Monday, July 27, 2009


I'm learning that life isn't always a beach. Kainoa was banned from the beach, salt water, sunshine, all that fun stuff for a couple days while his face has a chance to recover from his wipe out. By the way, thank you to everyone for his "get well soons". Most the weekend was spent on smoothies since his little jaw was struggling to chew. Jamba Juice was kind enough to let him puke all over their floor and sidewalk and not make me clean it. We still managed to spend most the days out side, things like farmers markets early morning and very long drives.

Kainoa and I just aren't "inside people". To keep from going crazy we did our grocery shopping in Waimea, you know, an hour to get groceries rather than a 2 minute walk to the shops in Kona just so we could be outside yet inside (in the car counts as both). The drive was well worth it as the views still cause me to smile and pinch myself that I live like this...

Since I was not the one wearing stitches I still found some beach-Kainoa found Aunty Brooke's house. Just to make sure I am focusing on Ironman Hawaii I studied the ocean bottom SO CLOSE that I am pretty sure by now I can swim the entire course without having to sight even once! That is correct, I can swim it all by looking and knowing the ocean floor. Above are a few spots directly in line of the 2.4 mile swim, if you see these you are on course (or as coach would say, you are not focusing, you are snorkeling!).

First you will find Coach Bow's tire, it's old, back in the day he would make us hang it off the front of the canoe as drag. Then you will find a sunken buoy, then of course a turtle that NEVER moves-ha ha... and finally, the bike (by far my best discovery!)

Things are almost back to normal in the Wee home. Kainoa is back to school. In fact, I think his wipe out made his little brain even more smart. His teacher moved him up to a more advanced class and he can almost write his name by himself! I always knew surfing is a VERY GOOD thing.
As for me, more Kona focus. Turns out I am an endurance machine that can hardly lift a dumb bell, or myself as I've yet to manage a pull up. Today was day 1 with the personal trainer from HELL. (no offense Dennis). With 30 years of experience working with professionals he was hard on me. I happened to be talking with one good looking boy in the gym prior to my session and he pulls me away and tells me to get my you -know-what on the treadmill for an easy 10 minute mile to loosen up. I tried to explain I just hopped of a long ride and swim, I'm plenty warmed up. He said "DO IT, I'll explain later".

From there it was finding my weaknesses. A lot of them. Starting with my core, the TA or something like that was never firmed back up to support my body post baby-ooops. It was a lot of "COME ON, GIVE ME ONE MORE, HOW BAD DO YOU WANT THIS?". Then to the spaghetti noodles (my arms). To sum it up, I was shaking so hard hanging trying to survive, my arms nearly gave out, then it was some other thing trying to do sort-of a push up thing where my mission was to NOT fall on my face! It hurt soooooooo good. The entire session was like boot camp Kona.

I'm pretty excited about adding this to my routine. By Kona I plan to be able to do a real pull up all by myself! Of course, the real goal...for Kona... is to be the very first person from Hawaii to ever break into the top 10. I've checked the results for the past 30 Ironman Hawaii's and I did not find a Hawaii resident in the top 10 women, so I just gotta go try to be the girl who gets there... Dennis, even though he is bit of a slave driver, just might be the help to get me there-yes, I know, just what I needed, another Coach Paul type in my life...

If anyone knows a secret to doing a pull up let me know!
Happy Training!



Julia said...

My one fitness goal in life (not endurance goal) is to do a pull up. I can kind of hang on without falling, but getting myself up is a whole other story. haha. With all this added strength training, I know you can be the first HI resident top 10! I mean, check out those guns in that photo! :)

Katya said...

Hiiii!!! Sorry to hear about Kainoa, so very glad he is gonna be ok.

Thanks for keeping me updated on the going ons at camp. I was bummed not to be there with you all, but the timing was not quite right. Can't wait for the next one!

How come coach paul doesn't have his sleeves rolled up more to show of those guns?

miss you!

Dolphin Boy said...

Hey Dumb-Bell....You call those spaghetti arms? Whatever!
Core is the key! Work it!
I wanna see you do a one are pull-up. I challenge you. Bring it..

Dolphin Boy said...

....i arm pull-up!

Caroline said...

Pull ups..the only secret is repetition! I swear it isn't as much about strength as it is doing them every day. If you try them daily your body will get use to the motion and you'll be able to fire off 15+ by October ;) (practice good form from the beginning and don't allow yourself to cheat by kicking your legs as you pull up).

ADC said...

Gyms are nto my friends!!! But I hope your goal becomes true. I will certainly be rooting for you.

chr15 said...

OMG... poor little Kainoa! :(
I hope that he heals soon.

I can understand why Jamba Juice is one of your favourite hang out places. :)

Way to go on mapping the whole Kona swim based on underwater 'landmarks', I love Coach's about snorkelling, funny! But will you be able to see them in the 'washing machine' I guess you will as you'll be way out front!

Core work stinks :)... Erm I'm reassured to find that you, a professional athlete, can't do a pull up :) makes me feel a whole lot better about the fact that I can't either. Core work is going to be one of my main focuses these coming months too... A pull up by October??? you wanna run a little side contest? Just kidding :)

Top 10! Go for it girl!


PS let me know if you stuimble upon that secret on how to do a pull up.

Chloe said...

Oh man - I've been trying to figure out how to do a freaking pull up since the Presidents Physical Fitness Test in 3rd grade! Good luck!

Hope Kainoa gets wells soon!!

Sherry said...

Glad to hear Kainoa is feeling a wee (no pun intended) bit better. Poor kiddo!

