Saturday, July 4, 2009

Vote For Jason!

Hey, remember back in November, that little race (Ultraman Hawaii), I was the honored one that got to paddle as support crew for Jason Lester?? Remember him, the triathlete with one physically working arm... He has a fantastic life story, reads better than most books. His story has inspired so many people and given opportunities and hope to loads of others. Anyways, I'll stop rambling. He is up for an award and he could use our help, all you have to do is vote... here is all the info:

Ironman / Ultraman triathlete Jason Lester - is up for the 2009 ESPY Award

Ironman / Ultraman triathlete Jason Lester - is up for the 2009 ESPY Award ( Best Male Athlete With A Disability ). Please login to ESPYS AWARD and vote.

Jason has one Paralyzed arm and has completed 4 Ironman and two Ultraman. He will be competing in the Canada Ultraman - Hawaii Ironman World Championships ( where he qualified w/ the able body at Honu ) and the Hawaii Ultraman World Championships in the next 5 months.

Thanks in advance to anyone that jumps on to vote for him. In honor of the holiday I made my favorite BIG ISLAND TARO burger!! It's from back in the day when I was trying to be vegan (that did not last long). Anyways, this recipe still hangs out at my house... Of course at the 4th of July dinner I was the only that ate it!

Ingredrients: See above
Directions: Mix everything together in the food processor for just a few seconds (so it stays thinck with chunks in it). Heat coconut oil on the stove, cook on each side for 5 minutes on medium-high heat. Top with spinach & fresh squeezed lime!!

Okay, off to meet the crew to watch fire works! Happy 4th of JULY everyone!!


Marni said...


LeAnn said...

Vote for Jason!


Charisa said...

Hello yummy!!!

IronBob said...

Lester's got my vote. If the American public had any idea what his accomplishments are, it would be hands down..

Julia said...

It looks so yummy, how could you have been the only one to eat it? :)
And wow for Jason; that's really inspiring. He has my vote for sure