Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Me & Tila...

Wow! All this racing has me lugging Tila (my bike) all over the world! In less than a week she has been packed and unpacked then repacked in Hawaii, then unpacked in Florida & repacked... AND tomorrow she will be unpacked in St. Croix!

I gotta confess, I LOVE IT! This traveling to beautiful race destinations is a dream come true! I am meeting awesome people, experiencing memories worth keeping, and seeing sights only imaginable in my dreams!

Off to St. Croix... another island for me... I can hardly wait and I will be sure to take some photos!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lido Key

I grew up on the beaches of Lido Key. Rough currents, jelly fish, red tide, turtles, sand diggers, sea gulls, shells, boats, dolphins... it was my second home.

Coming home to Florida has been really special. I get to be with my family and friends (friends I have had since 6th grade!). But the best is watching Kainoa & my big sister's son creating the same memories my sisters and I shared years ago in the same spot.

This week is pretty mello. A taper (first one all year) heading into St. Croix. Some beaching it, a bit of shoping, a lot of big family dinners, talking all night long like sisters do, and of course having my mom cook-clean-change Kainoa's diapers is GREAT too!

And of course I get to dig through my grandma's inspirational quotes (she has more than me). I found just the perfect one to fit my "frustration" about my bike ride at St. Anthony's...

Trouble came knocking at the door but heard laughter and ran away.
Ben Franklin

So... now I am laughing...

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Saint Anthony's...

Pro Women Start
Thanks for the fun photo Marni...
First... WHAT a blast! Seriously the level of competition at St. Anthony's is ALWAYS a blast! The volunteers were so much fun (especially the children), and the race was well done...again.

I had so many high lights... my sister, auntie, uncle, & cousin all raced! Too much fun seeing family all over the course cheering and all over the course racing! Seeing Josh, Jen H., Marni, Carolyn, Beth & Oscar, & Kellie also made the race more like "home" having some buddies out there! AND... one of the "thrills" was getting to chat & hang out with some of my awesome supporters!

Now the race: The swim... Nothing new, a bit of an under water wrestling match (note to self: Be more aggressive and not so nice). I love ocean swims (not so much swimming, but being in the ocean) so I had a blast! 90 seconds slower than last year YIKES! I think I will blame it on the chop and current that I got to play in this year.

The bike: Before I even begin I have to post a little something from Websters Dictionary... Stagger: To arrange (a series of parts) on each side of a median line alternately. Phew... now I understand that one! I love to bike, always have and today I felt like biking! Feeling strong and pretty stoked that I was passing a good handful of women I work myself into a position to be proud of just in time to hear a man on a scooter telling me to pull over. I am thinking NO WAY... there is not a single person anywhere near me! Yes, this is flat Florida & a few dozen pace lines are flying by on both sides of the road but I am SOLO.

"Young lady, you have to stand down and serve your penalty here on the side of the road" says Mr. Scooter man. I ask why, clearly there is not a sole near me, the only thing I have ever cheated on was an 11th grade Math test and I failed it still! You are being served a STAGGER penalty. LONG story short I need to be either 2ft to the left or 2ft to the right of any bike in front, as well as out of the draft box.

Finally on the bike I am crying like a baby... just frustrated. Plain out frustrated with how hard I was working and not even in one of the packs. Frustrated to see 5 woman pass me as I sit there helpless. I finally suck it up & ride in the gutter JUST TO MAKE IT CRYSTAL CLEAR I AM 40ft to the right!

Now to the run... since my bike ride was spoiled I decided to run my butt back into top 10. Last year I ran that course in a 41 something so I made certain I was going to try and suck it up and get back in the game! I ran down 3 women and landed a 9th place finish with a 38:06. Yeah, I am happy to take off a good 3 min. in the run and even more happy that I am ready to put this race in the "past". Movin' on with the lessons I learned and the experiences I had. I am happy.

LifeSport Team mate and one of my biggest and best supporters! I love ya Josh and family!

Oscar & Beth (Beth's abs are the reason I do sit ups!)

Kellie and me... I feel SO TALL!

Biggest mahalo to my super supporters! Thanks for making racing possible for me... I LOVE YOU!

Friday, April 25, 2008

I must be in Florida!

