Saturday, April 19, 2008

Happy One year Coach Paul!

My coach is one VERY LUCKY man because he gets to coach me... ha ha! (I mean this very sarcastically). I know I am a real pain in the @$$ most days... BUT after one FULL year together as coach/athlete WE survived and are going on round 2!

Let's back up... April 2007... my 3rd year in sport (well, I took a year off in that mix to have a baby or it would be 4). Picture this... me in the front row of the Kona 10 miler (the race we had last weekend). Front and center, fully ready to race... DON'T distract me, the count down is on till race start... 30, 29, 28 and then I feel this man pulling my arm! What in the world! It is coach... good old coach Paul ALWAYS on my case even before he started coaching me! "let's chat" pretty much sums up the conversation... I kind of ignore him, HELLO I AM ABOUT TO RACE! 10, 9, 8, "Okay meet you later I tell him"...

Our chat goes something like this:

Coach: What are your goals for 2007?
Me: I want to break 40 in the 10k off the bike, break 3hrs in the marathon, qualify for Ironman, race ITU, break a 1:25 in the half marathon, break a 19:25 in the 5k, ride on a road bike, break 5 hrs in a half ironman, break an hour in the Kaloko Hill climb, learn how to swim... my list of random "outcome" goals went on and on!

He should have clued in from the start that a girl who puts Ironman and ITU in the same sentence as a key to run for his life!

Coach: How are you going to reach these goals?
Me: Get fast

Again, I am clueless! Get fast, nice answer.

Coach: What do you swim an Olympic distance swim in? What is your off-the bike time?
Me: Oh a 22 or 23 swim. And I just ran a 43 off the bike at Lavaman (this was 2007)
Coach: You need to swim a sub 20 to be competitive in the ITU. Do you think you can do that?
Me: Yep. I LOVE swimming (lying through my teeth)

So we chat some more and after the chat I go straight to the pool and swim 4x500 because I was going to learn to swim that very day and swim fast...

Coach Paul had his hands full with me. I was just a crazy girl that wanted to race but didn't have a clue on how to train or what distance or when to train. I didn't mind winning or losing. I laugh and play, I stop during races to give someone who flats my spare tire, I share my gels even when I need them to make the next mile. I was all about FUN! FUN FUN FUN!

When coach agreed to work with me I knew 2 things. He believed in me and saw something I didn't see. And triathlon was about to give "fun" a whole new meaning! My outcome goals went out the window, in fact we never looked at them again until after the season. We gave me some "process" goals and we were on our way...

So here we are 365 days later. In our first of many (sorry coach you still have me) years he helped me accomplish way more than my time goals and tri-dreams. Not only did he have his hands full with me as an athlete I was a first year mom so I was a REAL wreck! I am sure I made him cry as much as he made me cry! Oh my new PR's: 5k-17:28, 10k off the bike-36:16, 26.2-3:02, 13.1-1:21, and I did qualify for Hawaii, learn to ride a road bike, raced a road bike in a draft legal race, and break an hour up Kaloko!

Cheers to you Coach Paul... NOW I have some new goals since we smashed all the old ones! I really do appreciate EVERYTHING! Even your emails... like this new one I just got:

I am still not happy about this…

looks like round 2 is off to a GREAT start of me getting into T-R-O-U-B-L-E!

Oh that email was in response to him looking up the results for the Kona-10 miler last weekend and seeing I ran it without CONTROL. Come on I was pushing a baby jogger I had no idea I was VROOOOOMING.


Beth said...

Wow Bree - you've come a LONGGGG way!! And I'm sure you have much, much more to accomplish. You just keep having the fun and let your coach worry about the rest! :)

Marni said...

you are lucky to have a coach that understands you enough to help you grow. You have such passion and excitement for tri's..I hope it never stops!

Kellye Mills said...

I think he should be really lucky to have YOU! Just think how interesting you must be compared to the average, everyday pro!! :)

Congratulations truly on an amazing year, and I wish you and Coach Paul the best in the MANY years to come!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Bree...way to go! I can't believe how far you've come since arriving on the island. Wow!

But poor Coach....I can just imagine what he goes through. Does he take medication during his first year with you? ha!!!

Thanks for the GU this AM. It's amazing where we can jam those little packets while riding or running. But yours was special"!!

TB said...

Cool how other people can make us better in so many ways. We often either limit ourselves or don't clearly see our flaws and things we can change to improve.

What an awesome year.

I'm sure you're just as good for him as he is for you.
Hope to see you in St. Pete.

Maijaleena said...

Wow, those are some amazing improvements! You're lucky to have found such a great coach.

Leigh Anne said...

Whoo hoo! Race or no race, you're just an all-around amazing person and so much fun to be around!

Katie Weaver-Jongerius said...

You spice up his life Bree! Without you it would be dull and boring I think!!

You have come such a long ways in just a year. Now, imagine what year #2 is going to bring!

Katie Weaver-Jongerius said...

One more thing...I think you should give yourself more credit. Sure he road your ass, made you cry, and showed you the way but you are the ONLY ONE that put in all those hard hours which got you to where you are today!

Anonymous said...

This is Bree's coach, "Coach Paul" writing in.
It has been a pleasure to coach Bree. She is a very talented athlete that has responded tremendously well to the training and coaching. Bree possesses the rare combination of being naturally talented, aggressive, and smart.
She is also a great person and always wants the best for others, so much so that I have banned her from waving to people in races (she is allowed to smile). Bree thrives on the encouragement of people that she cares about so keep up all the great support! I believe that this only the beginning for Bree and she is just getting started.
If you see me at the races please come up and say hi. All the best to everyone with your training and race season. Paul.

Jen in Budapest said...

I agree, Bree! If you can't enjoy it along the way then why? I LOVE your attitude in it all!! I really do. Too many athletes take themselves WAY to seriously and then lose that spark along the way. Finding and keeping the joy in it is part of the fun. Of course, that's harder to find and keep after pain onset by intense workouts, but hey. The point remains. Atleast it's good pain and atleast we have healthy bodies to get out there and use in a positive way. Thanks for being an inspiration. I'll keep doing my little piddly workouts and one day I'll be stellar like Bree. Thanks for the encouragement from a distance. Lots of love....:D

Speed Racer said...

Happy anniversary. Sounds like you found a keeper (or he found you), lucky for him he's got great material to work with.

Maybe that's what my speed wor is missing, a baby jogger... Too bad he has to be such a party pooper all the time!

Mel said...

NOW how cool is that.... Coach Paul reads your blog...I Love it he is not just your coach he is your supporter....can't beat it!!! I also agree with Katie...yeah he pushes you past your limits BUT YOU are the one putting the HARD work into it!!! LOOK at your year so far...AMAZING and it is just the beginning sista...SEE you so soon!!!!