Thursday, February 28, 2008

My favorite run loop...

My favorite run is a great little spot (that I won't say the name because we get too many tourists on it) but it is a 6.5 mile loop (I know, all the locals reading this are shouting ____ _____!!).

It is a gradual 2-4% grade up for 3.25 miles and then a gradual 2-4% grade down the 3.25 miles... BUT the best part is that it has side streets on the mauka side that lead up... up to grades that are painful.... grades that hurt.... grades that make you LOVE a 2-4% grade.

So, coach gave me a 70 min run with hills and I hit ____ _____. As I ran the 3.25 miles up I also went up each of the side streets, then back down, then on the 3.25 miles down I ran up all the side streets and back down.

Kainoa and I decided to go back and take photos of this awesome run spot... it is not only a beautiful neighborhood but a hilly adventure.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Me & Food...

Since I posted about the Weebee's, my Weebread, the juicing addiction I have, how I am scared to eat sugar (but I cheat because I eat powergels), I have been flooded with emails about my diet. FIRST: I do not diet. I just eat ... nothing to it. Then Jen H. (read here) wrote this post all about food and it got me thinking (after a couple more emails), that I finally responded too! Just read some books!

Here are a list of my 3 favorite books. I just love em'. Hope they help!

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"Skinny Bitch". My aunt got me hooked on this book. It is so funny to read and it kicks your butt at the same time! These ladies let you have it, they don't sugar coat anything and they make it easy to understand.

They just published a new book too: "Skinny Bitch in the Kitch". Gotta get that, I need to beg Jim for money to buy it!

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This is another favorite! It is written by a pro-Ironman triathlete (Brendan Brazier). He was the man who helped Simon Whitfield with nutrition when he won his gold medal in the Olympics! This book is great for athletes because he is an athlete and he knows our need for food and cravings and recovery! READ IT if you train...

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This book I read a few years ago. I was in the eating habits of "everything in moderation". YET I was still a bit chunky (163lbs). I got the flu every now and then, I could barely recover from workouts, I was always having headaches... I read this and DUH! I knew why! So, I gave up the sugar... except for the gels. I have tried to give them up. I rarely used sports drinks and then in Canada my coach got me back on them at a training camp for Ironman. (did I tell you after this book I dropped to 125 pounds, not dieting, just ditching sugar?) Anyways, he got me on the darn sports drinks and I went back up, gained 6 pounds for Ironman, threw up all over my bike during Ironman from "sports drink", so I quit sports drinks again! I still do gels but won't give up my mission for a better training/racing fuel. I make my own sports drinks or buy this grape electrolyte replacement from the health food store.

Anyways, this book is very old, small print, a bit slow reading, BUT one that changed my life.
Have fun with food & I hope these books help...

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Drink your Veggies!

Did you know we should be eating 1 pound of raw vegetables per 50 pounds of body weight a day? I have tried to eat 2.5 pounds of vegetables a day and let me tell you it's not easy! I felt like an animal at the zoo chowing down! SO... what we do in my house is drink em'! EASILY veggies can be juiced without loosing their nutrients and are more easily digested.

I know, it looks so gross but it tastes so good! Even Kainoa BEGS me to juuuuuuice mommy! Here is his favorite juice:

  • 1 apple
  • 5 carrots
  • 3 large handfuls of spinach leaves
  • 1 small piece of ginger
  • Bee pollen (he got this from Auntie Brooke)

Okay, off to ride my bike! Have a great day and go drink your veggies!
PS. Kellie Mills, Kainoa said he will make you some if you come to Hawaii 70.3... I know you are thinking about it... I hope Jen makes you come out here!

Monday, February 25, 2008

Up and Running...

Jay is the MAN! A BIG Mahalo goes out to Jay for throwing a website together for me... don't worry ladies, he is not a computer nerd! In all my life I never thought I would have a website or want one until Jay showed me how much fun they can be! Check it out and be sure to contact Jay of you need one! Bree Wee

Why I am at it... a BIG mahalo goes out to Coach Paul at Lifesport for going through another year with me (you are so lucky!).

Coach Steve in Kona for helping me swim and NEVER giving up on me. And of course my masters team... oh you all know how much I love you!

Bike Works Hawaii for taking such good care of a local girl & her bike! You are my second family!!

Scott Bikes for putting the VROOOM in my ride.

Splish for all the suits that make me want to swim (I could not have swam a 56 at Ironman if I didn't have a new suit every week to keep me motivated!

Zoot for taking a chance on me this year... I am stoked about the opportunity!

Weebee Honey for the pre-race boost (my breakfast sandwich would be naked without you).

The Club in Kona for my gym membership- you have the most fun treadies (if that is possible).