Run Kainoa run! Being at my family's home is nothing like being on the Big Island! Today we swam in the Gulf Of Mexico, where my surfing days started. It was breath taking to walk on HUGE white sandy beaches, watch seagulls dance along the ocean's edge, and it was amazing to swim above a sandy bottom covered in sand dollars! I would be a VERY rich woman if sand dollars were spendable!

Kainoa is loving to run through grandma's grassy back yard, play with his cousin, and dig in the dirt. NOTHING like the lava covored jungle he plays in back home. I am enjoying the family moments & seeing my sisters again! Of course helping my cousin Aubrey skip school was a high light too! She goes to my old high school and I had some GREAT flash backs of cutting class there too!

But one little thing might need some changing... THIS MUSIC! I won't say I hate it (truthfully I like a lot of it) but waking up to country music and hearing it all day has me square dancing and considering cowboy boots for running!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

First Class...

I never knew but always wondered what happens in first class! Maybe I should just say "What happens in first class stays in first class"!

Hitting the airport on Monday we missed our 10:55pm departure (not my fault by the way). So we were upgraded to first class & flew out Wednesday... Hawaii to Florida is NEVER a quick trip... BUT first class (thank you American Airlines for your mistake!) is a GREAT place to be for 15 hours!

Bring on the oranges I am finally in Florida! Couple nights sleep and then it will be time for St. Anthony's. RACE GOAL: Beat Bree Wee from 2007. That is my plan of attack. I can only do my best and be my best and I am fully confident that I am a better athlete than I was last year so I just gotta go race. Race. That's it. I love racing me...

2:05... Of course that is just a time and conditions will vary year to year, but you better believe I hope to take that number and make it better...

Best to everyone racing... safe travels... have fun... JEN, use the right helmet this year! Off to see the crazy Florida family of mine!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Sunday Long Run...

One of my favorite moments in the week is my Sunday long run. There is something about a long run on a Sunday that just wraps up the week & leaves me feeling refreshed...

Perhaps it is the feeling I get when I settle into my pace, find my rhythm, and everything in life becomes far away except my surroundings within each mile. This particular morning had my thoughts on my home... the beauty I am exposed to... this island where no matter where you go everyone is your family & friend...the sunrise...the beaches...the other runners and cyclists on the road all sharing the same wake-up call...

With Jim on Oahu for work I loaded Kainoa into his jogger and off we went. We passed dozens of friends, sandy white beaches, and surfers heading out for a little session in the waves. We ended up down in the "Pit" (the old Ironman turn around). Mile 8 saw us climbing up a hill where a few times I begged Kainoa to get out and walk... he just ate more breakfast. We then ran into Pat (who took our photo and laughed at us running full speed down the hill where I let go of the jogger and Kainoa had the ride of his life). About mile 10 I was enjoying memories of Ironman when we passed the run turn on Ali'i drive. The next five miles Kainoa took a nap and I listened to the sounds of the palm trees, church services on the beach, and the greetings of friends we passed along side the road. Once we finished the run everything in me wanted to keep going... if the feeling of a long run could last all week I think this world would look a little brighter...

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Happy One year Coach Paul!

My coach is one VERY LUCKY man because he gets to coach me... ha ha! (I mean this very sarcastically). I know I am a real pain in the @$$ most days... BUT after one FULL year together as coach/athlete WE survived and are going on round 2!

Let's back up... April 2007... my 3rd year in sport (well, I took a year off in that mix to have a baby or it would be 4). Picture this... me in the front row of the Kona 10 miler (the race we had last weekend). Front and center, fully ready to race... DON'T distract me, the count down is on till race start... 30, 29, 28 and then I feel this man pulling my arm! What in the world! It is coach... good old coach Paul ALWAYS on my case even before he started coaching me! "let's chat" pretty much sums up the conversation... I kind of ignore him, HELLO I AM ABOUT TO RACE! 10, 9, 8, "Okay meet you later I tell him"...

Our chat goes something like this:

Coach: What are your goals for 2007?
Me: I want to break 40 in the 10k off the bike, break 3hrs in the marathon, qualify for Ironman, race ITU, break a 1:25 in the half marathon, break a 19:25 in the 5k, ride on a road bike, break 5 hrs in a half ironman, break an hour in the Kaloko Hill climb, learn how to swim... my list of random "outcome" goals went on and on!

