Friday, July 17, 2009

Thetis Lake Swim...

If you want the 4k swim we did here ya go: Find a lake or ocean (this is open water fun).

  • Warm up: 500 meters with a little mixed stroke, some pick ups, kick
  • Get the HR up: 6x50 meters all out (practice as race start pace)
  • 1k steady effort, work on form, holding water, being focused from start to finish
  • 2x150meters-high effort
  • 600 meters at your mile pace, going for it, practice drafting faster swimmers
  • 2x450- this is game time, for the first one send the slower swimmers off first-one at a time, just a few seconds apart, the fastest swimmer last, it's like making a fair race. Round 2 is team time trial. Pair up and work together, taking turns leading/drafting, again slower teams go first, faster teams try to pass through to the front.
  • 400 cool down


Samantha said...

I missed the pic :( where was I?

Regina said...

I'm just trying to stay afloat! Will keep this on the back burner for when I grow up.

MJ said...

I like "game time" - that sounds fun... I'll definitely bring those ones to the group at Batchelor Bay.