Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Drink your Veggies!

Did you know we should be eating 1 pound of raw vegetables per 50 pounds of body weight a day? I have tried to eat 2.5 pounds of vegetables a day and let me tell you it's not easy! I felt like an animal at the zoo chowing down! SO... what we do in my house is drink em'! EASILY veggies can be juiced without loosing their nutrients and are more easily digested.

I know, it looks so gross but it tastes so good! Even Kainoa BEGS me to juuuuuuice mommy! Here is his favorite juice:

  • 1 apple
  • 5 carrots
  • 3 large handfuls of spinach leaves
  • 1 small piece of ginger
  • Bee pollen (he got this from Auntie Brooke)

Okay, off to ride my bike! Have a great day and go drink your veggies!
PS. Kellie Mills, Kainoa said he will make you some if you come to Hawaii 70.3... I know you are thinking about it... I hope Jen makes you come out here!


TB said...

I love my veggies, but agree eating that much can make your jaw hurt.

Been debating on getting a juicer. This might be the motivation i need.

beth said...

hi! i love your blog- so much energy!
i didn't eat my daily "mega salad" (probably close to 5cups of veggies) for one week and i came down with (what felt like) the plague. i am a true believer in my salad + pound of berries every day.
from reading your blog, it looks like getting my veggies may help me run fast....darn you've got some wheels!

Mel said...

OHHHHH...you need to summit that photo Of K to a commercial...It reminds me of the "Got Milk" and it could be "Got VEGGIES" I want some profit of thinking of the idea :) REALLY, you need to look into that :) too cute!!

Beth said...

Hmmm...maybe that's what I need to do - DRINK my veggies since Lord knows I hate to EAT them!! Thanks for the ideas Bree!

Anonymous said...

Sounds yummy...Kainoa told me a little secret..add some cat litter for extra crunchiness!! ha!!
Man u are up early today. Was that u I saw riding through red lights this AM? Becareful out there.

Katie Weaver-Jongerius said...

Love the pic! Kainoa is such a doll! It's good to see him have veggies all over his face versus chocolate...that's usually my kids!

I am going to give this a shot! If it's one thing I short myself on it's veggies because I HATE THEM!

I hope you had a good ride!

Brooke Myers said...

Oh yes the juicer, I promise Bree it is the best investment in the "food industry" ever..

My fav:
1 apple (not granny red smith)
handfuls of fresh green spinach and add that bee pollen yes....

I just got done with making -
1 apple
1 oarange
1 tbls. bee pollen

p.s Kainoa have even learned to turn our juicer on and off...

Trigirlpink said...

Do you think Swedish Fish would juice up nicely blended with a carrot or two?

kerrie said...

ha, i love the adding swedish fish to it(and maybe a splash of diet coke!!).
what kind of juicer is it? i have been thinking about getting one cause i am coming no where close to consuming enough fruit and veggies...

Trigirlpink said...

Yeah, I'm with Kerrie on the low veggie consumption, tell us. I might get one too.

BreeWee said...

Hey ladies, it is from Costco, the Jack Lannes version. $95. Super easy to use, super easy to clean, so much fun, it is almost addicting! It comes with recipes and a little tip book too.

Anonymous said...

Ladies? What am I Chopped Liver?

Emmalee said...

I'm jealous of your juicer. Its much prettier than mine. Lately I've been making lots of these:
1 head romaine lettuce
5-6 stalks of kale
2 apples
1 lemon

(your juice blog inspired my own juice blog...but mine is not quite so upbeat after a ginger incident)

Meghan said...

Hi Bree,

I've been reading your blog via the link at Beth's blog. I'm not a triathlete at all, but I wanted to say that I find a lot of inspiration in your blog. And, it's entertaining, too! Thanks for posting all the cool stuff you do!


Jen in Budapest said...

I LOVE juicing!! I LOVE JUICING!!! Seriously it's my favorite thing to do these days. I LOVE IT.

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Okay - that's it. We're getting a juicer. Thanks Bree!

Any other recipie ideas??? :)

kerri said...

You've got to be friggin kidding me? 2.5 lbs. Holy Cow... I need a garden. I have the juicer but all mine taste nasty. Thanks for the recipe...gotta try it. You need to write a recipe book in your spare time. Everything sounds so yummy and healthy! Thanks.

MaryMaryMyers said...

Here's an idea, instead of a lemonade stand, do a juice stand in your front yard! I bet Kainoa could make some serious change selling his own blend of "K-juice"! Or take him to the farmers market on Saturday and sell them there! On hot days make "K-juicecicles"! Fun!
Peace and Love,

CJ said...

Hi Bree,
I was just informed that we have a Juicer coming on the Fedex truck.
Thanks alot! lol
It looks like all we need now is the Bee pollen.. I also need to know how it helps Jim in his life as a spouse of a (fast) Pro-Triathlete? He must be able to run fast in order to keep up with you and Kainoa!
I see a sponsorship in the making with Jack Lannes..

CJ (Kate Monsters Hubby)

Pedergraham said...

OK--I have a question about juicing. Is it like juicing an orange where the liquid comes out and the rest of the fruit goes into the compost, or when you "Juice" does everything come out with the liquid and you have nothing solid leftover?

Does this make sense?

BreeWee said...

Danielle, great question! It is different than orange juicing... when you put in your fruits/veggies, you put in the entire thing. There are a lot of nutrients in seeds & core (such as an apple) and you drink those too! Yes, everything comes out. A bit of skin from carrots won't so you will have a tiny compost, but nothing like orange juicing. For an orange in the juicer you get to drink that skin and seeds, and other stuff.

Marni said...

Hey bree! Here's one for you..it is a calcium-rich drink..oh, how our bones will love this!
1/2 cup fresh broccoli pieces
2 medium carrots (or 4-6 baby carrots)
1 apple
small handful fresh parsley
1/2 lemon

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