He should have clued in from the start that a girl who puts Ironman and ITU in the same sentence as a key to run for his life!

Coach: How are you going to reach these goals?
Me: Get fast

Again, I am clueless! Get fast, nice answer.

Coach: What do you swim an Olympic distance swim in? What is your off-the bike time?
Me: Oh a 22 or 23 swim. And I just ran a 43 off the bike at Lavaman (this was 2007)
Coach: You need to swim a sub 20 to be competitive in the ITU. Do you think you can do that?
Me: Yep. I LOVE swimming (lying through my teeth)

So we chat some more and after the chat I go straight to the pool and swim 4x500 because I was going to learn to swim that very day and swim fast...

Coach Paul had his hands full with me. I was just a crazy girl that wanted to race but didn't have a clue on how to train or what distance or when to train. I didn't mind winning or losing. I laugh and play, I stop during races to give someone who flats my spare tire, I share my gels even when I need them to make the next mile. I was all about FUN! FUN FUN FUN!

When coach agreed to work with me I knew 2 things. He believed in me and saw something I didn't see. And triathlon was about to give "fun" a whole new meaning! My outcome goals went out the window, in fact we never looked at them again until after the season. We gave me some "process" goals and we were on our way...

So here we are 365 days later. In our first of many (sorry coach you still have me) years he helped me accomplish way more than my time goals and tri-dreams. Not only did he have his hands full with me as an athlete I was a first year mom so I was a REAL wreck! I am sure I made him cry as much as he made me cry! Oh my new PR's: 5k-17:28, 10k off the bike-36:16, 26.2-3:02, 13.1-1:21, and I did qualify for Hawaii, learn to ride a road bike, raced a road bike in a draft legal race, and break an hour up Kaloko!

Cheers to you Coach Paul... NOW I have some new goals since we smashed all the old ones! I really do appreciate EVERYTHING! Even your emails... like this new one I just got:

I am still not happy about this…

looks like round 2 is off to a GREAT start of me getting into T-R-O-U-B-L-E!

Oh that email was in response to him looking up the results for the Kona-10 miler last weekend and seeing I ran it without CONTROL. Come on I was pushing a baby jogger I had no idea I was VROOOOOMING.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Thought I was dreaming...

6 a.m. I show up to masters this morning (yes Katya, I was doing arm circles) and I could have sworn I was having a nightmare...I had to rub my eyes... I had to pinch myself to see if I was still in my bed sleeping... I did 5 double takes...

Our little Kona pool is ALWAYS short course yards, ALWAYS. We don't do meters here... BUT the pool was LONG! It was meters this morning! I stood on the deck, took a photo because I can't believe it, and a million memories of swimming in Australia came flooding back...

Memories of not making the send offs, memories of crying because my arms were falling off trying to swim that far, memories of leaving 10 seconds behind (they don't give free rides in OZ- no leaving every 5 like I'm used to), memories of nearly passing out from having to hold my breath every nine, coach walking up and down the pool deck with a stop watch COUNTING my every breath! Memories of Eileen and Janet being my lane mates, memories of watching Greg and Laura Bennet swim like fish & not even look like they are tired after making 1:04 100's! Memories of the time I actually made a 1:10 and 1:11 and wanted an award!

I hurt all over again. I stood on deck frozen still thinking those long course days were left back in OZ. How in the world did my little pool get long? Why is it long?

I jumped in...I left every 5, maybe it was even every 4 seconds, and Mike (our fastest swimmer) pulled my bum up and down the pool all morning! Yep, this is Kona baby... I was bound to have fun. AND you know what... IT WAS SO EASY! My body must have remembered the OZ-suffer-fest we endured everyday because I actually swam well this morning! I was making my 150's on 2:05 and my 50's on 35 (for me that is really good)...

But next time I have to swim that far without a wall every 25 yards I hope it is in the ocean! To everyone that swims long course meters I TOTALLY admire you!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Where's My Mom?

What if there was a way your little guy (and all your friends and family) could be part of your race day? I mean they could experience it all with you... the entire day...know your pace, your heart rate, even your exact location! They are at your side, cheering you on, but without the physical pain... nice...

For a lot of us moms, dads, & athletes with family we sometimes end up at races without them. Imagine if it were possible for them to cheer us on from home! (Yikes! That means even our coaches could track our every move!)

