Sunday, January 6, 2008

Just Juice it!

Today was the "Juice Challenge". I have not done any sort of successful food challenge since college (I went to a Christian College and my Bible study and I were always fasting and praying). Anyways, I tried a couple times to do the "juice challenge" with my friend Reiko (we caved in at 12:38). Then I tried with my friend Jen (caved in at 3:42). I thought I was doomed to never be successful at the "juice challenge".

But yesterday one of my most will-power-tuff friends, Lauren, tells me Sunday she is doing the "juice challenge". I know that if she says she is-she is! So, I say count me in!

I head straight for the farmers market to stock up on EVERYTHING I could possibly need for a Sunday of juice only. All the fresh fruits and veggies looked so bright and yummy I had no problem heading into this adventure!

Sunday morning...
I knew I had a little run and needed some carbs to get me through- Bring on the carrots! (loaded with carbs). My 1:30 run... hmmm.... no gels, no sports drink allowed... what's an athlete to do? Grapes in the juicer and I added some good old Hawaiian sea salt (natures electrolytes)! Oh yea it worked! I had no problem making it through that run with water bottles filled with grapes and sea salt-in fact I was super energized!

Of course I needed to refuel so I had coconut water (all natural IV). I knew this would be GREAT, its what I had in the bike-run transition during Ironman! And then breaky... coconut, banana (yes Brooke you CAN put bananas in the juicer), pine apples! Bring it on!

All day I spent at the juicer inventing flavors. The best was oranges, lemons, ginger and Asian pears. BUT spinach, carrots, and ginger was my close second. Okay... now it is swim time. Yep, another workout on raw fruit/veggie juice... how would it go?

I started out sluggy. I blamed it on the tired legs from my TT and from spending the afternoon in the sun with Kainoa and Jim at the beach. BUT, once I got to the main set I was feeling AWESOME! (of course I was using my home-made sports drink) grapes and sea salt. My second 1,000 I swam a 12:10... that was good for me. I was stoked! This "juice challenge" isn't too bad!

Now for dinner time.. THANK GOD Jim is so supportive. He let me play juice and ate "food" away from me...that smell of Korean BBQ was killing me too... BUT I stayed strong because I knew Lauren was doing AWESOME!

Now it is nearly bed time and I successfully made it through a full day on the "juice challenge". I know, you might think we are nuts! BUT juice challenges have all sorts of AWESOME results and help rid the body of toxins. I feel like a 10 year old from all this juice today! If you are curious about it here are some cool sites:

Why Juice? Check it out HERE.
What's in each fruit & vegetable? Check it out HERE.


Speed Racer said...

Did you have to wear a blindfold to drink some of that stuff. No offense, but that first picture looks kind of yucky.

hydrateme said...

Try a new hydration tool thats been advertised in Triathlete magazine called AquaJoe. It turns water into sports drink and is re-usable. Watch their video at

Pedergraham said...

Aaah, just the thought of going to a farmer's market in Hawaii is going to get me through this week!

Eileen said...

Ok, sorry I didn't join in on the fun! Next time for sure.....Can't wait, just 7 more weeks 'til you know what ;-)


Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Dude - the juice stuff was interesting, but HELLO - great swim time for your 1,000. Holy Cow!! Awesome! What was your split for that??? :) Great job with the juice stuff - sounds like it was fun playing around with the different flavors. Coconut mildk/water makes everything taste great!

kerrie said...

oh my, i think that is more veggies/fruit than i ate all last year(oops). sounds like that would be a good challenge for me...can you add caffeine to the juice?

kerrie said...
that's what i was talking about in my reply to you on my blog, it's called peter potty, lol. i would get this for sure i think if i had a boy!

Mel said...

YUMMY on the fruit shake....YUCK on the veggie shake!!! Now you just need to do a MEAT shake...add chicken...beef...a little steak...then you have a FULL meal :)

ShirleyPerly said...

OK, I have to say that this is pretty weird to me. I can't imagine drinking that green stuff, though the pineapples sound pretty good.

Sorry I missed ya in Kona last month. I'll be back end of February and will be hitting the pool for sure.