Brooke & Nick... for all the Kainoa watching you do! And juicing for me & free yoga lessons (I never knew how expensive it is!).

Jim & Kainoa... for supporting me unconditionally and putting up with my crazy life and dreams-you are my strength!

My family... you are the best! I know I could not handle me- you do a GREAT job of it!

OF COURSE a HUGE mahalo to Kona community! No words could express how thankful I am to have all of you in my life and sport!

To my top-secret supporters (you know who you are) I wish I could tell the world how thankful I am for you... THANK YOU!

AND last but not least... my blog buddies! I am so thankful for your great stories that inspire me, your jokes, & the fun of having you as "friends"!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

One more for Mira...

All for you Mira!

I got a request from Mira. She wants me to send her Andy Baldwin. I would love to put him in a box and ship him to Little Rock... but he doesn't fit... hope this works for you...he is in his undies at the Ironman Underwear Run.

Friday, February 22, 2008

Bring on the heat!

I am not sure what I was thinking... Ironman is a bit far away to be training in the middle of the Kona sunshine... but yesterday I did it.

Laced up the shoes, slapped on the visor, and hit good old Ali'i Drive. YOUCH! It was a scorcher. I started to see stars, my head was spinning, I got a bit dizzy. Everything went black a couple times... I wanted to slow but I had a few "steady states" to do...

This morning I woke up feeling completely dehydrated. My head still feels light, and my calves are burning as if they are craving water and minerals!

After reading about 6 blogs full of massive snow reports, inches of snow fall, temperatures colder than my freezer, I thought I should warm blog land up a bit...cheers to my blog pals in the cold!

Okay, off to hang MORE posters!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Coach Paul is about to be BROKE!

Last night I got an email that was as cool as winning the lottery! My coach is going to give me 50 cents for every poster I hang in Kona that introduces the Lavacamp! I seriously think he was figuring I would help by putting up maybe 10. One in the local bike shop, one in the gym, ect... then give me 5 bucks. Sorry, coach, I love a good challenge and 5 bucks for hanging a couple posters-NO THANKS... I am on a mission to earn my flight money to Ironman Japan!

I am not kidding! He is about to go broke and I am about to become a VERY rich woman... today starts my mission of PLASTERING Kona in posters...and I am not joking! By the way... Jes (my Hilo friend/Lifesport teammate) do you wanna come help me rob Coach Paul? Ooooh, Rachel, fly over and you can help too!

What is the Lavacamp? Check it out here...

Lieto and Wee Confirm for LavaCamp

Chris Lieto, one of the world’s best Ironman athletes, has confirmed his attendance as a guest coach at the LavaCamp in Waikoloa, Hawaii. Chris battled at the front of the Hawaii Ironman this past fall eventually finishing sixth. Bree Wee, the all-time amateur Ironman course record holder in Hawaii, also confirmed that she will be at LavaCamp to share her “local knowledge” of racing in Hawaii. The Lavacamp is for an exciting training and learning opportunity with LifeSport Coaching, the “Official Coaches of Ironman”.

The Lavacamp, as featured in Triathlete Magazine, is a perfect opportunity to improve your triathlon skills and build early season fitness. All abilities are welcome. Training sessions will include Open water swim skills, Riding and hill climbing, Transitions, Running drills and pacing, Nutrition, Racing strategies, New technologies for Triathlon, Running form, Planning your season, and Equipment selection. The camp will take place from April 7-10, Only 20 spots available.

To register for this camp go here.... and for more information visit

The man in the red shirt is about to become very poor and sleeping on the beach in Kona...

Today I will start hanging posters... and MANY thanks to Carolyn for the idea to record ALL the hours spent making coach go broke as "training time"...

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Tri-Blogger Swim Challenge...

I think this photo of Kainoa's run technique is far more exciting than my report on my Tri-Blogger swim challenge...

My challenge was 20x200. That is not too bad. The send offs: 10x200@3:00, 5x200@2:50, and 5x200@2:40 again, not too bad...

BUT trying to swim after that darn race was TOO bad. Thankfully my arms were fresh so I could pull my butt through the water... BUT my legs said, "sorry". I pretty much dangled my legs behind me and kicked only for the purpose of balancing myself.

No big deal- I didn't reach some amazing split or have a super swim session... I just swam and swam and swam... Next up, Elaine and Jen H. Have fun girls, I hope your "challenge" is far more exciting and fun!

Monday, February 18, 2008

Grrrrrr...I mean GAR....

Okay, here is the scoop: 2nd place, 8.15 miles in 47:56 (5:53 pace) GAR results

My race plan for the run-

Coach calls me the day before and told me the first 2 miles are his... I can not be a maniac (that is really what he called me!) He does not want me running like "a maniac" in the first 2 miles, I have to follow our plan and "pace, be controlled, be smart". THEN he told me I am on my own! I can go nuts the next 6 miles, no HR monitor, green light, just go be brave and run like hell! So... I did!

