Monday, June 30, 2008

The Ironman damage...

This is not about the post-Ironman aches and pains... it's about the aches and pains of being married to someone that does an Ironman.

Jim and I have a wonderful marriage. It is very fun, very adventurous, very enjoyable. That is unless an Ironman is on the horrizon. Life is pretty darn good around the Wee home. BUT as soon as IM Japan came storming in it got a little nuts. It got a little ugly and a little smelly.

Poor Jim. I didn't even realize the damage until I called in for back-ups. I have an AMAZING marriage counselor that is working with me/us... and yes... it is all my fault life got ugly in the Wee home.

This is the entrance to the Wee home. Honestly, to me it was just a few pairs of shoes. The ones I need for running, for racing, for the treadmill, for lifting weights, for walking, for trails, you get it. Jim has to pass this and smell this every day, several times a day. Never phased me.

Coach has me swimming more. That means more suits hanging to dry. Sorry, it irritates me to put on a wet suit and I like to mix up my suits. And I have to have a bikini in there... necessity. Never phased me. Poor Jim. Every time he takes a shower he has to reach through a pile of suits to turn on the water, move suits to close the shower curtain (except for the time he tried to teach me a lesson and never closed the shower curtain and drenched the bathroom floor!)

AND there is the long list of meals I make. Poor guy. He wants regular food, not bird food, and athlete food, and "I'm training for an Ironman" food. He wants real cookies. Not some no sugar no nothing cookies.

And of course the fridge covered in motivational quotes, good luck notes, my favorite verses, photos of training buddies, and notes I save from coach to kick my bum. That was annoying... to him... not me.

You get the idea. Life changes A LOT when an Ironman is on the horizon. Forget staying up late and sleeping in. There goes "quality time" Bree has to sleep. Lights off... shhhh... (I am pretty serious about this). Poor Jim feels like he is grounded!

So yesterday after church (I even wore a dress JUST for Jim) I had a nice kick in the bum from the man in charge of making the Wee home better for round two... Ironman Canada training...

The first thing I had to do was clean up the wet suits. That is Jim's worst nightmare. Then he got us on date nights (no Kainoa allowed. Just us. Alone.) That was a good one, we even stayed up past my bed time! Today I got rid of all the shoes except 4 pairs! I cleaned off the fridge too. The only note on it is a "love" note to Jim. (nice plan Ironman-marriage saver!)

And then I made dinner... meat balls with real cow meat! Not Turkey or chicken and not some veggie alternative. Real cow. AND I made him real cookies. Real sugar involved.

Life is getting back to normal just in time. Tomorrow starts the first day of training for IM Canada! I am so excited! I just hope I can find my shoes and swim suits! AND with the help of the Ironman marriage saver training for Canada then Kona should be a breeze in the Wee home!

By the way... if anyone needs Asics (used) size 8.5 I saved a few pairs, hid them under the bed... don't tell Jim!

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Tag! i'm it!

If you just hit my blog... YOU are NEXT... Tag! You're it!!!

10 years ago I was:

18, in Costa Rica, chasing my dream of being a pro surfer... about to start college

5 years ago I was:

Fresh out of college and teaching 2nd grade at Kahakai Elementary School on The Big Island.

1 year ago I was:

Trying to qualify for Ironman Hawaii and learning to be a mom...

5 things on my to do list today:

  1. Pray
  2. Send out Leann's care package
  3. Call Brooke and give her a race strategy for her 1/2 marathon tomorrow
  4. Juice carrots with Kainoa (I promised him yesterday we would buy carrots and juice em')
  5. Unpack my luggage from Japan

5 snacks I enjoy:

  1. Smoothies
  2. Any juiced vegetable
  3. Nori
  4. Guacamole
  5. Beans and rice with hot sauce

If I were a billionaire I would:

  1. Buy a house and paint all the rooms inside a different color
  2. Pay off my debt and all my family's debt
  3. Have a huge picnic for everyone in my state that wants to eat & needs food
  4. Hire my sister Brooke & uncle Nick to be Kainoa's nannies
  5. Go to Playa Hermosa and live for few months, open a new school for the locals

6 people I want to have lunch with tomorrow:

Jesus, Jim, Kainoa (Can't go anywhere without those 3), Adam Sandler (I want to laugh harder than I already do), Leann (I miss her more than anyone), TB (onions are fun), WAIT!! Brooke... can I have 7 people?

