Thursday, January 15, 2009

Last Canadian Run & The Fast Kids...

My stinky bloody shoes from camp...

Remember in grade school the really smart good kids? Remember 3rd grade doing those multiplication quizzes where you get timed for 1 minute to complete as many multiplication problems as you can and the fast kids would raise their hand finishing after 23 seconds and you would still be on like problem 12? Those kids drove me crazy. Show offs! Today I felt like 3rd grade all over again, but it was in the pool, not school.

My lane mate Lianne... I was thanking her for ratting me out as the slow kid in the pool... those darn ex-college swimmers never get slow!

I was put in a lane with a teammate I totally love and respect, however, it was flashbacks of 3rd grade where the good fast kid was on target and I was still on problem 12. Lianne was my lane mate. Today was the only day of camp we got our names written on the board under the "goal time" we had to make. My name under hers was like seeing my name under the kids who can finish the math in 23 seconds.

The set was freaking me out, I was sweating, nervous to complete the work before the clock ran out (if it was 3rd grade I would have dropped my pencil I was so scared). We had 90 seconds before the first round of intervals. To me that meant 85 seconds before I had to put on my goggles, Lianne had her goggles on and was holding the wall in push-off position. She was so ready it was not even funny. "What the heck am I in this lane for?". I asked coach if he made a mistake putting me in the wrong lane. The set starts. Lianne is so focused, making the send offs with PLENTY of time (clearly one of the fast kids that get their work done in 23 seconds) I am making the send offs with about 3 seconds to spare (clearly I am still one of the kids that need more time, just like in school!).

So I get smart, I decide on the shorter distances I would leave 5 seconds early and try to catch Lianne's draft. Just as I get to the wall I hear, "Coach, can Bree leave 10 seconds back?". I was getting called out! Go figure the smart kid would rat on the class clown! So I backed off, left 10 seconds behind... at every wall I was huffing and puffing nearly dead from trying to make the set and my smart fast lane mate was just relaxing as if she finished and had her pencil down 10 minutes ago...
The emergency bowl. This bowl was at ALL the workouts. Our coaches had to refill it almost every workout. It saved our lives many workouts! EXCEPT for the days Coach J stole all the bars for her athletes...

70,000 meters!
I repeat... 70,000 meters!

In this camp, just shy of 2 weeks, we swam 70,000 meters!

This camp has been a WHOLE lot of swimming (very needed for me). However there have also been a handful of rides and A BUNCH of runs! Long runs, longer runs, easy runs, some tempo work, mostly sloshing through snow patches and mud slop...

My feet froze inside my shoes. I asked coach if I should wear zip-lock bags over my feet then tuck them in my shoes so my feet and socks stay dry. Nothing worked for me. By the time most of the running was done my shoes stunk so bad! Literally they went from wet to wetter to almost dry to snow soaked again, to wet, to muddy. They never had a chance to dry out. Poor shoes. Eventually they grew sour. Coach was my taxi this trip. One day I got in his truck and he said, "Ever since you got in my car it stinks." I told him it was my shoes. It was really bad.

Today was over the top bad though. We ran at the bog. Through some puddles and on a trail with things that poked into shoes. My left heal got drilled with something but I was too stubborn to stop. No way was I going to miss hanging with the pack to clean up my shoe. At the end of the run it was a bloody mess. A bloody stinky mess.

I have no intention of bringing the shoes back to Hawaii... sorry shoes...

I am leaving them behind. I hid them under coach's bed. Just snuck myself right in his room and plan to leave the shoes there. Hope he enjoys the new fragrance they bring his house. AND if he complains... too bad, he was the one making us run in that mess. Enjoy coach, my gift to you for the incredible camp!

My shoes under Coach Paul's bed!
Hawaii here I come and to my beloved shoes, enjoy your new home in Canada!

A HUGE mahalo goes out to Coach Paul, Coach Dan, Coach Lance, Coach Mark, Coach J, The Regensburg Family for having me at their home, Travis for helping me get warm clothes, The Schott family, my sponsors whom I could not have this job without your support, my awesome family, and to my incredible team mates!! Oh, and Commonwealth Pool for THE GREAT LOCKER ROOMS and that LONG pool!

ps... Kainoa, mommy is ALMOST home... get your board shorts on, we are going to the beach!



Lianna said...

Hey Bree!

Man you work fast! I just got home from the restaurant and you've got my pic up already! Or is it me? Who is this "Lianne" chick anyway?! (my name is Lianna) I guess I am off the hook...hahaha...

CoachLiz said...

Some shoes are better left where they died, lol. You should have taken them home just to teach those canuk customs and security agents who search through your bags that weapons of mass destruction can come in many forms.

I always love leaving my stinkalicious race clothes on top of my other stuff in the bag when I come home from a race.

Kainoa is going to be so happy to see you. Lots of beach trips and smoothie shop trips are on tap for you and the kiddo.

Ordinarylife said...

I am sure he will appreciate it. A parting gift. That was so thoughtful of you.

Ha,ha got to love it!

ADC said...

Woo hoo, you are almost home. 70,000 meters????? Wow, it takes me more than a month to swim that.

Wet Hair, Warm Heart said...

