Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Cheetos and Peetos...

I picked Kainoa up from school and on the way home he started to tell me he has to wash his cheetos. Not really sure what he was talking about, I told him, "Kainoa we don't have any cheetos, do you want some?" He told me, "NO, he has cheetos and girls have peetos". I dropped the conversation right there... preschool...a little young for me and him to start this talk...

Speaking of motherhood, because right now motherhood in my life is WAY more exciting than my triathlon life, I have 4 friends and one little sister (Brooke), PREGNANT! Yahoooooooo...make me an auntie x5!!! JUST don't ask me to babysit... I'm the kind of mom you might find running Ali'i Drive in my underwear with my son dressed in his (see above foto).

Here's where I'm going with this, yesterday I had an interview with the Triathletes Coffee Shop. Check them out, pretty cool bunch that actually ask REAL questions that everyday people might want an answer too, not just things like how many watts can you push on the bike and how much do you weigh and what are your favorite goggles (they never asked any of those boring ones). They want dirt, like who are you dating, do you sleep with your bike, and how in the heck can you eat spam musubi!! (ha ha, pretty close to those anyway...). SO... yesterday I had one question about my pregnancy and training and getting back at it after giving birth. TODAY, I woke up to a bajillion (not quiet that many) emails from girls who must have heard and wanted to know more! SO, here is my scoop, but remember, this is from a mom who runs in underwear, and ask your doctor first, my doctor pretty much was the COOLEST doctor in the universe and told me, "LISTEN to your body, it will tell you YES or NO", So I listened...and I think Kainoa turned out PERFECT!

Most questions taken from Kerrn G, she's 23 weeks, WOOOOHOOO, 17 more to go!

How long did you keep training?? I swam till the day I went into labor. In fact, Kainoa was born on the Hapuna Roughwater Swim day! I was planning to race but he beat me to delivery! I biked only till 3 months. I had super bad morning sickness and always felt dizzy on my bike, like I was tipping over, so I hung the bike at 3 months. Running till 8 months. At 6 months I ran my (at the time), personal best 5k! That little rule MOST doctors give you about following heart rate, well, my doctor said to listen to the body, don't start anything new, but you can continue with what you've been doing. SO, I raced with a 173 heart rate that day. Yeah, I got some looks running with a basketball in the belly, but it was better than sitting on the couch wathing TV eating bonbons!

My belly ligaments and everything hurt! Yuck! How much weight did you gain and did you lose it. Again, just listen to your body, if you are hurting that is a red flag to stop or slow. I never hurt, in fact I felt better the more I moved my blood around. I gained 25 or 27 pounds. In truth, you don't eat for 2 when you are pregnant, the baby is so small it really doesn't need that much more. My doctor and nutritionist told me a pregnant lady only needs an additional 300 calories a day, I tried to stay on that. Some days I did and other days I ate for a family of 5. I lost the weight really quick then put some back on because my boobs got sooooooooo big for a few months! My booty never shrunk back to pre-prego size and my lower abs still miss a bit of their strength (why I'm working with Dennis the super trainer).

When did you start training again?? I started swimming 10 days post birth. The pediatrition said we can take Kainoa swimming when the umbilical cord falls off, so when it fell off I got back in the water with him. I ran 5wks post birth because it was my FAVORITE race (run up Kaloko), so I ran up it! I ran with my friends Brown Bear & Sam Brown who pushed me along and laughed too. The bike and me, that was about 4 months post birth... let's just say I was scared after the delievery to sit on anything other than a pillow!

Okay, I think I pretty much rolled all the emails (most were the same questions) into those answers. Hope it helps... HAPPY PREGNANCY to my friends and sister!! CONGRATS! Motherhood is INCREDIBLE!

ps: that little rule, that eating spicy food makes the baby come out faster, NOT true... I ate spicy burritos EVERYDAY and Kainoa was almost 3 weeks late! He was 8lbs 6oz of one spicy chicken burrito!


Chloe said...

Hey Bree - Thanks for the new pod cast! Can't wait to listen to your interview!

No babies for me yet - but my mom ran with me until about 5 weeks before I was due. Thankfully I turned out normal :)

kerrie said...

awesome advice! i think the whole "listening to your body" thing is key! obviously, everybody is different and everyone reacts differently and women really need to respect that. i almost couldn't bike at all because of the pressure i felt on my bladder yet had no trouble running or swimming.

and yes, 3 is such a fun age, the things they say are priceless!!!! enjoy it!

Kelownagurl said...

Hey Bree,

It was great having you on the show last night! Thank you so much for answering all of our questions and for expanding on them here on your blog. I didn't start triathlon until well after I had kids so I cannot answer that question when asked on my podcast. From now on, I will direct women to this blog post for more info!

Thanks again and good luck on your upcoming races!

Barb AKA Kelownagurl

Kelownagurl Tris Podcast
The Triathlete's Coffee Shop

Jamie said...

Great interview Bree. It was fun hanging out in the chatroom while Brian, Justin and Kelownagurl interviewed you and tossing them questions.

Sherry said...

Oh, wow! Great link! I am all over that site during my free time today. :o)

Great interview, Bree!

Missy said...

Thanks! I will check them out for sure. I love all the prego mommies at the pool still flip turning. Very 'cute', love to see it. They usually say that baby is cashed for a while after the workout, not much moving around after all that.

Trisaratops said...