I was relaxed at just under 6 min. miles for the first two miles, then I went like a bat outta HELL! I got myself back into the race and about 3-4 of us girls hung together trading the lead. I knew 2 of them were UH cross country runners and they had a nice tactic going, the other Iowa chick (pro runner on her way to the Olympic trials in the 10k) was going for it and didn't like us so she would surge and we would respond. I did a time check and it said my mile 4 was run at 5:20, oh my dear gosh I thought! How is that for going nuts and trying to make up some time after my first "safe" two miles...

Have you ever looked at your pace and got scared? Like honest in your heart and head scared? Like maybe it is too good to be true and any moment you might blow. At that point you know you maybe should relax a bit or ease up... I mean, clearly you are holding a pace beyond any you have ever held, you are with runners you never run with because they are in their own league... that happened to me. I looked, I saw a pace I was scared about and in that breath I took a chance... I went harder... I passed all 3 girls...

This is what I was thinking...

And if there is even one second when 'it' all comes together in your heart......the gratitude......the love.......the peace of all that you are.........then you've won the race and had a perfect day.


My friend Jen "naughty" sent me that email the week of the race. I read it so many times over that I memorized it. Jen is my "mental mentor". I confide all my secret race dreams to her as if I were writing in my diary or something... she never ever laughs or makes me doubt that I am being unrealistic and the hard part- SHE HOLDS ME TO IT!

Anyway, when I pulled ahead and saw my 10k split at a 35: 16 I started to cry inside because I was really doing it! I had never run a 35 something 10k ever! EVER in my life! I tried to push harder, I kept repeating Jen's quote, I stayed ahead till the the final stretch and Mrs. Iowa passed me...

I then told myself I HAVE to go now! This is a sprint finish and I did not just push myself to a new pain and a new mental battle field to let her get me at the finish... I tried to respond... I moved a little but not enough.... I lost by 5 seconds.

So, GAR is over and I have a new PR and am really happy to be running this well in February after not even working on my threshold speed yet this season. Of course I wanted first, but like Jen's email said, "when it comes together I had a perfect day and won the race". So, I did have my perfect race and I am happy...

AND better than my "prize money check" I had my super husband and son with me!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Oahu or Bust!

Tomorrow we hit the 40 minute flight to Oahu. Jim and Kainoa will be surfing and I will be running (Monday) in the Great Aloha Run. I am so ready for a family vacation even though it is just 40 minutes away and only for a weekend!

Have a great swim challenge to those girls doing it, Marit have a fun 13.1, Kel knock em' dead in the time trial, and have a fun weekend everyone!

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Girls Just Wanna have Fun...

Wendy, Lana, Me, & Rani post-tready session!

If you have even one friend who will kick your @$$ with you then consider yourself lucky... BUT if you have 3 then consider yourself in for one heck of a good time!

Oh the beloved tready sessions! They aren't just for snow birds, moms who can only train in the dark, people on rehab, they are for those in the mood to HURT, SUFFER, be CHALLENGED, & push beyond their limits (without cheating). On the real road you can easily relax, breathe, slow for a second... BUT on the tready if you dare even think of pausing mid-interval you will fly off the back and endure pain worse than wimping out on the interval!

5am...Wendy, Lana, Rani, and me....4 tready's waiting to be fired up....vrooom... a bunch of buff men lifting weights looking at us strangely as we approach the "love of our lives-better known as the stinky tready's"...

After a nice warm up, some girl talk, and laughing it was time to get down to business.

The main set: 20 x 1 minute fast (as 10 at 10k pace, 5 at 5k pace, 5 at puke pace) with 1 minute light jog between each. The 10k and 5k pace was pretty easy...each round only lasted a minute. It was that "puke" pace that kind of hurt. By this time you are feeling it, fatiguing, nearly dehydrated, tight muscles, mentally pooped, the usual...and by this time you have sweat flying at each other and a crowd of gym-goers looking at us like we have too much energy this early in the morning...

My favorite saying is, "If you can't do it in training you can't do it in racing". So, for the final 5 I made sure to let it be known that we need to PUSH! We need to CHALLENGE ourselves... and off we went! It was almost scary seeing the tready go so fast and hearing 4 of them roaring like they were about to blow up. Imagine 4 girls grunting, faces all grimaced, sweat flying, arms and legs turning over at alarmingly high rates... I had to laugh at us! It was the most fun I have ever endured on a tready!

I challenge you on your next tready session to make it count! Just have a little fun...