(see above photo) That's Heather Gollnick, yep, mom of 3, her and I have jumped onto the Trakker craze! We want our kids, hubby's, coaches, and family to be a part of our every race! (Even when we are in a different country!)

With the Trakker we can race triathlons, marathons, ect. and be tracked! Using GPS the Trakker sends our exact location and our pace, HR, total time, and more directly to the Trakker website where our loved ones can track us down!

Being a wife & mom first I am stoked to have teamed up with Trakkers! They are making it easier for my family to experience triathlon with me...

Trakkers is still in the product development phase and needs a little help from some crazy racing fools! If you race (doesn't matter your speed) and you want your loved ones to be part of your racing experience then you can help get Trakker launched this season!

Here's the deal... contact Charlie. That's it! By helping with the product development (by giving some input) you will get to use the Trakker product up to 3x per year! Yep, that's it, and your family can track you down and cheer you on from home!

Leave me a comment if you need more info. Contact Charlie (click here) or if you want to chat with the man in charge. Or click on the Trakker logo above.

Have fun getting Trakked down...

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

10 x 1...

On the plan... 10 x 1 mile repeats. Nice. I actually like this, anytime I get mile repeats I get all fired up and make sure to set myself up for success. Yes, that's right, I set myself up to conquer the workout.

How do I do set myself up to be successful... I CALL CODY! (That's me and Cody above) we train & race most every race stride for stride. Every woman athlete needs a Cody!

After a nice warm up we get to our measured mile (slight uphill on the way out, slight down hill on the way in-just the way I like it). Coach emails me last night pretty much to tell me NOT TO MESS THIS UP! That this workout needs to be ON SPOT accurate with my HR and pace. No "Bree Wee" silly mistakes. When I get these types of emails prior to a workout I know it is time to rock-n'-roll.

Coach wants each repeat at 6:20 pace NOT faster NOT slower! (he wants my body to LEARN, LOVE, and KNOW this pace). Cake I tell myself, shoots, I just ran a 10 miler pushing 31 pound Kainoa in a jogging stroller holding a 6:24 pace...without the stroller this is CAKE!

  • Round 1: 6:40. Ooops, we started too easy!
  • Round 2: 5:42. Double oops, I always try to make up for lost time!
  • Round 3-10 : We NAIL it! We hit every mile at 6:20 (or slightly faster by only a second or two)
Nice warm down and I am stoked... I am learning to KNOW and FEEL the rhythm of different running paces. Pretty excited that the body is starting to know more than my usual paces of start out TOO hard then SUFFER till I cross the finish line.

Cheers to finishing strong!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Pele is Fired Up!

Big Islands Volcano Goddess "Pele" must be having a bad time of the month because she is letting everyone on Big Island feel her fire! She is going off folks!

The past couple days everyone has asked me how much pakalolo I have been smokin'. None. My eyes are burning and blood red because they are filled with sulfur and vog (volcanic junk in the air).

Let me explain... Kilauea is doing it's thing and the winds are blowing towards Kona. Actually the winds are making sure the entire island gets some vog! It looks like we live in NY City it is so voggy out!

Enjoy the photos! If you plan on doing any long runs be sure to wear a gas mask...

This is the greatest... there is a little sign in the back that says, "no swimming" but everyone is swimming! The water is super warm from the hot lava heating it up... never mind the fact you might BOIL!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Go! Go! Go!

Way too much fun cheering today! GO IRONMAN ARIZONA RACERS! Linsey Corbin & Rachel Ross (2 of my team mates & buddies) are killing it! Linsey running in 5th right now & Rach in 12th! Keep going girls... I am literally cheering so loud my neighbors have asked me to shut the windows! Shout outs to TJ Tollakson and Terra Castro too... What great racing today... I am way too excited for you guys!

AS for me...
Today I had a nice hill run BUT Jim is on Oahu so I was lacking some Kainoa-sitting help. What's a mom to do??? Run him in the jogger. Nice. Just as I was starting out there "just happened" to be a nice 10 mile road race going on. Of course coach told me I have raced the past few weekends and needed a the race was not on the plan. Being I am "pushing" all 31 pounds of Kainoa and a stroller I figure I can't really "race" so I will just run with the group and have some fun on the rolling "hills" for my hill day. I totally think pushing a solid 40 pounds counts as a hill.

