Thursday, August 27, 2009

Today's Swim Practice...

This is one of my new favorite photos EVER! Not because Chris McCormack is running up the beach, but because I made that little pack! Okay, okay, so I got a bit lucky, he lost his goggles and swam a bit more cruisy without them... BUT...never would I imagine coming out of the water with the fast people (including Gina Kehr). I would like to blame it on the following activity:
Yes, we have officially declared cliff jumping, snorkeling, free diving, surfing, paddling, and various other water sports as "Swim Practice". If it's in the water it's swim practice. This idea to declare it swim practice was because Pablo was skipping swimming to jump with us and a friend recently asked me if my 3 days at masters were my only swim that I count this-NO, I SWIM ALMOST EVERYDAY!

There are hundreds of jumps around the island. This is a personal favorite because I love the water color. It's a 35 footer that hangs over a gorgeous cave... talk about BEAUTIFUL...the life of a mermaid continues...ha ha!
Chris McCormack and Terenzo Bozone's bike specialists and video crew are here filming their Hawaii Ironman training camp. They asked Dave what's cool to do, so we rounded up some local Kona peeps and we took them here for their video... they were highly entertained! A couple hours later and a bunch of jumps and climbing back up the rock wall we were completely full of adrenaline, yet nearly pooped! That said, today I tried to get most of this "swimming" out of my system, the closer Ironman gets the less of this I am sure to see on my training schedule!! Till then, bombs away!!

After jump, jump, jumping we pile back into Dave's tiny pick up, laugh our bums off, and declare that one of the best swim sessions ever! Tomorrow morning is the pool...Kona Aquatics here I come!!
Happy swimming!


t-odd said...

Love the "Cook Rice Not Ice" sign. I have, have, HAVE to get to HI to climb those rocks and do those jumps. That looks like SO much fun. One heck of a "swim practice."

Missy said...

OK, HOW do you keep your top on? Seriously?! I mean there is no way my top or bottom would stay on during a jump like that! Is that why those guys are smiling so big? Mmmm?

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

So awesome! Those photos just make me happy.

Regina said...

Big props! I am terrified of heights, so would NEVER do that jumping off a cliff thing.

I live on the 6th floor and can't look out my window!

Jill Costantino said...

I'm with kathleen....seeing those pics just put a smile on my face as I sit in my office:) Can't wait to come and play!

LeAnn said...

End of the world...nice.

Steve Stenzel said...

Chris McCormack makes me a little moist. Is that bad?

And that cliff jumping looks FUNNNNN!!!

Lisa G said...

Wow, you are brave, chica! Those are some high cliffs!


Great fun. I'm jealous. We can't cliff dive in Tampa. We can jump off the Skyway Bridge but that usually involves writing a suicide letter beforehand....

CoachLiz said...

You would have to push me off the cliff. I would go and stand out on the ledge, but I don't think I could jump off on my own power. Once I did it I am sure I would be ok, but I would be screaming the "F" word the entire way down to the water.

i took my son to a water park and he talked me into a wicked slide. Once I started, I realized I was traveling faster than I wanted to but to put my hands out to slow down was not comfortable. I did not enjoy the last drop out of the tube and onto the finish deck.

Ok, did it. Moving on the the Lazy River....

Magali said...

That looks AMAZING, so fun!!
BTW, you had such an amazing swim at Philippines, you know...Travis and I were following!!!
Hawaii is coming up very soon hey!! I JUST CAN T WAITTTTT!!!!
Keep it up!

runninggunner said...

That looks awesome!! And what a killer crew.

Go Gammie said...

That is scary jumping!! I would rather do Kaloko 2X than one jump,,, I guess I am a chicken :) Having fun watching the IMC competitors get ready. seeing some of your friends. No cliff jumping going on here :)

Libby said...

I love it!! you crack me up!! I totally count surfing and snorkeling as a swim workout too :) congrats on your recent 70.3 and keep on loving life. Your outlook on life and training makes me laugh. love your blog

ambet said...

hi bree!why is it all the bathing SUITS that you wear looks good in you,both great!you're becoming more and more beautiful and the suit becomes a stand out.
And the winner is miss hawaii,best in swimsuit!hahaha!

Sherry said...

"Swim practice" around here is never this much fun. If it were, maybe I would go more! ;p GREAT pictures!

rr said...

This is where we jumped after Kona last year.. Team Timex tradish! Love it. Have fun Weeee

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