Tuesday, September 9, 2008



What fun! ANOTHER day of "day off"... so I am watching cartoons "again" with Kainoa & this cartoon actually said something useful.

The little guy said, "progress", he is training his dog. He said, "progress is when you slowly get better at something, it just takes practice and patience". Leave it to a cartoon to teach me!

I think all week long coach has been trying to convince me not to throw in the towel with triathlon. About 44 times I said the pro card is going back to the USAT people that gave it to me. If I stayed age group I could be racing Kona... I won that slot as an age grouper but had to give it back when the pro card came in the mail. Now I am learning how to race as a pro (believe me it is different). I thought it would be the same, just different people and no waiting in lines, but almost all of it is different.

Progress, slowly getting better. I suppose over night I can't nail something. Practice, I am learning that mistakes make us better so we need to mess up. Patience, even Tiger Woods didn't make the cut his first year and Michael Jordan didn't even make his high school basket ball team! And the hi-light... progress... my favorite female pro, Hillary, took 31 Ironman's to win one, BUT she did it and will have many MANY more!

Progress... man it is a hard lesson...



Danielle said...

The best is yet to come for you Bree! Be patient and you are truly going to be blessed!

Beth said...

You've already conquered the amateur scene and had nothing left to prove!! Now, the fun will be the process of conquering the pro scene!! And I know you will do it Bree!

Train-This said...

Trust yourself sister. I know your day shall arrive. It just might come in the form of a cowboy hat too.

:-) Mary

Marni said...

Racing age group would be the easy way out. I'm sure it is hard to deal with the kona thing but it will pass and you will move on to come back better next year (even though you are already fast!) You had an incredible first year as a pro! YOu wouldn't be thinking twice about that pro card if you got the slot at your incredible performance in japan. Karel has always told me that racing with people better than you and getting beat is much more rewarding than racing a race where there is no one to push you. Keep on pushing yourself!

Flatman said...

Your progress has come so far in such a short time! You are an amazing athlete who will only get better with time. I just know it!

Steph said...

Randy Pausch said that "experience is what you get when you don't get what you wanted." Unfortunately, he has passed away and left a beautiful wife and 3 children behind. (Not to be dark, but it is the reality)
You have been given an amazing gift as a pro athlete. May you gain invaluable "experience" during this time.

rr said...

Kaizen, girlfriend. You're getting better with every race, and every hard workout.. you'll be following in Hill's footsteps in no time..

Come play with us on Oahu this weekend!! Tell Jim I need more marathon weezles and you have to deliver them!

gosonja said...

Of the two pro friends I have they both said that the first year is the toughest. It's such a shock to the system and psyche! I think you have handled it with grace and honesty.

Keep up the good work, keep doing what you love, and soon enough you will be looking back at this time with a smile and a giggle.

Katya said...

Chica, you are off to an amazing start! And, despite the fact that you have already had many phenomenal results, this is just the beginning for you. I wish you were gonna be out there with us next month, but I know that you will be bottling up all that motivation for next year when you will be even faster, stronger, more experienced, and hungrier (not that kind of hungry; ) than ever before. It's gonna be scary, actually. Miss ya. See you soon!

Dolphin Boy said...

Dude, grab your surfboard and go surfing....relax your mind!!

Surfs up today too! I think all the Kona kids are skipping school last few days!!!

UntPawGal02 said...

Your time will come :) You are making great progress as you learn what it means to be a Pro Triathlete :)

ShirleyPerly said...

The achievements that are the most worthwhile do not often come quick or easily. Your best years are still ahead!

Maijaleena said...

It's a hard lesson, but it is worth it. You would have nothing to learn going back as an age grouper.

Anonymous said...

Bree, Enjoy this 1st year and it's wonderful Steps. You have so many years to look foward to don't rush them and never give up! Your doing great and the only place for you to go is to the TOP! Smile and embrace those little skinned knee's and set backs because your only getting stronger and better!
As your Grandpa Reist would of told you, "Look in the Mirror and be so proud" We love you honey and what a wonderful Pro-Start!
Mom and Rodger

Maggs said...

Hi Bree,

You'll get there and when you do you'll know you've really worked hard for it! Yeah, come to Oahu this weekend so one more person can kick my butt in a short hour long race :-)

Nottage said...

and if it were so easy; immediately conquered........would it mean anything?