5 places I have lived:

  1. Vermontville, Michigan
  2. Sarasota, FL
  3. West Palm Beach, FL
  4. Playa Hermosa, CR
  5. Kailua-Kona, HI

5 jobs I have had:

  1. TCBY Girl (oh that was trouble!)
  2. Worship leader
  3. Worked on a farm in college and lead horse back rides
  4. Elementary school teacher/taught Spanish in Costa Rica
  5. Triathlete (yeah, I am raking in the $$) ha ha, right! BUT I love it!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Canada, Eh???

Josh (one of my biggest supporters), me, coach, and Jamie (my swim partner who taught me everything I know about long distance swimming)

Bree: Coach... I had fun, I gave it my best, BUT I gave up 9 minutes down some hills. I broke Paula Newby-Fraisers IM Japan course record by 7 minutes... but Naomi broke it by 10. I lost. No Kona for me...

Coach: Bree, only think on the positives right now. Nothing else. let the positives soak in & celebrate them. Stop thinking... I have a plan... I will tell you about it later..

Bree: Well, glad you have a plan... BUT I already have one. Can you make me run fast? Let's just train me for Honolulu Marathon. Let's just learn to run the rest of the season, forget triathlon...

Coach: BREE STOP THINKING! Take a week off thinking about it.

Bree: I changed my mind... Lake Placid is in 4 weeks. I am ready. Can I go? I will try to qualify there... I am not even sore. No injuries. Let's do it!

Coach: Bree, call me when you get home.

Bree: Coach, what is my plan?

Coach: I was talking to Lance, we were laughing at you. I know you too well. I told him I bet you would want to train for the marathon, then I told him you would change your mind, then I told him you would look into a fall Ironman, then I told him you would go for Canada...

Bree: YES! That's it... let's do it! Sign me up... put me in the game coach, I am ready to play!

So... Canada it is! I could not be more excited... my coach on the side lines, Josh, my favorite swimmer in the world (Jamie lives in Canada), my Trakkers sponsor will be there, A HUGE crew of Kona friends are racing, and Eileen (I am pretty sure). Don't count this girl out of Kona just yet... I will try-try again in August!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A different Ironman...

Local Kona mom (Sunny Haspe) and daughter

Isn't it funny how once we do an Ironman we compare or can relate things in everyday life to the event?

My favorite one is relating it to having a child...

I always would say the LONG 10 month pregnancy is like the long training. You eat everything in sight, you get a bit grumpy, you are always tired, clothes fit weird, the list goes on. Then it is race day or delivery. What a LONG day. It hurts so bad. Really bad. But then you cross the finish line you get your award (or baby) and everything is GREAT. You are changed, for the better in a lot of ways, and life is different.

I love comparing it to marriage too, that is always fun! When Jim and I are having some issues I always tell him I am "bonking". Marriage is long, we go through highs and lows like on race day... and the ones that finish are better for it... right!?

You get the idea. We can compare it.

But what about living with cancer? I just can't do it. I can not possibly imagine what it might be like. There is nothing like having to fight for something more than a finish line... but for your life.

Kona is a small town, we all know and support each other. We are family. One of our amazing families has a REAL Ironman... Sunny Haspe (wife of Brown Bear) I know almost EVERYONE who has ever been to Kona knows, has met, or heard of Brown Bear! Him and is family make Kona special. Sunny is fighting for her life and has been for a few years now. Her fight continues... the cancer is in the brain and spinal fluid. It's pretty darn ugly (I asked first if I could post her photos) ...

