Thursday, February 7, 2008

That Darn TJ Tollakson!

That Darn TJ! If you know TJ Tollakson you know he is pretty intense in the water- really tuff-really buff- and kind of serious... He is in Hawaii doing a 6wk training camp so lucky me I have gotten to know him a bit in the pool (he swims with us Wed. nights).

As I have been getting to know him better I am finding he is like a big goofy brother to me and I like to get all feisty with him (well, he said I was being feisty). I am knee deep in this 101 class and new stroke and he is "master of swimming" and is picking at my stroke all night... "your left arm is swinging wide, pull up here", he even moved my elbow for me showing me just how to move it. Other than trying to survive swimming I am working on technique. I am plain out dead-tired and am doing all I can to hold stroke and not focus on speed.

During our final set he pushed the wrong buttons, my competitive button. We have this set of descending 200's and I am doing just fine holding form, descending : 2:29, 2:26, 2:23, 2:21... you get it... moving down the ladder...FORM not SPEED here... letting the fast guys go... then to some descending 100's and that darn TJ challenges me to hang with him and Mike. So I am one second off for each of the 100's they do. The 5th 100 I am 1:05 to their 1:04 and number 6 (we are descending by 4 seconds each round) I just want a 1:01 I would be happy. I usually finish on 1:01 and that is cool with me, besides holding this new stroke is darn hard for me and a 1:01 with the new stroke would be wonderful for me.

That darn TJ challenges me to hang with him and Mike for a min or less. So, I do what I always do when I get feisty, I left at the same time as him and just hung on for dear life! The wall was coming and I was freaking out forgetting that a flip turn was about to happen- was he going to run my butt over or what!? So, I back off and get behind him... I hang on and think I may actually pull this off...

YA RIGHT! After the 2nd turn I am done. I blew up, I should have known to do my own race but I went his pace (he starts out too fast for me) I need to build, and I died! I thought I would surely end on a 1:10 or something after the 50 suffer fest from killing it on the first 50. I ended with a 1:04- gosh darn it!

So, Now what...? Sunday: The pier, between 2-3:00pm, I am ocean swimming with TJ. AND GUESS WHAT???? No walls, no flip turns, no fear he will run me over... I am holding on this time!


Eileen Swanson said...

So funny! You are crazy....just like me. I love it. Geez in Oz we may kill each other in the pool. I get super competitive and try way too hard sometimes find myself blowing up bad. Yikes, but you promised to let me "hang on." Remember?



Beth said...

Hey Bree - way to hang on!! Committing to it is half the battle...and next time you won't blow up but you will stay right with him!! Not to mention the fact that "him" happens to be an amazing IM pro!! Can't wait for the report from your swim on Sunday... make him pay for that last 100 today! :)

Kellye Mills said...

Just think... they have just as much drive within them to try to show us girls!! He was pushing himself to not let a girl beat him! :)

Nice job!

TATI said...

hehe, wish i could hang w/ tj in the pool...heck even in open water. cool guy- he came out and swam w/ us at the pier and ahmed (my coach) had us doing race start simulations and try and draft off him and tj....sprinting pain is one way to describe my numerous unsuccessful attempts, ha.

Katie Weaver-Jongerius said...

I agree...he just doesn't want to get beat by a girl! Go get 'em!

DolphinBoy said...

Bree~~~~~~^~~~~~just remind him about the sharks you see off the pier while swimming!! Mental game kicks in! Fins up!! You like to push buttons too, i've seen you do it.

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...


Holy Cow!

You get him on Sunday - you get HIM! And if you see a shark, well... the gentelmanly thing to do would be to sacrifice himself and save the lady. No doubt, you'll remind him of this fact.

Have fun!

Mel said...

That would be great if a Pro guy gets chicked :) You are the Pro gal that can DO IT.....Keep the men down :)

Speed Racer said...

When you're out in the open water you could always stuff dead fish in the butt of his speedo. It's hard to concentrate on picking on the girls when there are seagulls picking on your ass.

I'm impressed that your new stroke is improving so quickly. You are the master of will power, Bree!

Kerri Robbins said...

Everytime I read your blog I get the urge to SWIM, SWIM, SWIM...Thanks for the inspiration. ROCK IT on Sun!

Mira Lelovic said...

"Speed racers" comment is hilarious! Love the picture of you with the Italian Rookie and Shonny. Reminds me that bikini season is soon approaching!