Getting started, make sure your tready is set to at least a grade of 1. (1 is considered flat road). Less than 1 has studies that show it is actually less than flat road (if possible) and may be bad for the knees because it is less than flat... (don't ask me to explain, I am no scientist, I just follow the preventative rules)... and a grade of 1 is equivalent to the pace you plug in on the tready. (This is for lack of wind resistance) For example, you are at an incline of 0 and think you plug in an 8 mile pace... SORRY... not 8 mile pace it is 8:20! Ya, crazy Science, BUT a 1 incline is not even noticeable! Check these links to learn more: Tready pros/cons & Tready Pace Chart

Have fun!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Being a champ...

This photo really has nothing to do with this post... but I had to use it because I am so smart I figured out who my anonymous comment leaver is and the "dolphin boy", and the one who leaves me crazy phone messages & emails... He is also the one who was in charge of the dolphins and let me in to play with them & gave me this photo! Ha- busted! I know who you are!

Okay, back to my post!

My tri coach, Coach Paul & I have a pretty good coach/athlete relationship. In fact he knows me so well he can tell when I am hiding something or when I am being stubborn. SO... after that 5.2 road race he sends me an email and I knew then that he could tell what was eating at me. The email was so simple and so true that I had to share it. I think it is easy to relate to weather you are a rookie, amateur, seasoned pro, first year pro (me), or just hungry to be your best...

Here is my email...

Hi Bree,
Congrats on a great training block. I love your competitive spirit about the local race. That was an excellent effort. However, remember this difference with how you view your result:

Amateur: Focuses on the time and how they wish they would have broken the time goal.
Pro: Knows they could have hit their goal if they were focusing on this as an important race and is very satisfied with no further thought of what the actual time was.

Which are you?
Recover like a champion,


Monday, February 11, 2008

My afternoon with a pro...

Imagine you could spend an afternoon with a "real-live professional" triathlete. You get to have a one-on-one swim lesson and swim with all the help you need and then you get a chat at Jamba Juice and the "pro" buys!

That was my yesterday afternoon! Believe me, I felt like a dorky high school girl that could hardly speak and was all butterfly filled... and I forgot to get his autograph!

Here is my afternoon:

I met up with TJ (Tollakson) at the Kailua pier at 2pm. Straight away I had to stop starring and focus... He is so muscle-y! Instantly I felt like I had known him forever (or at least a long time). He got right to work on showing me my old stroke and causes of why I swim like that. Then he helps me out with a drill to correct it and it makes so much sense! On land we practice that and work on some technique things for a higher elbow position.

Then time for a swim. TJ says we will warm up to the Coast Guard buoy (roughly 1200 yards away), nice and easy, then do some skills for drafting and speed that he thinks will really work for me.

Warm up! Are you kidding me?! It wasn't a sprint but I know I wasn't cruising... he asked if that was easy, I told him usually when I warm up I see the fish, look at the coral, listen for whales and NONE of that took place! I was too focused on keeping up that I had zero time to watch the fish! After I catch my breath we get ready for some draft drills...

I should have cut my finger nails for this and thank God I shaved my legs! The workout was 30 strokes he lead, 30 strokes I lead, and I had to incorporate this "shorting" drill he taught me. Oh man it works! I could fairly easy keep up with him when "shorting"! It was so much fun, you really can draft and get pulled along! Poor TJ though I must have sliced him 1,000 times with my finger nails because he had some scratches on his shoulders after that one!

Then on to this hip cross over thing. I loved it! I am surely going to use it this season in racing! I hope none of my blog buddies are ever lined up next to me in an open-water swim because it might tick you off if I do it to you... But I LOVE it! (That was when I was happy I shaved my legs). I am telling you, it was awesome! It makes open water swimming so much fun!

So after the 30/30 we cool down and I am so impressed that TJ is so natural and strong in the water. He is amazing to watch! It looks like a mermaid or something... I think people that swim like that are like art!

Next up... 30 questions with TJ! We hit Jamba Juice (after he makes fun of me... thinking I don't drink Jamba or something because of my whole-foods eating life style). BUT I tell him I am the Jamba Queen and that they do have ALL FRUIT and STRAIGHT up carrot juice! I tried to tell him to stay away from low-cal dairy base (what is "dairy base" anyway? It's not milk). Oh, he paid too! (Thanks again TJ).

Now this was fun! I got to pick TJ's brain about everything from racing, training, Brett Sutton, bikes, pacing, ITU, drafting, Ironman, nutrition, sponsors, coaching, swim suits, fast skins, swimming, athletes, travel... pretty much all the things you might ever wonder about and curious about I got to find out about! Nothing left unanswered!

Truly the day was a blast for me. I was so impressed by how down-to-Earth TJ is and how much fun it was to hang out with a real-live-pro triathlete! & single ladies, he is taken & she is a beautiful girl too!