Once again, amazing photos. I can see why you love HI so very much. When I do OWS, I see brown beneath me, brown to the sides of me... brown everywhere. Even though I know the Gulf is loaded with fishies and turtles and other sea creatures.

Good luck with Dennis. You are motivating me to hit the weights. I'm a bit of slacker (ok, a lot of a slacker) in that area. ;)

Sherry said...

Glad to hear Kainoa is feeling a wee (no pun intended) bit better. Poor kiddo!

Once again, amazing photos. I can see why you love HI so very much. When I do OWS, I see brown beneath me, brown to the sides of me... brown everywhere. Even though I know the Gulf is loaded with fishies and turtles and other sea creatures.

Good luck with Dennis. You are motivating me to hit the weights. I'm a bit of slacker (ok, a lot of a slacker) in that area. ;)

Heidi Austin said...

Thanx for the encouraging words! Coming back after breaking my pelvis has been a nightmare. But now, I count my blessings daily. I am glad to not only train but just to be alive. The angels are definitely looking out for me BIG TIME! I just pray I don't have to go under the knife again.

Hope Kainoa gets better soon! I think all surfers have some sort of battle wound from coral. Mine's on my forehead lol...He will have a good story someday :)

And of course-Good luck with the pull-ups. Sometimes it's better to do them with a jump and work on slowly- lowering (working the negative or eccentric control of your muscles). You will get it soon enough!

Yasi said...

I haven't done pull ups since college! I wonder if I've still got any in me (probably not). I think the best way to get on it is if there's a pull-up machine at the gym. That way you can slowly decrease the weight that you're using until you don't have to have any help at all! (That may sound confusing, but you'll understand it when you see one of those machines).

IronBob said...

Top 10, B*LL C*AP! Girl, get that mental toughness working... you have a podium in your future once you work out your final hurdle (nutrition during the event)!

We all know it out here in blogland!!

Christi said...

Go get 'em!!!! I am rooting for you and like IronBob I think you have a podium finish in you also!!!

catmarlson said...

Negatives seem to be the secret to starting.
Check it all out here.

Missy said...

Good LORD, there must be no hope for me and my Olive Oyl like arms, then. Oh yeah, you get it girl. You'll be posting your 100 pull up video very soon.

D said...

LOVE strength training. Especially in CUTE SHORTS!!! ;)

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Wow, your arms look really strong. You mean it's an optical illusion? Ha!

Glad your baby boy is healing!

Teresa said...

You always find a way to make everything fun. What a great mom!


Maria said...

Hope Kainoa is recovering well...looks like you are doing plenty to help keep his spirits up :o) Wow, I love your goal for Kona...wish I could cheer in person, but I'll def. be screaming at my computer screen for you :o) happy training...


Bruce Stewart (施樸樂) (ブルース・スチュワート) said...

I used to know the ocean floor pretty well at least to the pea buoy and back. At times there was no buoy but I could find that little trench where it at least used to be. It was a matter of looking for the odd tire and certain pieces of rope and identifying them by the way they were spread out. Oh the good old days.
I hope you are training hard for Kona. Maybe the locals did not make the top ten before because they are too laid back in the beautiful scenery. I think you can do very well. This year's wahine winning time will be about 8:48 if weather conditions are good, and somewhat more if they aren't. 2nd place about 9:20.

Trigirlpink said...

Wow... Glad Kainoa is on the mend. Those pictures made me FLINCH. He looks like a tough cookie.
Funny... when I saw you at Rev 3 I would have NEVER guessed you couldn't do 20 PULL UPS! You look like a STRONG COMPACT specimen!

Michelle said...

Bree, like others have mentioned, make negatives your friend. You jump up to get to the top of the pull-up position, hold there for a few seconds, then S L O W L Y lower yourself down. This will be hard. :) Fiddle with your hand position to find the width that feels best to you, then really, really concentrate on engaging the back to hold your body weight up there and slowly lower it down. That will build strength in all the right places to allow you to do a full pull-up.

Good luck! It's really, really, really cool to be able to do one. :)

Regina said...

Glad to hear Kainoa is feeling better.

I could stay in the gym all day and strength train, I love it more than anything. Although you wouldn't know it with the layer of "padding" I have on top.

Funny how looks can be deceiving, I'd say you look like you could do ton of pull-ups!!

good luck!

Bob said...

Hi Bree,
Pull-ups and much more are possible and will make you a stronger triathlete. My wife did 8 tonight after a track workout of running 800's. I have seen her do 10-12. Go to Sometimes controversial but results are what matters. Your local gym guy may not be familiar or support Crossfit. Go to the section on Exercises and Demos. Scroll through to find examples of kipping pull-ups. You will see lots of women doing some pretty amazing workouts.

Think this is not for triathletes? Check out what Brian Mackenzie and Carl Borg are doing at

Oh, here is an good example:

Best of luck and I hope you get your goal for Kona!


Bob said...

One more thing. I am not affiliated with Crossfit in anyway. I just find the info on their site useful and informative. There is a lot of info available on the main Crossfit site for free. Crossfit gyms are everywhere.

Personally we don't go to a gym but do most of our workouts at a school playground, i.e. pull-ups, dips, bench jumps, air squats, walking lunges, push-ups and ab work. I know for me personally I am a stronger runner (100 mile ultra) and mtb because of it.

Here is one more clip (there are others) that compares kipping pull-ups to regular pull-ups.

I will go back to quietly lurking now. :-)


Bob said...

Ange said...

oh my gosh your poor little boy! look at that face...he is just so darling Bree. I hope he is feeling better!! Oh boys...I have 3. Yes, we're in for it! Lots of booboos.
Hey...I'm coming to Kona!!! I can't wait and hope to meet you!!
I'm also so excited to see you race!