The 10 miles went by pretty quick. Kainoa slept most the ride and once again this momma is back to the jogger pushing for a little resistance-training! Our time you are wondering... let's just say it wasn't "race" pace since I wasn't allowed to race. But it was a nice enough pace for Kainoa to win a first place overall female frog...

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Ironman AZ & Ishigaki!

Go Lisa (Mensink) go! Have a super swim... ride like you know how... and give em' hell on the run! Beijing here you come!

Linsey Corbin, Rachel Ross, and Terra Castro.... HAVE SO MUCH FUN TODAY! I am cheering for you so loud and so proud all the way from the Pacific Ocean!
Linsey have fun on our "twinsy", Rachel you got the entire Big Island already screaming & I am more proud of you than anyone my little momma! Terra another big prayer headed your way- put that game face on and keep it on!

Friday, April 11, 2008

While I was swimming...

Do you ever wonder what happens when you are at swim practice and your child is in the hands of another person? Today I found out! I dropped Kainoa off at Uncle Nick's house this morning so I could swim. I never think anything of it. Nick and Kainoa are the best of buds & I totally trust Nick (I mean come on, he is also my bike mechanic and if he can keep my bike going he should be GREAT with my son). I also knew Brooke would be home in 45 minutes so she could take over from there...

Yikes! Then I see the "mystery video" Brooke took when she walked in the door! Now I know where all Kainoa's crazy habits come from...

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Sharing my workout...

Do you need a good work out? Here is one of my favorites that I thought I would share. In fact I ran this today! If you need more fun runs contact Lifesport- they have bunches! Also check out Inside Tri as they are posting favorite workouts from the Lifesport gang each week. Chris Lieto's is listed today... OUCH!

By Paul Regensburg and Alister Russell

2007 Ironman Hawaii amatuer champion Bree Wee

LifeSport Coaching works with some of the finest multisport athletes in the world. The coaches strive to supply these athletes with workouts that have a specific physiological purpose while providing inspiration. These training sessions are often trying, but when tackled with zest, result in world-beating performances.

This series offers a little peek into the training diary of LifeSport’s elite athletes. Note the workout adjustments included at the end for athletes of various abilities, experience and fitness levels.

Athlete: BREE WEE – first-overall female amateur at 2007 Ironman world championship (course record 9:47:40)
Hometown: Kailua-Kona, Hawaii
Distance: Olympic-distance/Ironman 70.3
Coached by: Paul Regensburg, LifeSport Coaching

Fartlek is essentially varied-pace running. It’s often an unstructured workout but can be very structured like this one. Each interval gets faster but is kept under control.

Warm up: 15 minutes easy jog
Main set: Start with 6 minutes steady with 2 minutes recovery. Then 5 minutes/2 minutes (recovery), 4 minutes/2 minutes, 3 minutes/2 minutes, 2 minutes/2 minutes, 1 minute/2 minutes.
Cool down: 10 minutes easy jog

“It keeps me honest and hurts so good. I also get a good crack-up looking at the faces of people lifting weights who are watching the treadmill about to blow up! As the hard efforts get shorter and as the speed picks up, it helps to visualize yourself getting closer to the finish of a race.”

Coach Regensburg: “This is a great workout to either fine-tune for race preparation or recover from a hard training block or race. The reason being that it’s a continuous set with descending paces where the athlete can really control the effort. If done properly, each effort will get faster (most athletes go out too fast on the first intervals) so you end feeling great with good leg speed. The benefit from this workout is high, mentally it is fun and the recovery time afterward is fast, making it a great tune-up.”

“I would do this during pre-race training blocks prior to 10km run races and Olympic-distance triathlons. This workout stimulates a number of energy systems and is perfect for developing race pacing”

The workouts below have been adjusted for athletes with differing levels of running ability, background and fitness. They have been adjusted for length of run and recovery time. The pace for each interval will be dependent on your race times, but you should start around your 10km pace and finish the final interval at around your 5km pace.