Now about that autograph... I will get it tomorrow BECAUSE Kainoa and I are driving him to the airport!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

5.2 in 30:22...

Pooped and 22 seconds too late... BUT Kainoa's hug made me feel better...

This morning was our local 5.2 mile road race(not 6.2, I know Kona is fun like that). And to make it more fun we are not in age-groups for this race. We are in weight-groups. Kinda fun this way racing in pounds.

Last year I ran a 31 something 8 months post baby and this year I BEGGED my coach to let me "race it". I told him this is the year! This is the time I will break 30 min. (no local girl has done it yet). I told him I am feeling it! I told him I have to do it...

He responds, "Okay, Bree you can do it. But you have to do your progrssive tempo run on Saturday." UGHHHHH... I beg again..."you don't get it, I have to break 30 minutes, I am on pace to do it, please can I do the tempo run Sunday?" No-no-no! he pretty much tells me that I am not at that point in the season to work on "threshold speed" so I can run the race but not fresh. (I need to be working on running on tired legs).

Saturday I do my 2 hour bike ride (includes a 10 mile local TT) that race went great but no need for posting... Then I do the 75 min. run. I then recover every way I know how! Rest my legs, rub my legs, roll my legs, eat good, epson salt bath, you get the idea.... I was still going to give it my best shot to break 30 minutes even though I couldn't get coach to trade my tempo run day...

Race morning: I eat well, mentally prepare well, convince myself my legs are "fresh" and I warm up as if I were tapered. I toe the line with the lead guys and just keep telling myself "time to rock n' roll". I feel strong, I feel pretty good, I get to the turn around and see a 15:30... Oh man! I am thinking I still might pull this sub 30 off! VROOOOM I go as best as I can. I try to reach for that one-more-gear and gosh darn it, I must have left it on the tempo run yesterday! I did negative split by about 8 seconds... BUT no sub 30. 30:22 was the time, 5:50.38 was my pace per mile split.

NEXT YEAR! And here is my awesome support crew:

Friday, February 8, 2008

Going Bananas!

Hanging on my lanai are 3 bundles of green bananas (soon to be yellow)- mahalo to the Italian Rookie for letting me shop-lift from his fruit farm-ha ha!

The scoop on bananas:

  • A banana gives an instant, sustained and substantial boost of energy, just 2 can easily get you through a strenuous 90 minute workout! Thanks to 3 naturally occurring sugars.
  • Bananas contain tryptophan, a type of protein that the body converts into serotonin, known to make you relax & help with depression.
  • B6 helps with women during PMS and cramps (post workout calf relievers)
  • High in iron... helps regulate blood and anemia
  • Bananas are loaded with potassium, which is a vital mineral, that helps normalize the heartbeat, sends oxygen to the brain and regulates your body's water balance.
  • A banana contains: 86 calories in a medium banana ,1 gram of protein,3 grams of dietary fiber, 26.9 g carbohydrates, 23.9 g sugar ,467 mg Potassium, 43 mg Magnesium, 27 mg Phosphorus, 7 mg Calcium, 1.3 mg Selenium, .4 mg Iron, Also trace amounts of zinc, manganese and copper, 95 IU Vitamin A, 11 mg Vitamin C, 22.5 mcg Folate (important during pregnancy), .7mcg Vitamin B6, .6 mg Niacin ,.31 mg Pantothenic Acid, .67 IU Vitamin E
  • What is my plan for all these bananas? I am really into dehydrating them these days. So, most will become dehydrated (they taste like candy that way). Then of course I plan to make my special banana bread! I don't bake or cook with sugar (EVER)... so if you dare to try a sugarless banana bread recipe here ya go!
You need: 5 ripe mashed up bananas, 1/3 cup coconut oil (or you can use 1/3 cup real butter NOT margarine), 1 egg(beaten), 1-2tsb vanilla, 1tsb baking soda, 2 pinches Hawaiian sea salt, 5-6 good shakes of cinnamon, 1 1/2 cups of whatever type of flour you use: wheat, spelt, rice, ect. (I like oat flour), a handful or 2 of any type of nuts (if you like them), and (if you prefer sugar you can use 3/4 cup agave).

With a wooden spoon mix coconut oil and bananas. Add in egg & vanilla (agave too if using). Sprinkle baking soda, nuts, and salt over mixture. Add flour last. Stir. Pour into a buttered 4x8 bread pan and bake at 350* for 45-60 minutes.

I made this recipe (I invent a lot of my own recipes) when Kainoa was about 4-5 months old and I wanted to give him some banana bread without sugar... and I wanted it to be REALLY mushy. This is a super moist recipe and you can add in an extra banana if you want! And Brooke, Penn, Jen, Pat, I promise to bring you some dehydrated bananas & bread next week!

