Friday, January 11, 2008

Mahalo Charles & Team!

After Ironman I was fortunate enough to team up with Charlie Patten & crew. Together they are launching some pretty fun new athletic websites. To be honest, I didn't think much about ever having my own website... I am "computer challenged". Charlie and team are amazing! They got to know me, my personality, who I am, and from there they created a website that blew me away! I had nothing to do with it... after getting to know the athlete (or whoever they are designing for) a bit, they put their imagination to work and create something fun and unique to the athlete (or whoever). They are going to have mine launching soon... click below if you want to see their work...or are interested in one of your own!

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Marni said...

So far...the website looks great!!!
I loved the ACE 2008 post as well. how clever! have a great weekend.

bee said...

That is so cool! Your logo looks great. Hmmm...maybe they could do a WeeBee website. Weebees, weebees, weebees! One thing is for sure we will be excellent ball rollers. :)