Novice Athletes
Warm up: 10 minutes easy jog
Main set: Each interval gets faster but is kept under control.
Start with 5 minutes steady with 2 minutes recovery. Then 5 minutes/2 minutes (recovery), 4 minutes/2:30 minutes, 3 minutes/2:30 minutes, 2 minutes/2:30 minutes, 1 minute/2:30 minutes.
Cool down: 10 minutes easy jog

Intermediate Athletes
Warm up:
15 minutes easy jog
Main set: Each interval gets faster but is kept under control.
Start with 4 minutes steady with 2 minutes recovery. Then 4 minutes/2 minutes (recovery), 3 minutes/2 minutes, 2 minutes/2 minutes, 1 minute/2 minutes
Cool down: 10 minutes easy jog

You can work by heart rate, pace zone or even goal pace. Treadmills are a great tool for exactly this purpose and sadly underused. Depending on the time of year and the distance being trained for, athletes may want to increase the distance. An experienced and certified triathlon coach will be able to help you integrate these longer runs into your overall program to optimize your training time and race performance.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Going up...

The 3.5 mile warm up, up Hina Lani with Janet...

It doesn't look all that steep here, but this is where I told coach to please quit talking to me (he was in the rescue van with Coach Mark). I told him I was concentrating... I was secretly trying to beat my run time up the hill and out bike Susan Dell's course record that she set last year during the Pedal Till Ya Puke race!

Lifesports Lava Camp is in session...

It has been pretty fun getting to know some of the athletes from different states/Canada. Everyone is so laid back and friendly, part of me wishes they could just stay on the island and be my new training partners (especially Janet... I need her to swim with).

Yesterdays ride was the most fun by far! We climbed up Kaloko... everyone from Hawaii knows it and either LOVES it or HATES it (there really is no middle ground). Kaloko climbs from the ocean to well over 5,000 feet in 11 miles. It is one of those hills that you should change your gearing for- which is why until yesterday I have only run up it a bajillion times. Bike Works hooked me up with a 12/27 so I could tackle the hill & believe me I was more than excited!

We started out at Waikoloa and road 25 miles to Hina Lani. Then 3.5 miles up Hina Lani (that is the "warm up" since Hina Lani is a nice little up)! Then we road about a mile North on Mamalahoa Hwy. Finally the fun began... 6.5 miles up Kaloko Dr.! (Next time in Kona-if you don't live here, I HIGHLY suggest you ride it or drive it).

Let me give you a visual of the hill... some cars don't make it up the hill.
Kaloko Drive is a 6.5 mile climb from about 1,500 feet to well over 5,000 feet. It goes up, then up some more, then STRAIGHT up for a minute or 5 where you think you are going to fall off or over (and some people do), then it turns & you think you are done. BUT it goes up some more, then it decides to go up even more with grades that you need to count using both your toes and fingers. And then you hit this spot where you consider walking your bike but of course DON'T (that is where I almost fell backwards without trying to pop-a-wheelie). After climbing higher into the clouds you get to this nice left turn that will take you to the crater of Hulalai Volcano. Here is where you better have ear plugs in if you don't like cuss words because even the clean-mouth people are tossing out some dirt! There really is no way other than doing the post man to get up this last mile. You have to ride side-to-side just to keep the bike moving. Then you are done.

The Kaloko Drive 6.5 miles is one of our islands most challenging races every August. Time wise only a couple men have biked it under 50 minutes. One of them is this Hilo stud and I believe James Cotter. Susan Dell has the bike record for women with 54 or 55 minutes. I have the female run record with 57 minutes so you can see biking it really isn't too much faster... and in my opinion now that I have done both I would rather run it any day!

But the fun isn't over once to the top... you have to go down! This is where I got in the van! I had no shame at all- in fact I was the first one to put my bike in the van and ask for a ride to the bottom of Kaloko (then I would bike down Hina Lani and back to Waikoloa).

I suppose yesterday was a great way to test out my new road bike! And of course practice for the "Beast" in St. Croix...

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Just add water...

Today we biked up a hill. Full details on the hill later... while mommy rode up the hill Kainoa played "swimmer" and believe me by the time he turns 2 I will be drafting him....

Monday, April 7, 2008


I know Lavaman is over... BUT I am still thinking about #2. I cannot believe for one moment I was racer #2. I got to wear the #2 on my bike, my helmet, on my arm... That means my bike was racked between the Hawaii Studs! You better believe I was scoping out their bikes and how they set up transition (yeah, still learning so I figure best to learn from the best). Really there weren't too many secrets.