Thursday, February 7, 2008

That Darn TJ Tollakson!

That Darn TJ! If you know TJ Tollakson you know he is pretty intense in the water- really tuff-really buff- and kind of serious... He is in Hawaii doing a 6wk training camp so lucky me I have gotten to know him a bit in the pool (he swims with us Wed. nights).

As I have been getting to know him better I am finding he is like a big goofy brother to me and I like to get all feisty with him (well, he said I was being feisty). I am knee deep in this 101 class and new stroke and he is "master of swimming" and is picking at my stroke all night... "your left arm is swinging wide, pull up here", he even moved my elbow for me showing me just how to move it. Other than trying to survive swimming I am working on technique. I am plain out dead-tired and am doing all I can to hold stroke and not focus on speed.

During our final set he pushed the wrong buttons, my competitive button. We have this set of descending 200's and I am doing just fine holding form, descending : 2:29, 2:26, 2:23, 2:21... you get it... moving down the ladder...FORM not SPEED here... letting the fast guys go... then to some descending 100's and that darn TJ challenges me to hang with him and Mike. So I am one second off for each of the 100's they do. The 5th 100 I am 1:05 to their 1:04 and number 6 (we are descending by 4 seconds each round) I just want a 1:01 I would be happy. I usually finish on 1:01 and that is cool with me, besides holding this new stroke is darn hard for me and a 1:01 with the new stroke would be wonderful for me.

That darn TJ challenges me to hang with him and Mike for a min or less. So, I do what I always do when I get feisty, I left at the same time as him and just hung on for dear life! The wall was coming and I was freaking out forgetting that a flip turn was about to happen- was he going to run my butt over or what!? So, I back off and get behind him... I hang on and think I may actually pull this off...

YA RIGHT! After the 2nd turn I am done. I blew up, I should have known to do my own race but I went his pace (he starts out too fast for me) I need to build, and I died! I thought I would surely end on a 1:10 or something after the 50 suffer fest from killing it on the first 50. I ended with a 1:04- gosh darn it!

So, Now what...? Sunday: The pier, between 2-3:00pm, I am ocean swimming with TJ. AND GUESS WHAT???? No walls, no flip turns, no fear he will run me over... I am holding on this time!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Boycott Walmart Slippers...

If you are a mom you probably know that a BUNCH of toys made in China were recalled because of some paint on them. If you live in Hawaii you probably buy your slippers at Walmart... buy locals, but not the ones from China.
Here is why:
(Those are not my feet) Those are the ugly feet of someone who bought slippers from Walmart that were made in China. The slippers used plastic & paint with a certain flesh eating chemical...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

2 good ones in a row...

(Me, the Italian Rookie, and Shonny Sunday before Mango)

Yesterday morning I was not too sure how my swim would feel after my Saturday longish run, Sunday swim & Mango & a 2.5 hour hill ride with the Italian Rookie...

I showed up to the pool wondering if I would be toasted or ready for another training week... The swim started off a little quirky but then the beloved 16x75's came for the main set (I feel like we always have this set). last time we had it I posted how Coach Steve wanted me at a 50 but I was determined to be more like 45 (where Krista was) and I ended my set on 47 (break through for me). Yesterday, I made all the fast 75's sub 50 and the very last 75 a 45 high! (My new PR). I hit the wall and Mike and Derek shouted 45 high! (The clock actually looked liked 46 to me, but they said they watched the exact second my hand hit and the clock ticked)... so I'm taking it! Yes, good old Coach Steve was shouting, he was so impressed and told me my stroke (the new one I am working on) held together the entire set. I was stoked.

Later that night I took my sisters yoga class, fell asleep for about 5 minutes, woke myself up snoring, so I left class early... (sorry Brooke)... the class was awesome, I was just POOPED!

So this morning... I meet up with my chick friends Wendy and Lana and thankfully they joined me on my tempo run. 2x 20 min at 6:15 pace. The goal here, according to coach, was to not go full sprint and to stay in zone 3-4. I am really REALLY new to HR training. I only started using it 3 weeks prior to Ironman so we are still learning. My given HR's for zone 3 are 159-167 and zone 4 is 168-174... My HR for the first 20 min. was 160, the second 20 min. was 163. I thought my stinking HR montitor was broke (no wonder I never used the dumb thing prior to Ironman I thought), But nope... it was spot on! I could not get to zone 4 (unless I went hard, as in what I was not supposed to do). I could not believe I could keep my HR where it was at 6:15 pace. I was so stoked, this was my second good one (workout that is) in a row!

Cheers to everyone having a GREAT week of training... I hope you guys get 2, 3, 4, 5, (a lot) of good ones in a row!

