Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Oh Yeah, A Race is Coming...

Training has been so much fun lately! Most of it has been in the company of some friends in town for Hawaii 70.3. We had 7 of us on my last long ride (I have never had 6 people wanting to ride long all at one time!). We had more jokes fueling us than gels! I've had run partners, ride partners, and most of Kona Aquatics swim open water yesterday! I even got Kate-O to run with me today!

I've learned a couple things...

If you say, "I'll bring the fuel", "I'll bake", "I promise, it's any easy day", "I found a new trail", "There is a really good beach you can swim at post workout", or "I gotta tell you about this...", then you can pretty much convince anyone to join you on a training session or two!

This morning Kainoa was helping me change my bar tape. AND it hit me... Honu is Saturday! Kate-O and I were doing some short intervals this morning and she was telling me she doesn't even know where her race belt is. AND it hit us, HONU IS SATURDAY! We discovered when the race is in your back yard you don't get that "pre race anxiety-must pack-check list" thing that happens when you travel to a race. When you travel to a race you pack all your racing things and they are all there pre-race. When you don't have to travel you just expect them to be there, in your house somewhere, and you go from there...

I'm not sure if I like this, it might be even a little too much chillaxin' for me. I made a pack-list and am going to set it all out as if I am getting ready to leave for a race. Kate-O, I dedicate this pack list to you too, since you are chillaxin' tooooooooo much!


  • Cap and goggles (emergency goggles too)
  • Vaseline
  • Sunscreen
  • Blue Seventy
  • Race Suit
  • Timing chip strap
  • HR monitor
  • Black permanent marker
  • Bike (tuned up & cleaned)
  • Bike helmet (Thanks Bruce!)
  • Bike shoes (Thanks Jackie!!!!!)
  • Aero bottle/favorite water bottle
  • Gels, salts, carbo pro
  • Shades
  • Race belt
  • Race Wheels
  • Electrical tape
  • Zip ties
  • K-Swiss bubble shoes
  • Hat
  • Race belt (if we don't have to wear it on the bike)
  • gels/salts

Okay, GOT IT! Now I just need to wake up, eat breakfast, and drive to the race... I can do that. It's already Tuesday! I can hardly wait...after having to miss HONU last year, then thinking I would not be racing it this year, (because it's a week before REV3), I was bummed beyond words! Just getting to that start line in one piece is making me excited!

Happy Training!



NJ said...

Good luck! Sounds like your type of homestyle race!

I'm super excited for REV3 and I'm not even racing it - I'll be on the sidelines tracking all of you who are there. We'll see what the race reports all say, but I think it'll become one of my "must do" races in the future.

How do you like those K-Swiss shoes (I've been running Mizuno's)? I've been thinking of trying a pair out...any recommendations on the different models?

Adrienne said...

Good luck this weekend Bree!!! Instead of getting scared by Belinda Granger, go out there and scare the crap out of her!!! ROCK ON!

TB said...

You forgot to pack some basil...


D said...

I sooooooooooo want to be there. Ummm, not to race though. Teehee :)

t-odd said...

Back to back races across the country from each other - the sign of a real pro. All that training sounds like fun. Now get out there and crush it!

Teresa said...

Good luck girl! You will do great!

Mama Simmons said...

Hope to meet you this weekend, Bree! I feel like I know you already from reading your blog... ha!

Oscarjet said...

Aloha ! Hola ! Buenos dias desde Barcelona beach...
Ya estoy recuperado...creo que comi poco , me encontre mal y no pude comer todo lo que quise, pero he aprendido mucho.
Este domingo tengo un triatlon sprint....lo hare suave, sin forzar.

Que es REV3?? revolution3?? una marca como IM o Challenge??

Cuando compites, domingo ? Que distancia?
Hay cosas que no acabo de entender en ingles...im so sorry !

Happy training too !!!

chr15 said...

"When you travel to a race you pack all your racing things and they are all there pre-race." the preparation is the one thing about Tri I don't like... Especially when you have to travel to races. You need to pack to cover every eventuality, especially in Northern Europe. Tri-Bike shoes with Neoprene booties, anyone???

I'm all for chillaxin' and racing the race in my hometown. That said I just missed the 10k that starts 400yds from my front door. oops, I just felt like a lay-in that day.

Still... you gotta have a list. You forgot to write SUNSCREEN in uppercase. I read your blog a few days back. The big C strikes fear into us all in it's indiscriminate attack. You caught it quick, you have a good doctor.

WEAR SUNSCREEN - a lesson for us all!

Have fun at the race and obviously Kick Major A :)

CT :)

Bruce Stewart (ブルース・スチュワート) said...

And don't forget to pack your bike helmet (maybe it's so obvious that you don't need to write it down, but I am sure it would not be the first time someone has shown up on race morning without it.
BTW are you going to wear one of those helmets with a long cone shape pointing backwards?
All the best with preparing for the race. I hope this is an A race as much as is possible given the real thing is coming up in October.

ADC said...

Hey thank for the list - it always come in handy. Good luck. Even I am really excited about it and I am half the world away.

damontucker said...

Best of luck... keep us informed!

Dave Jewell said...

I noticed the Black Magic Marker. I love racing here in Europe for that one reason, No Body Marking. I mean really, what's the point of it?

Kim said...

Have so much fun and a great race just thinking of how luck we are to have this chance to go out and lay it all on the line. You're such an inspiration Bree! Thank you for spirit and your attitude.

Charisa said...

Can't wait to read about your adventures!

Wes said...

gah! I.wants.to.race... Next weekend for me. In between, you have some fun :-)

Beth said...

Good luck this weekend Bree!! I hope you show those non-hometown girls how it's done! :)

Laura said...

Hahaha, yes, I did this too before Memphis in May. It's funny how nonchalant you can get about racing when you can stay at your own house!

Good luck!!!

Ange said...

A great friend of mine is heading there all the way from Maine!

jackie said...

Don't forget your bike shoes!!!!
Have a great race!!!!

BreeWee said...

Bruce & Jackie, I would be so lost without you guys!! Phewwwwww... knew this dorky list had a purpose, I better tell Kate-O to double check, ha ha! Us beach bums need you!

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

I love lists!

Good luck this weekend!

Cricket said...

Good Luck and Have Fun! We're rootin tootin for ya like always!
Love You-
Kive Kainoa a BIG HUG... I miss his litle toes-

rr said...

So glad you get to do it this year, Bree! Last year was such a bummer. Have a great time!

The Lazy Triathlete said...

You're baking? I am there!!!

Marni said...

Good luck! I know it will feel great to race at home! Great checklist! I am using it to pack my gear for my race on sat! :)

Sherry Lynn said...

Sending LOTS of good luck wishes your way!!! Rock it out!!!!

Trigirlpink said...

hummmm K-Swiss Bubble shoes.. Sounds neat-o. 2 days and counting! Have a great race!

beth said...

YEAH YEAH! we're about to get on our plane to the big island (my first time!)!!! i'm keeping my eyes out for some FBI! can't wait to see you cross the finish line (i need to keep reminding myself i'm not allowed to run :( )
ca't WAIT to see you race.
xo, ALOHA!

Jennifer Cunnane said...

You are going to do GREAT!!! I am really excited for you! Go out and win this race - you deserve it!

Magali said...

Hi Bree!!
You will Rock The Course at home this week-end, I know it!!! All that great training is now going to pay off!
You will be putting on the Bree show for all of us!I'll be cheering from St-Sauveur!
Bonne chance!

Oscarjet said...

Vas a correr el 70.3 !!!!???