The Haspe family could use your prayers, love, and encouragement. They are Ironman volunteers, cheer leaders for everyone that races in Ironman October, and this time it is our turn to cheer on a real-life Ironman. If you have any amazing prayers or words to lift up Sunny in this real life bonk she has going one please say them!

You can even send your cheers to:

Let's go Sunny, we are cheering for you and believe in you!

Monday, June 23, 2008

IM Japan...

Maki rescuing me at the finish...

The training, travel, and entire experience in Japan was like no other. It is the opposite of anything I know (except seaweed and udon noodles). Every breath I breathed here I will remember forever... they were all good...

Pre-race was filled with butterflies and excitement. A few tears as I said "sayanara" to Jim and Kainoa (I always have struggles saying bye to Kainoa before a race...). On the bus to Tomie Beach my attention was instantly focused on the rain drops hitting my window... the bike...the down hills... the fear of crashing again... my mind was so consumed on the rain drops.

Standing in line to be body marked I kept thinking about the rain hitting my face. It was only a few drops by this point, not like the buckets we had earlier in the week, again my mind was so focused on the bike...the down hills... the possibility of wet roads.

Perhaps the sprinkles kept my mind calm of race anxiety and chatter from other athletes.

The Swim...
The pros started 2 min. ahead of the rest of the field. That meant roughly 25-30 of us, mostly men. I instantly tossed any swim plan out the window and traded it for "hang on or swim alone". I found feet, 2 Aussie guys, 2 Japanese guys, and one guy who wouldn't keep his hands off me (sorry bud, married!) the pace was a PERFECT balance of "keep holding on even when it hurts" and "I can do this easily for 2.4 miles". Seriously, it was the best group of 5 guys EVER to draft off! Thanks boys! I could not believe my luck to have such a good "free ride". Exiting the water I felt ready to ride... my 52-something swim was a PR (BUT it was a wet suit swim... I don't count that even though I'll take it...).

Onto the bike...
I loved EVERY single view that the 112 miles provided us! The beaches, the mountains, the little towns, the city, the port, the list of wonderful views had me so excited to see what was around the next corner. Honestly, it was unreal! About mile 14 I took the lead and was enjoying some climbs and some flats and few "little down hills". Just about half way the bigger climbs and down hills come into play. Not sure if you have ever seen a scaredy cat... but that was me. I was breaking, cried a few tears, stopped pedaling, hung on for dear life, and prayed to just make it out alive! AND then Naomi came by me as if she was racing Nascar! No joke! I have ridden with GREAT women cyclists, but I have never seen a woman in aero bars, down hill, pushing the pedals full strength, and wanting more! I honestly didn't get mad when she passed me. I wondered where my "competitive drive" went because I let her go.

I caught her on an uphill, and a couple times we traded positions depending on the size of the down hill... then rounding another down hill I see her laying on the road! I was more scared than her! She was a bloody mess, I asked to help her, she told me to keep going, and within seconds she flew back by me down the hill, fully sprinting! Honestly, no girl I have EVER met in my life bikes the way she rode down those hills! She told me she trained on the course for 2 weeks last month practicing... it paid off!

Before too long we got to a section of LOTS of down hills and I never saw her again. I cried one more time wanting the roller coaster to end. I wanted off. I could hear coaches voice in my mind telling me to move it! I could hear him telling me this was my race to lose. And it was, I lost it on the bike. Naomi out biked me by 9 minutes... she was incredible!

Onto the run...
I was down by 3.30. Of course I was hungry to go make up time, but I know me and my horrible pacing. I built up till the 13th mile. I was fine. Then I completely ruined my nutrition. My AWESOME Japanese vocabulary got me a coke at mile 13 and from that point on I was a coke junky... salt too... horrible mix...

I went from a hyper child, to no ability to focus on the task at hand, to hurry it up, to being bummed I messed up my run, to hold on... it's not over till the finish line. Coke killed me. I suppose it was a GREAT lesson learned.

