Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tuesday In Victoria...

Lifesport Camp Day 2 was another successful training day en route to my next adventure. It left me feeling like I actually worked a full time job all day long and now I am ready for a sunset... The only problem is... the sun does not settle here in Victoria till well after 9pm! I am used to a 6:15pm sunset. Trying to fall asleep with plenty of daylight is a bit challenging-even after a full day of training!

We began our day with a 20 person run around Thetis Lake. It made me feel like I was in a pack of Kenyans running in search of something. To say I liked it would be an understatement, it was a run I could easily run everyday, maybe even a few times a day. From our base it was off on a ride over the river and through the woods...something like that. Cycling up and down hills, having so many loops, and little towns to ride through had this Kona girl very directionally challenged.

Everything beautiful was surrounding me and today it was easy to see beauty in something other than beaches and palm trees. I still pinch myself this is my job!! This trip my focus is on really working hard and making each training session count... By the time our ride was over a few hour nap sounded perfect! However, it was a few minute sit with some food then off to the pool.

Of course I have no photo of the pool. I just could not bring myself to do it. Looking at that LONG meter pool just scares everything out of me. Not sure why I can not shake this pool-fear, it just keeps lingering. I stood at the edge (after looking at the workout and nearly shaking out of my skin), and just dove in. It really was like one of those moments where you just have to go or you will talk yourself out of it.

After 5200 meters I attempted to crawl out only for coach to knock me back in. It was a sorry sight watching me drag myself out of the pool. It's not so much the pace today that got me as it was the volume. When you come from short course yards, roughing around 3,000 of them 3x a week, to 5,000-6,000 meters everyday of the week here in Canada it's a little wake up call or slap in the face-your pick. During the last of the 600's I honestly lost count of 6 loops. I was looking for fish or a shark-anything to keep me focused. NOTE TO SELF: Learn to focus on LONG swims. I think if I could have followed feet it may have helped or if my body wasn't so used to jumping out of a pool after 3000 yards.

In any case, when I hit survival mode I tried to dig a little more knowing it would be a good thing even if the "little more" was only a second faster or focusing a minute longer... I was happy when all meters were swam and done!

Dinner is now done, smoothie is pau, and I feel like sleeping-but I think there is still another 3 hours of sunshine to keep me awake! Tomorrow is a ride with some hills, a lake swim with a wetsuit (you know I LOVE those), then a solo run to explore my homestay's neighborhood! I can hardly wait!

Happy Training!
Swim more!

PS: For more Vancouver Half recap read here



Maggs said...

6:15 sunset? It doesn't set until 7:30 here. But I love long summer days. The only good thing about northern living.

Cricket said...

Grandma told me it's staying light until almost 10:00 p.m.- Glad all is going good- We love you!
We leave for East Coast tomorrow- Taking the Surf Boards:)

CoachLiz said...

When I was in Switzerland and the sun did not leave the sky until 10 pm or so and was up at 4 am it was messing me all up. It is NEVER bright and sunny at a 5:00 am body marking before a race!

Hang in there with the long course pool. My son hates it as well. I have been trying to tell him has to count less but he still likes his short course pool.

Have fun on your solo run.

sallyaston said...

Love the comment about the run pack, LOL! We spent 5 weeks in Scotland in May/June, it was sorta dark between midnight and 3am but daylight the rest of the time- crazy! Keep having fun and working hard!

Samantha said...

Bree, we ran around Beaver/Elk Lake. lol. See you soon.

IronBob said...

I hate anything over 1500 yards. I'm right there with you on that one..

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

I wanna go to camp too!

Marco said...

Victory is one of my favorite towns.
Time has a good one.

Say hello
Marco from Germany

Go Gammie said...

Glad camp is going good. It is so much fun at the Camps,,, such great motivation!!! Enjoy your last few days on the Island before heading home to the Big Island :)

Oscarjet said...

Hola Amiga ! los ultimos post son muy muy buenos !!! que bien los contrastes de agua fria-caliente-fria ! que valiente 2 min en frio !
Y muy bien Vancuver !!!!!
Cual es el siguiente??
A mi me queda 1 mes para conocer a mi baby !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
abrazos !cuidate y disfruta !