Kiet said...

Hey Bree, here is the big picture just in case nobody has painted it for you...you were third at St. Croix and second at IM Japan, I would say that is a pretty damn good start alone to a pro season. And though Kona is your backyard, for the rest of us, it's the place where the WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS for ironman is held. So in your pro rookie season, you are trying to make it to the world championships for all pro's, hmmmm...just sayin'. And look at your blog, I don't know of any pro blog that consistently has 30+ comments for each entry, trust me, you're making a difference as a pro triathlete, carry on grrrrl.

Anonymous said...

Hey Bree.... I hear they are serving cups of "harden the fuck up" just down the road. Build a bridge and get over the Kona thing. Seriously this blog is getting more self serving by the second. If you seriously considered 44 times this week that you might hand back your pro card then I suggest that you do. Being a pro is not about sulking that you did or did not get into Kona. Being a pro is not a right... it is a privilage and you seem to have no concept of this.

You must want to be a champion for all the right reasons and quite frankly you really do not have a good attitude about it all. Talent gets you only so far my dear.... It all comes down to the size of your balls.... or in your case as you are a girl it comes down to the size of the heart. Hillary has a heart of a Lion. She is someone to be admired. Not for one age group win but for the countless times she got beat whether it was by 1 min or by an hour that girl dusted herself off and came back for more with out even a whimper. She has nothing but smiles and well wishes for all those who came before her. All 31 times.

I hope that you can see that I post this not to be "mean" but to stop this cycle of "poor me, someone pat my ego" dead in its tracks. Your talent really would be waste if you fell into that trap.

I have no doubt that once you or one of the bloggers that post here tells you of this entry you will probably pull this down. I will be interested to see whether or not negative comments are aloud here.

IronMatron said...

Watching you through this blog has been so inspirational this year. Someday soon you will not only qualify for Kona as a pro, you will win it.

Steve Stenzel said...

You've come so far, and you're SOO far from where you can get!

Keep on keepin' on!!

Trigirlpink said...

hills and valleys right?

You'll be doin' some climbing outta this ditch very soon. Chin up sista! Your payday is COMING!

A fresh new season is right around the corner. Now if we could just send you on a mini vacation in Oct...hummmmmmmm I KNOW!!! WE CAN SWAP HOUSES FOR A WEEK! You come here with Jim and Kainoa and you can go apple picking, stay in my 170 year old house, use my bike and go leaf peeping, drive into Boston for some Chowda and lobsta and I'll come there and
fill in for you as the spectator you dont want to be. OK???
FUN!!! Well.. maybe a little??? heehe

Anonymous said...

it's amusing that the person who didn't want to 'pat your ego' didn't have the balls to show who they are!

beth said...

i love your last two posts....a lot of perspective, just getting back to basics, and doing what you love...
this is a tough road to progress, but one that you've already traveled so far on.. there is SOO much more to come.

by the way, i just found out vegas marathon may be cancelled this year...maybe i'm off to honolulu??? :)

Tad Nottage said...

Yo anonymous, A few old sayings "if you spot it you got it" "point a finger and there are three pointing back..." Bree has the courage to lay it all on the line. You didn't even have the courage to leave your name. There are lots of wannabes out there, who are you?

Bree, don't listen to this cartoon..

I got your "back" anytime.

D said...

The other day I saw that you cried for Rach when she was suffering. Today I cry for you. This is the second time you've made me cry now - once in person and now via blog. You're in big trouble :P

Thank you for being as candid as you are on your blog. You are human - an AMAZING human! Everyday you inspire me, not only be the best athlete I can be, but to be the best person I can be. I feel so blessed to have such an amazing person like you touch my life and have time for me.

Never change! :)

Bruce Stewart (施樸樂) (ブルース・スチュワート) said...

I did not post the long anonymous comment, but it was a good one! You should be thankful that people are not always flattering you. Your cartoon helped me see things in perspective, too. This morning I found I was swimming quite a bit slower than I normally do. However, I kept going and worked through my sets, and while I did not break any records, I felt good at the end when I completed 4,050 meters. As I have written before "Slow and steady wins the race!" Of course, we need speed work and a lot of hard racing, and time for fun and relaxation, but we need to keep moving towards the goal during the sluggish times, too. I can and I will.