As my second IM is now complete, with a new PR in hand, I am so incredibly happy about the experience and the day. I truly left it all out there, hung tuff when the hills and coke took hold of me. Of course I wanted the Kona slot, but as I told Naomi, she earned it. She wanted it so bad, that was her home course and she was not going to let any down hills get in her way. She will have a HUGE fan cheering her on this year in Kona! She is the most fit she has ever been, the most trained, and the most hungry. Only 25 years old & she is finally putting it all together...

And as Amanda Balding reminded me today, "every one of these races we learn something... and one day we put together everything we learn and have our perfect race". Just give me a few more races...

Arigato to the race directors of IM Japan, my home stay, and the town of Fukue. Arigato to the incredible support crew I had backing me up... I am so appreciative of you!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Quick Update...

9:37.12 seconds later I am done! Full details later... I totally enjoyed every single minute of the race (even crying on the bike because I was so scared going down hills in the rain!).

Just wanted to thank everyone for the support... you all are awesome... and to answer your question... No, I did not get my Kona slot. I am not even upset... I totally believe with all my heart everything happens for a reason. I gave it my all on the most challenging IM of my life! (YES! Kona is WAY easier!!) and I cannot complain about my new PR.

Naomi was brilliant today and totally deserves the Kona slot.
And now for a favor NO comments or emails that say "sorry Bree" or anything along those lines, you know I don't believe in them...

Cheers! You guys rock!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Today in Japan...

My first big press conference! Pretty exciting getting to chat with the news paper, TV stations, and some of the other pro women. I LOVE the Japanese athletes... they are so much fun! It felt like I have known them forever and they were eager to accept people to their country...

Bring on the race! Today was filled with the usual, meeting on the course in English, registration, a press conference, expo... fun stuff! Only thing was I barely understood anything!

On the other side of the island... lovely fog, buckets of rain, still beautiful!

Caught my eye...

More vending machines, one on every corner, selling everything from beers, juice, vitamins, cigarettes, medicine, and water... I wonder if it will be considered "outside help" if we stop at one during the run...?

Checking the water. Rumor has it the water is SO cold they may change the swim to only 1 loop instead of 2. Felt cold, but not 1 loop cold.

Totally LOVE the Japanese writing, looks like art to me!

Another vending machine...

Home of the Karate Kid... not really...

On the bus to Tomie Pool. Kainoa was eating Luna Moons (Thanks Katya!!!)

Jim and Natsuhou playing...Kainoa jealous his daddy made a new friend... The children at our home stay LOVE him.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Tila in Japan! I left her on the side of the road while looking at pineapples... $9 for a pineapple!!!
I think I will wait till I get back to Hawaii!

A view from our neighborhood...

Biking on the left side...

My blue eyed boys... No joke, we were stopped by some strangers that never even saw Americans on their island and they wanted a photo with Jim and Kainoa! They were in love with their blue eyes, thought Jim was a pro baseball player, and tried to adopt Kainoa...

Wee made it to Japan!

36 hours later we are on the island of Fukue... and it is BEAUTIFUL! It is so laid back and so quiet. You can tell Ironman Japan is the only action this place gets. There are 1,000's of posters hanging on every shop, in every street, on all the walls advertising the race. Everyone points at us and stares, then points to the posters as if to say, "you, you you".

There is nothing American about this island. There are no signs in English, nobody speaks any English, and it is VERY traditional Japanese. As in, the beds are futon mats on the floor, little soft ones, and a brick for a pillow. Slight exaggeration, it's not a brick, but it is a rock. I am sure the hotel is not like that, BUT we are with a home stay. The people are amazing... and I would not have this trip or experience any other way than fully diving into the culture.

I have eaten 3 types of seaweed today... I eat it at home so it was nothing new... but the meat. Oh man, I have got to find something not fried. They fry all the meat (similar to chicken catsu style or something).

