Friday, February 13, 2009


Lovers Wall (or the old bus stop). This is one of my MOST favorite spots in Costa Rica! The view is spectacular and you can FEEL love in the air! On the left side (the black mess you see in the foto) is where all the lovers would write their names...

Holidays are the COOLEST! Just another excuse to have a lot of fun, the calendar says so...

Valentine's Day growing up meant MUSIC! Mom always took my sisters & I to pick out a new tape (back in the day) or CD. We always made talent shows that my aunt and uncle would judge. To this day I L.O.V.E much I made a Valentine's Day mix of my FAVORITE love songs! (I know, complete dork). Here is my mix:

  • Love of a life time- Ten Feet
  • I would Find a way- Big Mountain
  • Every little thing she does- Chaka Demus
  • Canciones de amor- Julieta Venegas
  • Everything I own- Inner Circle
  • Primer Amor- Tony Love
  • Nothings gonna change my love- Glen Medeiros
  • Baby I love your way- Big Mountain
  • Ala la la la long-Inner Circle
  • Sugar Sugar-Doreen Schaffer
  • Someone Loves you honey-JC Lodge
  • Love on the carpet- Chaka Demus
  • Angel-Shaggy
  • Fall in love-Glen Ricks
  • Soft and sweet- G.Love & Special Sauce
  • Not about romance-Inner Circle
  • Procura- Chichi Peralta
  • No Letting Go- Wayne Wonder
  • Amor Sincero-Fanny Lu
  • Looking-Ziggy Marley

These are my MOST favorite love songs! I won't spill the beans on all of them, but one of them I simply can't resist! "Nothings gonna change my love"... that was the first love song I ever liked. 3rd grade, Wilkenson Elementary (yeah, LONG time ago). We got a new boy in our class from Mexico. He spoke no English (instantly I thought that was the coolest thing, little did I know how hard that must have been). The teacher paired me up with him for Math. We were partners with blocks and things. Hilariously the only conversation we could have was laughing and smiling (the same in any language). After school my mom picked me up and I told her, "mom I am in love & he speaks no English!". Then the Glen Mederios song came on and I claimed it as my first love song....

Enough day dreaming already... enjoy the mix! Happy Valentine's Day...



D said...

Uh... I dunno if that one Inner Circle song is really a "love" song. You know the one. ;) hehe

Jennifer Cunnane said...

Looks like training is going well - that is great! I profess ignorance and do not recognize many of the songs on your list. I do know Ziggy Marley though! My fav is hip hop but I guess that would not be included on a valentines day song list? :-)

Chloe said...

Happy Valentines Day! Remember in middle school when you would hear a 'love' song and day dream about slow dancing with the crush in your class? Or was I the only one who did that :)

skoshi said...

I love seeing Ten Feet first on the list--but that's because I'm misplaced and it's the little things that make me homesick.
Music can take you so many places. Bet you have some great memories with those songs.
Thanks for sharing and have a great Valentines day :)

MadisonDuo said...

Happy Valentines Day you gorgeous girl!

That log looks like it really helps stretch out the back.


K.S. said...

Great list! Happy v-day! I am sure kainoa will love having you love him all day :)

Shan said...

Happy Vday to you Bree!! xoxo

Stephanie Corker Irwin said...

LOVE that you LOVE LOVE! Stellar list of the best songs...
Sending you heaps on love today.