This was a great post. I am an ex-college swimmer myself, and your 70,000 yards of swimming brought back bad memories of those days!

Keep up the awesome work and remember that you are an awesome mom as well! Moms kick butt!


Ange said...

70000 meters! Impressive! So what was the set? (curious x-college swimmer here. :)
Super job. So fun to follow you!
Enjoy all the hugs from your little guy.

Bob Almighty said...

Kswiss? New Sponsor?

70,000 meters of swimming man that sounds like my kind of camp.

Good luck training in paradise...I hear the weather is supposed to be frigid in Hawaii 70's with a breeze

For future reference for cold weather training ziploc bags work well but they don't release moisture so you end up with sweat condensation, which depending on the length of the run may freeze you feet worse.

See you at rev 3 although I'm warning you you may need the arm warmers in CT in June.

Natalie said...

You made it through camp...and in high spirits! Then again, you get to go see the light of your life, so why wouldn't you be! :-)

Enjoy the warm weather and sandy beaches. If you ever miss the cold, snow and slush, feel free to come visit me here in frigid Minnesota! (-22*...brrrr!)

Amber Dawn said...

Holy friggin crap. Way to go, you are a super stud for completing that camp. Hopefully it gives you a kickstart to an amazing season!

Marit Chrislock-Lauterbach said...

Wow - I am SUPER impressed! Way to go Bree!! That's the kind of swimming that would make Jen H proud! (Don't give her any ideas... :) Way to HTFU with that blister - that's a doozy! Enjoy the time in Hawaii and with Kainoa - a rest well earned and well deserved!

Melissa said...

It's been so fun reading your updates from camp! You are a swimming machine, holey cow. Slightly jealous ;-)

I almost peed my pants reading your description of the math test and relating it to the pool.

Have a safe trip back to Hawaii, and great job at camp!

KK said...

As a Canadian who routinely runs in -20 C weather, I can tell you that
wool socks are the only way to go. Next time you've got a Canadian training camp, load up on the Merino wool. Thin, warm, doesn't itch.

Stay warm!

Samantha said...

hahaha...did you really leave them there? that's funny. watch out or he might rip the balls off your sweater too when he finds those.

Haley Cooper said...

Shoot, KK stole my comment. If you get the cojones to come back to Canada next winter, we'll load you up with some Smartwool (merino). It's the only way to keep feet warm and cozy on bog runs. You enjoy Hawaii, and I'll try to make the most of tropical Victoria for the next few days (seriously). All the best.

Shan said...

OHHHHHH that pic of the bloody shoe reminds me of the time I did an aquathon and just threw my sneakers on after the ocean swim without SOCKS! Oh, it was UGLY! A 5K later I had two 3-inch gashes on both feet that took 2 months to heal!!! Icky!

I think I am relieved for you that your camp is over...wowsa talk about TOUGH! All that hard work will certainly pay off I am SURE of it!

Enjoy going home to see Kainoa and getting back to some awesome weather!!! :)

...So about those Weezle balls...?!? ;)

Sarah said...

Ooooooh that is SOOOO WRONG! Better watch out how Coach P might punish you for the 'gift' you left him!!

Man...70000 yards...holy CANNOLI!! My arms would've fallen off.

Get home safely, Bree! I know Kainoa can't WAIT TO SEE YOU!

PJ said...

70,000 meters - I can't even fathom swimming that much in a week (esepecially considering everything else you were doing). Amazing.

themagicisback said...

Just to let you know I was one of those fast kids finishing the multiplication tables in :23 seconds. LOL! Good job with the camp, now your ready to kick my ass. Hey how do you like the K-Swiss shoes? I was thinking about trying those out this year. See you on the rock!

greyhound said...

Yeah, I was 100 multiplication questions in 1 minute kid--but I always wanted to be fast and athletic.

Kinda funny, we left a pair of running shoes in Hawaii that got trashed on a wet, muddy hike to Waikoloa falls.

The Young Family said...

I totally was the fast kid at the multiplication tables.... sports, not so much! Usually they don't go hand in hand. Atleast in my case! ooohhhh poor me. Smart but slow.... hee hee.

70,000.... you are crazy!


Jewell said...

Dang Bree,
I was proud of swimming 10,000 meters long course last week. I would not be alive at 70,000!
I noticed the switch in shoes from Asics to KSwiss. Can't help it I'm in the shoe business and have been looking at feet all my life. I see that KSwiss is not on your sponsor list. If you are in need of running shoes, send me your size and I'll send you a care package from adidas Germany.


kerrie said...

yay! you did it and survived camp! boy, those 'leave-10-seconds-back'people really bug me ;)! if i think i can get a good draft that will pull me through, i'll even push off between someone's legs, lol.
have fun with kainoa and get some beach time in for me!!

Speed Racer said...

Eew, and ouch, and eew again!

70K meters?! Can a human being even cover that distance in the water without a boat?! Most people don't even RUN that in 2 weeks!

You continue to amaze me!

Jenna said...

oh you are a little - that picture of your shoes tucked under his bed...priceless. I love your sense of play!! Well done! and 70,000 meters - that's unreal! Love the rescue bowl...i can only imagine how you guys needed that!