Yesterday we were in Fukuoka. Ever seen "Tokyo Drift"? Well, that was exactly like that movie. BIG bill boards, bright lights, huge city, loads of cars, tons of people... it was exciting! I took a run at 5:30 am and was amazed. I have never been anywhere like it, never seen anything like it. I loved it... it was so much fun! On every corner was a vending machine selling beer, pops, and juices. No coffee. Not that I drink the stuff, but Jim does, no where had coffee. After my run I see him (6:30 am) on the corner with Kainoa drinking a beer. I was laughing... he was laughing, only in Fukuoka... he was bummed about the coffee...

Today, on Fukue, I rode my bike... it was so exhilarating! It just felt so new and so different. Everything is just catching my eye and taking my breath away. I feel like a young girl in love... it is all so new to me. Have you ever seen "Memoirs of a Geisha"? The neighborhood we are in reminds me exactly of where the little girl lived early in the movie... I feel like I am there...

No, this trip hasn't been smooth sailing. BUT attitude is everything and traveling sure brings out your true colors. We had layovers, the plane couldn't land and we flew back to another island, I was puking on the plane, I couldn't (still can't find a place to swim), my stomach hurts from the meat, it is so hot here (yes hotter than Hawaii and more humid), I tried to buy some food but they don't take bank or credit cards ANYWHERE in the little town, no ATM to be found, I need some yens, the list of things that could make you mad goes on and on... BUT I love to travel and I know this comes with the traveling adventures!

The only bummer is Coachee (as the Japanese call the coaches) is freaking that I still haven't called him, that I lacked email, didn't update my training to him, that I've yet to swim, that I am not text messaging him, haven't sent my files, pretty much he thinks I am avoiding him... it feels like a break up with a boyfriend and I told him "Sayanara"! ha ha ha... I know he has invested A LOT of time in me preparing for this race and only wants my head/heart/body in the right spot in the final days leading up to the race... sorry coach, still LOVE ya!

And that is about it WAY over here in Japan...
Totally love you guys!


Monday, June 16, 2008

Adios! I mean Sayonara...

Love the post card from my Hawaii pal Shirley Perley...

And Wee are off...

The bike, the jogging stroller, the car seat, the carry-on's, the clothes, the wet suit, the computer (hope to keep in touch), books (Bible, coloring books, Japanese language book, Waking The dead & my journal) Asics, snacks, my tunes... you name it we got it packed! I think Kainoa has the most luggage! BUT well worth it to have the whole family going!

Kona to Tokyo, Tokyo to Fukuoka, Fukuoka to Fukue! We have a home stay waiting for us on the little island. I am looking forward to staying with a local Japanese family & totally getting into the culture... Bring on the seaweed! If they are anything like my Canada & St. Croix family this could be another GREAT experience! Actually, as long as they aren't as messy as my Australia roomie anything would be GREAT! (totally joking Eileen!)

AND for fun during this packing adventure in the Wee home... Jim timed me to pack my bike. (I think it was his way of just trying to get me to hurry up and get the darn thing put away...).

My bike out of the box & 18 minutes later, my bike in the box!

Chat laters... and BEST to everyone racing CDA & IM France too... have a fun LONG day!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

All about the dad...

Check out the swimmers finishing the swim with the swells in the back ground...

Our day is quiet mellow... being Father's Day it is all about the dad! And Jim likes life simple, quiet, calm, and well... a bit less adventurous than me. So today we are chill-axin'...

Our day starts off with the local Father's Day Peaman Biathlon (the one Jim and I met at 5 years ago today). I am grounded from racing till Japan (thanks a lot coach). This is very challenging not to race because the waves were a solid Hawaiian style 5ft. I LOVE swimming in big waves... I appreciate the beauty and strength of the ocean so much.

Jim swam Kainoa through the swim then loaded him in the jogger for the run. It was so much fun to see little Kainoa loving sport! He was yelling for daddy to swim faster, "hurry up". I can tell he has my genes, he hated when the other children passed his dad. The run was classic! Dads were pushing their children and the moms were stealing the show. Jim is claiming nobody passed them... okay... I believe you...