Anonymous said...


Looks like someone hit the nail on the head...

BreeWee said...

Hi anonymous...
I don't know your email so I can't write you back... thanks for your comment! Just so you know I am pretty sarcastic, 44 times, it was more like 1. And it was a joke. I was over missing the Kona slot 24 hours after it was over (I have a 24 hr rule when things suck). I moved on, yep, I still joke about it though, I'm human. Believe me, I know racing pro is a privilege, my mom was a water ballerina & my dad a farmer (that isn't exactly the making of a triathlete) and I never even made the track team in High school, so I do have to work very hard and understand that it's not a privilege. And as far as dusting myself off, I did that in Canada... I fell hard, it sucked, I got up and tried again. Believe me, for as many people that said nice things I had more negative things said (you are FAR from the first). And I never ask for people to leave comments. This blog was started because our team has all the athletes start one so we can keep our supporters in the loop. Please, if you hate it and hate me then just don't read it. But if you want to keep seeing me fall on my face, get up, cry sometimes, laugh other times, then you can read it. Or just start your own blog and let me see how you handle all your ups and downs. (believe me, I didn't want to be a blogger, I am not fond of having everyone witness my adventures, but it's part of the journey that coach would like us to keep up with for those that care).

Will you be racing in October? Good luck :)

Anonymous said...

I don't usually post responses on blogs even though I read a lot of them (I got a little freaked when I had a stalker last year). Anyway, I had to post after I read "anonymous's" comment (what an a-hole coward) and your response to it-LOVED IT! I just want you to know that you are a true inspiration and I really appreciate the fact that you post the human side of things sometimes. It is very obvious that you are an incredibly positive person and amazing athlete, but it's nice to see that even great athletes like you have doubts every now and then,too-just like all the pros do,I'M SURE. (I'm sure Mr.or Ms. Anonymous has had plenty of those days, too, but maybe doesn't have the courage to admit it-it does take courage to face disappointment) But you always get right back on your feet, learn from adversity and keep right on going -that's what makes a champion. Thanks for letting us see all sides of training and racing as a pro and letting us see that it's okay to be human. You are an inspiration to this age grouper!

Mel said...

Bree you are one of the most positive, inspiring people I know, on SO MANY levels, but you are HUMAN and we as humans get sad, frustrated and some times question ourselves and then we snap out of it and continue on our way.....YOU are naturally gifted and do not have to prove yourself to ANYONE...like someone said in their comment...you got 3rd in St. Croix...2nd in Japan and win so many other smaller races...DON"T ever question yourself out of frustration/sadness....you are where you are today(a pro) because you worked hard and earned it!! Just because you did not have good days in 2 races (which pro has perfect days in ALL races???...NONE) Look at the good day races and how far you have come and how many pr's you hit!!!

And FINALLY ANONYMOUS I hope you feel better that you got the chance to bash someone.....Why do people feel the need to just be mean...SERIOUSLY did it make you feel any better????

We LOVE you Bree:)

Anonymous said...

Maybe Mr. Anonymous should worry about his own balls! This quote reminds me of my friend Bree...For her face is sweaty and bloody from being in the battle, not sitting on the sidelines worrying about what others think...

"It is not the critic who counts, not the man who points out how the
strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them
better. The credit belongs to the man in the arena, whose face is marred
by dust and sweat and blood, who strives valiantly...who knows the great
enthusiasms, the great devotions, who spends himself in a worthy cause,
who at best know in the end triumph of high achievement, and who at
worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly, so that his
place shall never be with those cold and timid souls who have never
known neither victory nor defeat."

-- Teddy Roosevelt

So maybe we all should worry about our own battles a little more and learn from Bree that we should never be timid about getting in the game, but that we should lay our heart and souls on the line to fight the good fight and not be scared!!!


Jennifer Harrison said...

I come to your blog to read about the ups and downs of a mom, wife and triathlete. I could care less that you are a Pro or fast or this or that. You make me smile and as a fellow mom and wife and triathlete - who juggles the every day of life - it is nice to have people in the same boat. And, this whole PROCESS thing - I swear, you hit the nail on the head...everyone AT all levels needs to understand that this is a process....that you don't just jump into Triathlon and WIN - some do, but it is pretty rare. And, isn't it about the journey? Of course and you have ALOT of bloggers that care, so keep plugging along. I respect other people's opinions but we do need to be supportive of one another. The triathlon community is a small world!! Enjoy your down time. :)
Jen H.