Monday, February 4, 2008

Mango Madness...

Kona is a pretty funny little town (in more ways than one). The athletes in the community will find ANY reason to have a race. We have the "cranberry crawl" swim & "gobble till ya wobble" run on Thanksgiving, we have "jingle bell" runs at Christmas, New Year's biathlons, birthday races, Coffee Parade 1 mile runs during the Kona Coffee festival, Easter swim races where you swim out to a kayak in the middle of the ocean, grab an Easter egg, stuff it down your swim suit, then race back. We even have a Valentines race where the hubby carries the wife and the winner gets his wifes weight in pounds of rice! I want to win that but my husband can't carry me as fast as some of the other guys can run their 80 pound little Filipino wives!

Well, yesterday was a holiday (sort of) it was super bowl, SO Kona had the Super Bowl Mango triathlon... they called it a sprint. The swim was not accurate, they guessed it at just over a 1/2 mile, the bike was GPSed at 15 miles (3 loops up and around Hualalai) and the run was an even 6 (not a 10k).

I love these races. They are "locals" only sort of races because they are free, no sign ups, no prize money, no USAT rankings, just the Kona people having a darn good time! Every now and then we get some out-of-staters (I have raced Joanna Ziegger, Jo lawn, Lori Bowden at some of these local crazy races) but, mostly local buddies and rivals making another excuse to train together.

Yesterday was much of the same... 1, 2, 3 GO! for the start, my little sister sitting on the pier yelling for my friend Jen "Naughty" to knock me over (the swim was a loop, then run around a cone on the beach, then the second loop and Brooke so badly wanted Jen to knock me down) I guess it would have been fun for the spectators...
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The bike was a hilly 3 looper and my favorite course ever! I call it "little St. Croix" since it is hilly and has one little climb I feel the need to stand on ("the Beast"), of course it is NO WHERE near as tough-I tell myself it is so I can practice for St. Croix...

Now, I knew today we had Shonny Vanlandigham (4th overall at Xterra with the fastest bike and 2nd fastest run) and of course the "Italian Rookie". I teamed up with Jen for the swim knowing we could clobber them, then the bike would hurt trying not to let them catch us. Mission accomplished as Jen, Jason, and I exited the water 1-2-3, and left Shonny and the "Italian Rookie" 3 minutes back.

On that bike I kept telling myself it was the "Beast" and to keep going, LOVE the burn in the quads! Shonny never caught me but the "Italian Rookie" got me on the 3rd loop and pulverized me from then on out!

The run was one ugly 6 mile hill climb but ended with a down hill and turned onto good old All'i Drive and finish at the exact same spot of Ironman. This run felt like I just rode 112 miles previously... my legs were so heavy! I did all I could to catch the "Italian Rookie". I imagined I was racing Ironman for real and had to push through the run pain... it didn't work... I blamed it on the fact that the day before the race my "AWESOME COACH" had me run 15 miles! He knew it wasn't an "A" race so he let me enjoy pushing through fatigue and working on my mental strength. (Mahalo Coach Paul)!!

It was another great Sunday here on the Big Island... so thankful for my amazing friends and training partners, for Jen to be racing this season after the birth of her second child- I needed her to push me on the swim and it worked. Happy we have sunshine and a great ocean to swim in. AND, the hi-light, my swim time was 1 min 10 seconds faster than last years at the same race and my bike split was 1 min. faster, BUT the run was 1 min 2 seconds slower ( I will blame it all on that 15 miler (mahalo again coach)! And Shonny never caught me... BUT I love that girl and EXPECT her to hand me my @$$ on a plate this Saturday at the Big Island Time Trial!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Lava Kids...

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Every April the Big Island kicks off the triathlon season for Hawaii with the Lavaman Triathlon. This was the very first "real" triathlon I ever saw. It's the first triathlon I ever won too (April 2004), so it holds a special place in my heart.

In 2003 I swam on a relay and watched the other athletes doing the entire race. James Cotter & Jill Savege won and I told myself that by next year I would have a bike, some good run shoes, and I would do it all, no relay, and be a triathlete!

Like I said, it holds a special place in my heart so when I was asked to help with the keiki triathlon I could hardly resist! From today till April 6th each Saturday a bunch of local triathletes from Kona are helping children prepare for their big race... "The Lavakids"

Today we got to meat all 30 of the eager-to-be triathletes ages 7-15. The main topic today was the swim. Hysterically, I was giving them pointers and tips on pacing and breathing and trying to hold back the laughter as everything I told them was something I too, am learning! Then we got in the lagoon with the children and helped them get comfortable with the open water and being in the deep. The swim test was impressive as some of the children are better swimmers than a lot of adults and at the same time a bit sad to see that a few could not even swim without help and they live on an island surrounded by water. BUT, they were eager to become "triathletes" so they conquered their deep water fear.