Now both my boys are out surfing... they left me at home! Jim wanted a father-son day. No girls allowed. I am getting a bit annoyed with everyone in our home surfing but me, after Japan I might just sign up for a surf contest just so Jim will let me train surfing! (hope coach goes for that idea). As I have all this peace and quiet at home I am finding just how blessed I am to have Jim in my life and be the father of our son.

Kainoa I hope you know you are one VERY loved little boy! And to my dad... I love you & Happy Father's Day...


Saturday, June 14, 2008

2 more nights...

let's get ready to rumble!! That's my college friend Em! For fun she pretends to be the Karate Kid... Perfect timing to goof around SINCE I ONLY HAVE 2 MORE NIGHTS TILL BLAST OFF TO FUKUE!

I ran in my race shoes yesterday, rode my bike for the final time at home this morning, and my Splishy is ready to swim in... oh, and a wet suit!

The training is done. I have done all I can do. Ridden hills till my legs fall off, swam in a choppy ocean, and ran in the heat. The bricks, long & short, base & race effort have been completed. My body has been massaged, my doctor took good care of me and got me healthy as can be, Jim made sure I went to bed early, coach killed me & is now tapering me, the Kona crew has supported me through every mile of the Ironman Journey (literally). My supporters have made it possible for me to have what I need to train and race. My buddy TB has helped keep me in balance with all the prayers and pushing my faith. My son has reminded me to play and keep it fun. And my family has supported me unconditionally. I am ready.

One thing I have learned about training is that if you do it, all of it, and focus on the process, then come race day there are no doubts in your mind. You show up knowing you belong there, you are ready, and that you have done all you can do. Now you just have to do the best you can with what the day brings.

Standing on the beach of Fukue I will be ready. On my bike I will be ready. On the run I will be ready. My pace, my nutrition, keeping my focus is all I can control and those things I am ready for. What the other athletes do is not my business. I wish them the best possible day and am hoping all of us have a great, safe day out there...

Am I ready to rumble? Count me in...

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Add another boy...

Congrats to my big sister Bron for adding another boy to the piano bench! Welcome to the world Ridge Christian Weidner! Speedy recovery sis and best of luck qualifying for Boston 26.2!

Reagan & Kainoa... save a spot at the piano for the new cousin! Sorry mom... you had all girls but it looks like your girls only make boys!

Bree- Bron- Brooke... Florida 2008! Look at that darn belly sis... Hey Brooke, you're next!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy 5 Weezle!

Slow to anger, quick to love. - Psalm 145:8

In the 5 years (3 married) we have been together that has been the verse of our life together! Even the way we met was "slow to anger "(even though I felt like knocking his teeth in) and "quick to love" (we pretty much were love at first fight!)

Today is "Happy Anniversary" to us... here is how it started...

Jim was the "swim stud" with a feisty attitude. Loud, outgoing, wild, and cocky. I was the new girl in town. Little surfer girl, Jesus freak, very independent. I knew who he was, everyone in Kona knew who the loud guy was. He used to kiss his biceps before every swim race letting everyone know he was going to kick their @$$. He didn't have a clue who I was. BUT we had a friend in common (Leann "Hawaiian Matusumoto")

One Sunday, at a local biathlon, we were about to fall in love...

There we were, rounding the turn around buoy, I tried to take the inside, Mr. Macho didn't like that too much. He yanked my goggles right off my face (his side of the story is he was trying to "cop-a-feel"). In any case, my goggles were now filled with water! REVENGE! Of course he beat me into shore, but I was on a mission to run him down.

He was putting on his shoes when I ran by him, I gave him a gesture I'd rather not fess up to, and pretty much said, "you messed with the wrong girl". When I passed him on the way back from the run I gave him a look that probably in no way resembled the smile I usually run with... This was only my second ever run race and he had me so mad it might still be my PR to this day!

