a treat!!

Thanks for the info :)

Emmalee said...

I don't know if you remember the time I was a professional tea bagger.... and I mean that in all seriousness. I learned A LOT about tea during that time. I think one of the coolest things about tea has to do with tea ceremonies and the way tea was traditionally enjoyed. There is even a religion of tea! I kid not. has a ton of other tea info about benefits and all that stuff. Anyways, I'm def. trying licorice tea anything to get rid of my sweet tooth.

Mel said...
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tati said...

ha, cool, just looked up the's got mate in it, and i just started drinking that stuff (yerba mate tea from guayaki) vs coffee. i love it! so yea, i'm gonna order that sportea now too. :)

Anonymous said...

I LOVE TEA and am totally addicted to it. My coffee friends and dear husband think I am nuts...but for someone who doesn't NEED the caffeine...TEA is my love...I am a huge plain ol EARL GREY tea w/ Bergamont...but I will try some of these the honey I put in my tea takes away some of my sugar cravings. In our winters...I ONLY drink tea all day long b/c I am not a 'drinker' water doesn't interest me usually. Good post! Jen H.

Rural Girl said...

Very informative. I had not idea there were so many options. I like having something warm to sip on throughout the day that doesn't have the caffeine of coffee. This would do the trick and would even have some health benefits.

Anonymous said...

I can elaborate if you want...send me your email...but to answer your question on my blog...
In the beginning (1st year) I NEEDED the time away...with 2 little kids that were not sleeping thru the night b/c they were so tiny, I got into a comfortable spot where I needed some "ME" time. So, from day #1, I always got out w/o the kids. As the years passed, I feel I am a much better mom when I get away. Jerome is a triathlete himself, so he is into me leaving and racing and coming back fully re-charged and ready to go. I am a VERY social person and because I stay home Monday-Friday with the kids I actually have minimal guilt when I leave for a weekend away. Plus, it gives Jerome some one on one time as well as their grandparents get to spend some quality time with them. IN the beginning I could never EVER call home, or I would cry at my races. Now, it is not a problem...but they will be 6 in a couple of weeks and it is so very important to me that they see "mom and dad" having their own passions and own goals in life...and how you CAN do it all. For me, it is all about prioritizing. Sure, I can not race as much as I want to away from home...even though in 08 it kinda looks that way...but in previous years, I would do a 1/2 IM and then local stuff and then Kona at the end of the it wasn't that bad at all. I will admit though, that this year ONE of the main reasons I am not doing the IM is b/c I feel horribly gulity with training all day on a Saturday and JEROME TOO! So....while Jerome focuses on Long course, I will do Short course and in September, when they go to school all day, I can train during their school time and keep the weekend free for them/family, I have worked hard at trying to balance it...and sometimes I am not perfect, but as long as I have quality time with them during the week - I don't mind being gone for a weekend and THEY love spending time w/ Jerome/grandparents. :) Good luck!!! Your son will do just great. Jen H.