Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Found one!

I am not supposed to be doing ANYTHING sporty... in fact, off-season is in full swing. Eating a bunch, sleeping a bunch, reading and writing a bunch... not getting sweaty and the bike is still in the box. The cap and goggles still sandy. The run shoes still stink and won't see my feet for 2 weeks. Time to sit & be still (something I am no good at). BUT I do believe in recovery and rest and putting focus on "other" things- balance.

However... sitting often leads to the computer, which leads to looking for plane tickets to my favorite spot on Earth, which lead to Costa Rica that soon lead to running... and a plan was in the making. Of course half of the things I plan never come into bloom. And things I never plan always seem to happen to me...

Since I snuck myself into IM Florida coach and I crossed my favorite race of the year off the list- Honolulu Marathon (December 11). Too much. BUT I found something MORE FUN! A marathon on December 7th! In Costa Rica! Too soon. I know, but it has a half marathon and I wouldn't be going to "just race". It would be a little flight from Florida, where I plan to be having holiday with family for a few weeks. And my best gal friends and I have a surf trip planned (I am sure I can fit Asics in my board bag snuggled next to my leash, wax, and fins).

So who really knows... maybe the girls and I will end up surfing or I might be stuck on this island for holidays... either way both plans sound like a keeper.

For now, time to sit MORE!

AND a HUGE "good luck" to everyone racing Clearwater 70.3! Have so much fun... and to one of my favorite people on Earth (Caroline Smith pictured above), I hope you have the race you have been after all season!


Jen said...

And, we can hang out also, Bree!!! Yes, come to Florida!!!!! Pretty please... :)

I have a very good friend who went to Riverview High School. Did you or your family go there?

I am going to IM Clearwater 70.3 to cheer!! I can't wait!!

FatDad said...

Come race with Beth and the rest of us in Vegas! Word is that Jameson is cooking up a pretty killer afterparty!

Charisa said...

FUN! Yes please, can I have the weezle recipe?! Thanks!!

Roo said...

Oh yay- Charisa's getting the recipe. She can teach me how to make them!

Have fun resting and eating. I'm still in that mode since Austin. At some point here I'd better get off the couch!

Sarah McMillan said...

Huge Congratulations Bree!! I was just checking out the results at Florida and saw your Hawaii m-dot next to your name-YaHOOOOOOOOOO!!!
They showed lots of live coverage of you on Ironmanlive-Paula Newby-Fraser said you looked just like Heather Gollnick on the run. Way to go!

Trigirlpink said...

Rest up! Make Bree muffins! Oh.. and November 5th was just the start date of the veggie/fruit 5 a day challenge which wouldn't be a challenge at all for you with that juicer crankin' every day!! I bet I couldn't come over and find a Diet Coke in your fridge. :-)

Beth said...

Yes...the computer is dangerous during taper time!!! :) Hope you enjoy your rest though and making plans for your holiday trip!

chr15 tree said...

Remember, remember, the 5th of November.

Us Brits excuse to 'celebrate' religious persecution.

Steve Stenzel said...

Oh my gosh, that DOES sound like fun!!

(thanks for your vote!...)

Tat said...

Congrats on your Kona spot! It was amazing to see you race and to meet you (in the med tent).

Bruce Stewart (施樸樂) (ブルース・スチュワート) said...

Hope you can now enjoy some "normal" life back home in Kona. All the best as you unwind after an exciting and stressful year.