Post race... I am hanging with my friend Kawika. Leann and Jim are talking...on the other side of the pier... she tells Jim, "you have to meet my friend". She then comes to me, "you have to meet my friend". Something along those lines anyway...

I protest, not really in the mood to date, new to the island and I just wanted to surf... (remember I was chasing my pro surfing dream at this time). BUT she gets me over to him...

One look at him and I discover it was the Macho Man who yanked off my goggles! Instantly I am against meeting him... he is all about it...
He asked me to go to the beach with him and his buddies to surf and camp and what not. In my most stubborn, too good for you, attitude, tell him no. I was about to leave for a little mission trip that evening anyways.

A few weeks later I decide to join the masters swim team. I get put into one of the slower lanes and as I look over to the "fast side" of the pool I see Jim. OH MY GOSH! He was on the masters swim team! Darn it! After practice he comes over & asks for my number... I am laughing! What a dork! But I give it to him, thinking he will never call...

He calls that weekend and asks me to go golfing. ( I really DISLIKE golfing).

Sure! I tell him I love golfing, my family lives on a golf course in Florida, great let's go!

We go golfing and I have never in my life laughed as hard as I did this day. It was by FAR the best first date EVER! Every time he wasn't looking I would throw my ball, kick it, move it near the hole... he sucked worse than me! His ball would bounce off lava and palm trees and fly back towards us...

AND we have been laughing at each other pretty much everyday since that day. I am NOT an easy woman to be married too but Jim does a great job dealing with me. Like Ironman we have our "moments" (I call the not so good ones bonking) . My friend Sandy just gave me that analogy. Daily I have to remind myself to NOT get angered (he still yanks at my goggles) and to LOVE him (he still makes me laugh)...

Here is to another 75 years together (Jim made me promise him 80 years). Oh boy, me and the bicep kissing macho man... at least he doesn't gripe about smelly shoes...

I love you Weezle!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Trying to imagine...

Bree Wee, #23. Nice little rhyme... that is my Japan race number...

I am FINALLY tapering. As much as my body doesn't feel very rested I know I am headed in that direction and love it! Truly, working hard-training hard-sacrificing a lot deserves some rest... I believe in taper 100%.

One of my most favorite things, that I believe in, is to devote a chunk of "taper time" to seeing "you" in the race. It requires such stillness, focus, and mental strength...

Being that I have never been to Japan this is providing more of a challenge to race the course in my mind... BUT I am determined to "see me" on that course.

The swim is 2 loops, 2 of them in a wetsuit. I am totally picturing myself in a wetsuit like a seal and then running in the sand as if I was doing "Splash and Dash" back in Australia. I am looking for feet, thinking long strokes (and now I have to stop writing all my mental secrets for the swim)... you get the idea.

Once on the bike I am imagining Kona-like conditions. Expecting the wind & heat. I am excited for that... home sweet home baby! When coach and I set up my season we tried to put all my "Big" races on islands (Hawaii, St. Croix, Japan). I enjoy the small-town, laid back, simplicity of that race venue.

I have been warned that Japan bike course is pretty unforgiving. 7,000ft. of climbing, gusty winds, 2 loops around the volcano... in my mind I am preparing for "Beast" like conditions (except 112 of them rather than 56). It is the left side of the road thing that my brain is still trying to make sense of & reading street signs in Japanese...

As for the run, I know it will hurt. I know I will be hungry & thirsty and happy to get off the bike & put on my Asics. 26.2 miles of anything is long, especially running it after a 2.4 mile swim and a 112 mile bike. BUT I love running, I love Japan (even though I've never been there) , and I love the fact that at the finish line Jim & Kainoa will be waiting...

I have only done 1 Ironman. Because it was in my back yard the mental image training came so easy. It is my "regular routes". Now stepping into 140.2 miles of a different back yard my work is cut out for me. Doing the math though, 140.2 is 140.2 right?! Just agree with me here...

Okay, time to practice asking for water in Japanese and learn how many kilometers from the finish line certain points of the course are...