Until today I felt like I had been training, training, training... now being part of the keiki training I can see the horizon, that all this training will build up for racing! A little piece of me got excited to race triathlon this season... to love it, to challenge and push myself, to hurt, and to continue to encourage others (younger generation), to give it a go...

Friday, February 1, 2008

Swim slow to go fast...

My entire focus lately has been swimming-swimming-swimming... I am starting to love it too.

Wednesday at 101 (the learn to swim class I am taking), Coach Steve finally got my stroke to make sense. I could really feel myself pull water, I was sore in new muscles that I never used in my arms, and I felt like a "real" swimmer. BUT I was going really slow. I wasn't even on send offs.

It was more like 4 laps here and then 2 laps here, then do 8 laps. In our 101 some people are so new to swimming we aren't even to the vocabulary of swimming yet, like a 100 or 50 or a 200, so we do laps. Take your time, no clock, no send off, just swim correctly.

This is a good place for me. Nobody to race, nobody to keep up with, I am actually the fastest without trying, my competitive side goes out the window and I humbly learn and take in the new stroke as a 25 or "lap" takes me 30 seconds rather then 14 or 16.

Now, back to Wednesday evening. Masters-cut throat, race your neighbor, hang onto Mike's feet, go-go-go! Mike is first, I am second, we are doing a couple 200's building them. 2:30 easy on the first one, 2:18 on the second, and about to start the number 3 and I hear this loud voice from a soft spoken Coach Steve, "What are you doing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I tell him I am building. He says, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!" Meaning tell him the truth, so I tell him I was trying to keep up with Mike. He then moves me to the back of the lane (truth be told I am starting to tear up and my goggles are filling with tears). He then says, "What about that awesome stroke we developed this morning at 101? What happened to that? Is that what you plan to do at a race? Throw everything out the window? That old stroke does not work for you, it hasn't made you faster, your new stroke will help you but you have to commit".

So, I am now at the back of the lane. I am NOT supposed to keep up, worry about the send offs, build, sprint, pace, I am to do that new stroke and do it every time I am in the pool. Commit. Part of me is about to cry like a big baby for having to work so darn hard and get so frustrated, and the other part reminds me how lucky I am to have him care so much about me and my swimming.

Okay, now to this morning. 800 warm up. I was reminded to DO THE NEW STROKE! I still jump in lane one (our masters is crowded with 8 lanes full of people. lane 1 is the faster folks and lane 8 is the 101 swimmers, so you place yourself accordingly within the 8 lanes by your speed). I have to drag my finger tips ALL 800, Krista laps me, Mike turns over to do backstroke and tickle my toes letting me know I am going SLOW. But I do my "new stroke". Now, to our main set. 25 x100 on 1:20. YES! This is my ultimate favorite set, we rarely do this and Steve calls it my iron girl set. I just love it!

Lane one on 1:20 and lane 2 on 1:30 and he lets me know I can move over and maybe should move over so I can not get carried away and throw my new stroke out... Me=stubborn=NO! So, I stay and decide I will commit to that new stroke even though it takes so long!

I make the first 5 on 1:08 and it feels so easy. Steve is jumping and cheering. Then 5-10, still holding form and I feel pretty good. Number 12 I get to the wall and he lets me know I am starting to lose form and that I can just make send-off, no need to have all the rest, so I try for a 1:12-1:15 pace and I now can tell my old stoke is coming back. He stops me for a 50 and I sit on the wall hearing how this is what happens in a race. I get weak or tired and now I have to commit more that anything to hold this new stroke. I go. I am committing. It hurts. I am frustrated. I want to race with Mike and Krista and swim 1:05's with them but I am dragging butt with this new stroke. I start to get all frustrated and Steve stops me a 50 again... he tells me 2 words. "I'm Proud". Then I keep going, I keep telling myself that over and over.

In my mind I am so competitive and I know that to get faster I will first be slower. I don't like swimming in the back. I dislike swimming in lane 2-8, I love the people in those lanes, BUT I admire the fish in lane 1 and I want to swim like them...

So, Friday, another workout with the new stroke. It is slowly but surely coming along. And if you want to know the end of the 25 x100... I never did get to sprint the last 100 with my new stroke, I had to get out and get Kainoa so Jim could go to work. Don't worry though, I will finish tonight, by myself...

And, here is a little quote I feel fits "perfectly" with my swimming frustrations:

"Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results'"
Albert Einstein

I know you have seen the quote on a dozen websites, blogs, locker room walls. Today, this was posted on my brain. Every season I cannot do the same old stroke and think I will get faster, SO I am committing to the new one.