Cy said...

Bree- You are such a fighter and for someone to take what you wrote and turn it into a "sympathy plea" is crazy.

As you know I have my own hateful stalker and this is the message a dear friend shared with me. It's from the book The Four Agreements.

"Don’t Take Anything Personally: Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering."

Madisonduo said...

Bree -
First off, you are simply amazing for accomplishing what you've done this season. Your 1st season as a PRO. 2nd at Japan. 3rd St. Croix.

I know you've already turned that frown upside down :)

I appreciate you sharing your ups and downs as an athlete with all of us 'age-groupers' out there...you really touch on the mental side as well as the physical side when it comes to training and racing.

Thanks for sharing! You are #1 in our book!

GoBigGreen said...

thanks for sharing some good insight. I think as "citizen racers" or age groupers we think the pros work hard but "that is their job" so they can just eat.sleep.train.massage. Of course that is much easier than MY life. Not so I know, and balancing your family and keeping up the love of the sport ( and your disk wheel, right?) is tough.
Kudos to you. Smile. Have fun. Say hi to the Ocean for us midwesterners.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Lisa G said...

Bree - great attitude! It is never going to be an easy breezy road to the top - if it was everyone would turn Pro. And once you get there you will appreciate it all the more for the challenges that you overcame. As my old boss used to say, 'Just keep pressing on'.

Bruce Stewart (施樸樂) (ブルース・スチュワート) said...

It is sometimes difficult to interpret whether someone is for you or against you when they leave a comment. The fact that they took the time to write shows that they probably do care. What is difficult is determining how well they really understand the situation you are in or what you are thinking at any particular moment.
The more a person is in the public eye, even in triathlon (e.g., Normann or Macca) the more they are exposed to criticism, etc. It just seems that the bar is raised so much higher for them.
The last 12 months has seen a shift from the locals saying "She did well at Honu" to the Internet coverage of Louisville IM saying "She has now taken the lead on the bike" (and I personally think a lot of people thought you had it in the bag then). Anyway, as Tiger sought our Michael for advice in the early days, maybe you could find an appropriate person and ask them how they deal with stardom. It's going to come.

Wes said...

I, for one, would like to see you keep at it. It is a personal decision, and you are inspiring no matter how you go. I just think you have a very bright future as a pro, and that means a bright future for our sport.

Just sayin... :-)

Dolphin Boy said...

Okay, time for Dolphin Boy to get in on this.
Bree, you are one of the funniest person's I know. Apparently your Assnonymous fan doesn't know you at all!
With any Blog we are open to such comments or we can "turn off" Anonymous setting but you choose not too. I'm sure other bloggers receive silly comments like you've had recently. But the fact is many many people love you for who you are and not triathlon or your pro card. We enjoy your adventures, trials and tribulations. Keep them coming.
You receive so many comments on a daily basis and so many who read but don't comment. People will continue to follow Bree Wee's adventures and leave comments, no worries. However if the day comes when people stop talking about you then I would worry. Keep it coming Bree, let others hide behind the internet if they choose.I laugh at them.

By the way, for all you Anonymous lurkers, if you are computer savy you actually can track, follow and ping where the anonymous comments orginate from. It's not that difficult to ping comments. Espcially since yours is attached to a website, it's even easier. I can show you or I'm sure your web host can.
Keep laughing!!!:)

greyhound said...

Our dogs started barking at me when I was whooping Hillary back into the lead and across the line. Some day I'll be doing that for you too, especially since I know you're keeping your feet planted on a firm foundation.

Leah said...

Thanks for your honesty and bravery in this blog. I read it for the same reasons Jen H. and I'm sure many others read it: because I'm a wife, mom, and triathlete. I don't care if you're a pro or not, your attitude still inspires me.

TriSaraTops said...

This post struck a chord with me, although I'm definitely not a pro, and my only hope of Kona is a lottery slot. :) I love how you said a few posts back that to your son, you always won. As I'm transitioning back to work, wondering if I can handle it all, that really hit home.

Rural Girl said...

All good things come with determination and perserverance and you have both. Keep on keepin' on!

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