Thursday, May 1, 2008

I'm here...

I love this photo... it is a typical shot of the relationship I have with coach Paul- he wants to kill me most days! I just wrote him an email saying, "Sorry coach, I can't bike today, my bike is in Puerto Rico..." He responded by emailing me the above photo! Gotta love it!

I am here! St. Croix is so beautiful! It is more amazing than I dreamed it would be, more beautiful than the photos, and more hilly than expected! BUT bring it on baby! Thankfully my brother-in-law put a chip in my camera that allows me to hold thousands of photos rather than the 8 it used to hold at a time (thanks Cory!) beacuse I have already taken more photos than I think my computer will be able to down load!

My host mom & dad picked me up from the airport and took me to a little harbor for a little local lunch. My room is UNREAL! I am not kidding, no exaggeration! It is open walled over looking Buc Island and Green Kay (I think that is it...) Anyways, I am mesmorized by the beauty.

St. Croix is about 27 miles long, 12 miles at the widest part, and it is the EXACT lattitude of Hawaii so OF COURSE I feel right at home! I took a nice little run after lunch. It was supposed to be flat but I ended up running up and down and up and down again... I have yet to find any flat falt flat spots but I know there are some!

Right now I am listening to the wind blow the palm trees, you can smell the sea spray, and the sunshine has lit this little island to make it look neon colored. Everything is really bright colored. The pace is so slow... hammocks and beach chairs are a requirement for the pace of life here. Sounds good to me!

Okay, off to track down my bike before I end up in another choke hold!
Cheers everyone and MANY MAHALOS for all the super emails and some cool comments too! I am so appreciative!


Marni said...

Good luck!! I know you will do great. You've had this race in mind all season and you've trained hard! All those big climbs in kona!!!! Enjoy the beautiful scenery :)

Anonymous said...

Your poor bike. See, you should've carried it on and bought seat ticket for it. Ha! Can't wait to see you photos.
Have fun and crush the race course on Sunday!
You sound much better!!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Hooray! Glad to hear that you've arrived and that your bike is on the way! She looks beautiful (post below!) Have a blast, rock the course, and know that you're ready to climb the beast!

Say hi to ELF for me - and do EVERYONE a favor.... make sure she gets enough coffee. :)

Katie Weaver-Jongerius said...

Go Bree! Love the pic by the way. Paul loves you..he just doesn't want to admit it. =)

Good luck, have fun...ENJOY!

Beth said...

Sounds absolutely dreamy there!! Perfect setting to make your dreams come true. I'll be cheering for you Bree!! Have fun and best of luck!!

Bruce Stewart said...

I hope you have a relaxing and enjoyable race!

Jen said...

Have a GREAT race and enjoy St Croix!

Trigirlpink said...

The girl who just keeps finding the sun and sand... just amazing. I would gather the heat is not a issue for you there to race in? Have fun pedaling up the beast. Grrrrrrrrr.

IM Able said...

Good luck this weekend! Enjoy your days leading up to the race and be sure to post pictures -- we love seeing them! I think Elizabeth is out there looking for ya somewhere...quite possibly holding (gripping?) an illegally imported coffee mug.

Have fun, race safe!

Ange said...

Ok Bree. I think I'm going to hop into your suitcase and tag along to some of these awesome locations your visiting!! St. Croix sounds amazing. For that matter, so does Florida and Hawaii!!
Love the photo. Glad you and your coach can be open and honest with each other. :)
Have a Great race. I can't wait to hear about.
Enjoy the hills too....That part (and Only that part) sounds a lot like where I live.

jahowie said...

I came here from Mel's blog. Good luck to you in St. Croix. I hope that you both have a great time!! :-)

Speed Racer said...

This was NOT the best post to read while trapped in my office on a rainy New England day. Sounds WONDERFUL!

I hope you get your bike comes back from its own private vacation soon! What a headache. I can't believe you're not freaking out more! Then again, you're so fast I bet you could RUN the bike course and still podium.

Bob Almighty said...

St. Croix is an amazing place, and the people are wonderful (went down there once with my college swim team)The crowd should be a big help on race day. Good luck live it up and drink a few Pina Coladas for me.

Sarah said...

Hey Bree,

First time posting, but been checking out your blog for the last few weeks.

YOU ARE SUCH AN INSPIRATION!!! I love your 'FUN' attitude and I always have a smile on my face when I finish reading your posts. It's so great. You make me feel so good about just having 'fun' with this sport as opposed to always being so focused on my times and being hard core, etc.


Sounds like you're already having a great time. I'm just amazed you're not freaking out about your bike.



j-mo said...

GO BREE !!!!
-smile up that Beast =)