The other number 2 I keep thinking about is my bike! My second bike came and today I got fit for it! A ROAD BIKE! I have never owned a road bike in my life. I have always only had one bike (usually a hand-me-down until my Scott). Now I am a VERY PROUD owner of a beautiful black and pink Scott road bike! I LOVE it! THANK YOU SCOTT & ADRIAN!

Round 2 of Mahalos... I want to shout out a second thank you to BikeWorks for setting me up for on my TT bike- I LOVE the fit. Also to Gerry, Linsay, and Laura for putting on such a FUN race (my favorite to be honest)...WELL done ladies! And of course another thanks to coach Paul for reminding me that I do love racing... and Jim and Kainoa for loving me.

And finally, round 2 of missing my husband! I finally get home to Kona and he has to go to work on Oahu! I really am not too keen on this whole idea of being away from family all this much. BUT until I get really fast or we get really rich it looks like this is life...


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Lavaman Triathlon...

Tyler Stewart, Me, Jes Kirkwood, Janet Nielson

The Lavaman Triathlon is held more close to my heart than any other race. It was the first triathlon I ever saw, the first one I ever won (2004), and it is home of the Big Island! Nothing beats racing at home....

Being a bit worn down caught up to me. I got sick last night and woke up with a huge fever (so I over-dosed on Kainoa's teething medicine this morning, it is the only medicine I keep in the house). My plan to have fun became a plan to stay awake!

Standing on the beach prior to the start coach looked in my eyes and said he could still see some "eagerness to race in me, that "it" was there". I asked if he was serious, and he was. I always trust him... sure enough, as soon as I got into the ocean my heart was pumping with joy... the race was on!

I grabbed onto some feet that are way better swimmers than me & held on for dear life! Of course out of the water I waved to the crowds & hi-fived some pals. Onto my bike I went and rode scared out of my mind! You all know Tyler Stewart... the amazing woman who holds every bike record in the tri-world known to woman! So I was riding as if my life depended on it. Of course I still yelled to friends on the opposite side of the highway, I still made goofy faces to the photographers on the bike course, and I still got yelled at for not slowing on the turn into Kukio (I may never slow there). But the point is she made me hurt... Last year I rode the course in 1:04 something, this year I rode it in 1:02.! Yes it hurt... but having her was amazing! She pushed me and I needed the wake-up call!

T2 was a comedy for the crowd! I could not get my bike to fit into the wheel holder then I took off running without my visor! I feel naked running without it! I even wear it running inside on the treadmill and in the dark running! SO... of course I went back for it! Of course I was teased all afternoon about that from those that witnessed the humor of my visor! Leaving on the run was amazing! All of a sudden I was my old self. I was waving, cheering, smiling, just enjoying sport! Having the lead was a nice pressure off me too. I got to "jog" over the lava (because yes it scares me) and I got to admire the dolphins, and I had fun! Lots of fun! AND it was the first time on that darn course I broke a 40! I have ran it 3x and I always run it in a 43! I wanted to break a stinkin' 40 so bad it hurt... but being a chicken of running on the lava & coral sections doesn't improve speed any so coach gave me a plan where I raced a 5k in the middle (the real-road section) and the start and finish I could "chill" on. It worked wonders... I got a 38 something today!

Oahu's Amy Bennet... she was running on the bike course and it made my day to see her running full stride in a cast!(her left arm is in a neon orange cast to the elbow) She even raced Xterra in that thing! The Lavaman run course fits her off-road talents way more than this chicken!

My best friend Cody B! We always race the bike, he out biked me today!! Way to go Cody... please wait for me next time!

Of course I made time to play...

Number #2. Do you see that? I was athlete #2! I was shocked to get that bad-@$$ number, I had to work hard to represent it!

The studs of Hawaii... sorry ladies, both happily married! Tim Marr & James Cotter

My biggest support... they were everywhere on the course! Little Kainoa had NO idea why mommy kept running by him but never stopped to play!
2 of the 25-29 girls on the podium! Brooke and Devonee hot as ever!
My buddy Pat... better known as my "anonymous" comment giver & pain in my bum! Yes, you may recognize him from Lost. He was on the show...