LOVE it--thanks for the tips! I am currently 12 weeks with my #2. Just got done with my (VERY slow) morning run! :)

A nurse at my doc's office told me "not to get my heart rate over 120." I was like, um....yeah, I can do that carrying my 1 year old up the stairs. I ran up to 7 months with my last little guy and am hoping to do so this time. I was able to swim up to the week before he was born, but it wasn't necessarily pretty! haha

I love watching Moms like you kicking butt! :) Keeps me going and gets me excited for next race season!

kristen said...

What a great website. thanks for directing me to it. I can't wait for the interview.

Great post too. I have never been pregnant (but plan to some day) and I'm scared to death I wont be able to be active. You look fantastic!

Marni said...

Great post bree! My mom did aerobics up until the day before I was born and I was quick into the water when I was just a few months old. From my textbooks, you are right on with the calories. Around 300 calories extra, just enough to gain around 25-35 lbs throughout pregnancy (depending on pre-pregnancy weight). That's just around 1 bagel a day so I can see how it is easy for people to eat for two and enjoy every bite of it.
Great post! :) No baby for me yet, but I'll keep you in mind when I need advice. Congrats to brooke!!

Julia said...

Oh Kainoa.... so adorable what kids say! :)
I think I have to agree with the spicy food thing. I've never been pregnant, but when my mom was having me, all she could eat was Thai food, but she was still in labor with me for three days...!!! lol
Great interview!

miles99999 said...

It was great to listen to your interview, put a voice with a face. I like your perspective on embracing your tough workouts rather than dread them. I have taken that approach with my swimming and biking, but not with running. Maybe once the heat and humidity die down a bit around here.

Keep up the good work and good luck in the Philippines 70.3!

miles99999 said...

One more thing.....where do you keep your camera when you are swimming and running?

Regina said...

Your doc sounds like mine. I wasn't doing triathlon at the time, but playing soccer, which was definitely out. But I worked out until about 2 weeks before I gave birth and my pelvis just couldn't take it anymore. Rhys was also late and weighed almost the same as Kainoa, 8lbs. 7 oz.

Listening to your body is so key, as you said. As athletes, I think we are used to it. We may not always pay attention to what we are being told, but we hear it.

By the way, Miss Thing, may I say how fabulous you look in underwear!!

Rebecca DeWire said...

My little girl weighed 8lbs 6oz also!!! For some reason that made me so excited I just had to post.

The only I would add for any of your pregnant readers is don't sweat the weight gain. I gained 60lbs and eventually lost it all. For some reason, that is what my body needed to do. Thank goodness my OBs never said a word about it, because if they did I might have cried. I honestly couldn't help the weight.

Jamie said...

Wait, so who ARE you dating? Did I miss that part?!

Did you find some new native man-candy with a white truck?

C'mon Bree. Give me the scoop.

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Great post Bree! I can see you getting ready to race and the baby coming and you all "but wait, can't I do it all?!"

t-odd said...

Great interview! No one mentioned the picture on Triathlete's Coffee Shop - do you have a whole sandwich in your mouth?

Other than that I got nothing. I have learned to keep my mouth shut regarding birth and those types of things.

Cricket said...

Brooke let you put it on Facebook? I'm so excited- don't forget Heather is due March 5th!
Love you

Erica said...

I backpacked throughout argentina in my second trimester for several weeks and my doctor said "listen to your body" and stay hydrated. I can guarentee my HR was well over 120 hiking across some of those mountains with a 60lb pack. Produced a beautiful health 9lbs 8oz boy.

As for what kids say - my 4 yr old this morning gave me an anatomy lesson this morning. He politely informed me that girls can't have penithes (he has a lisp, hehe) and said he was sorry. But, we do get to have bumps and he patted my bum. Hmm, guess we know what type of guy he'll be. ;-) Its always an adventure what will come out of their mouths. enjoy!

Heidi Austin said...

I love your blog Bree! I laughed out loud after reading that first paragraph. lol.

No babies for me for a LOOOONG time but great advice for the future :)Thanx for sharing!


You know... you need to tell Kainoa that boys have peetos and girls have cheetos... at least that's the way I remember it..

Shazza said...

This is brilliant, Bree. My husband and I have just decided it's time to go for a 2nd baby and I've been panicking about how long I'd be out of action. (Last time I wasn't fit to begin with). Your advice really sets my mind at rest. Of course we never really know how a pregnancy will go, but last time I felt great all the way through so fingers crossed! Kainoa is just gorgeous by the way!

Shazza said...

Oops, that whole "trying for a baby" thing is supposed to be a secret so I hope no one I know read this....

TriBoomer a.k.a. Brian said...

Hey Bree,

Thank you for coming onto the "Triathlete's Coffee Shop" podcast. It was a pleasure to speak with you.

I plan on being at the 70.3 World Championships as a part of the media providing Twitter updates and recordings for the "Stay Tuned Report" Triathlon News Podcast. Hopefully, I will meet you in person.

BTW, I raced Ironman Lake Placid and wrote about the day on my blog.

Personal best,


Ordinarylife said...

Hi Bree - I am so glad you posted this.

I did Ironman SA in April and fell pregnant a month later. I am now 11 weeks and have been wondering the exact same questions. It is nice to hear the experience of somebody else and not just what your doctor says although my has been pretty good and has pretty much given me the same advice that you got.

I went on a 5 day 55km hike this past weekend and felt great so feel pretty confident about continuing exercising as long as it feels fine.

Thank you.

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