Friday, September 18, 2009

ALOHA Friday!!

Favorite Roxy surf top on, it was time to run!! After a very challenging swim (mahalo's to yesterday's pain train left overs), it was my last longest run. Hoffman told me he would play aid station boy for me so I could practice grabbing cups while running, Pablo said he would do 2hrs, Luis also said he would do 2hrs, however, the morning belonged to just me...and I was ready...
Coach gave me 3hrs, a nutrition plan, a heart rate plan to follow, and said go. With a lot of excitement I went. Hour 1 was the Ali'i drive loop & up Palani. It was mello, surf checks (thankfully flat so I could focus on running), a few friendly faces along the road, and finding my rhythm. From there it was good ol' Queen K. This is the best! I love seeing everyone out on bikes and running back and forth, and just cruising while cars wonder who in their mind would run that far.
Out of the Energy Lab was my only help of the day. Todd was at the enterance and ran me 20 minutes of the return trip back to town. This is the part of the course where you get really excited because you are almost home free, where you find out what is left after 17 or so miles, where you just need to be mentally tuff. His company was pure bliss and a few miles later I was that much closer to home...
Running down Palani it was complete happiness! I was about to finish 25 miles of running! Every little part of me wanted to just do the last 1.2 miles and call it a marathon. Then I remembered how by listening to coach, despite the days it's not easy, he got me this far this year...and this is where I wait till October 10th to finish the thing. During our post run chat he reminded me that 3wks before the race is not where I want to leave my marathon, to take this satisfaction & be happy about it, and wait... till race day to go that far again. Today was my last longest run, another incredible day in sport, one where I am so thankful for my health and the people that supported me this far in my journey.
The day was finished up with 40lbs of ice, a Hawaiian rub & chant given to me for special blessings upon this day, then ART/Chiro where any damage I did the past couple days was undone. Phewwwww....and now I feel great.
Kainoa and I are about to pop in a movie, feet up, and chill out, the weekend is here!! OH! Before that I have a couple boxes to open thanks to K-Swiss! This girl can hardly wait to see her race shoes and the funky new training clothes to finish up this Ironman training block. wooooohoooooo I am excited! Rumor has it my race suit is almost done too, It's not Splish, it's not K-Swiss, it's K-Splish! Ha ha, that has been something I am so so so so thankful for, that K-Swiss and Splish let me continue to race in a swim suit and not bike shorts. I can hardly wait to see what they came up with... heard it will have the Hawaii flag and chain of islands on it (similar to my 2007 Ironman Hawaii suit). Feels like Christmas in Hawaii!
Have a great weekend everyone!


Dolphin Boy said...

Aloha B-swiss-splish,

You looked really good on Queen K this AM. Nice bounce in your step and moving at a good comfy clip!
Stay strong my friend. The big dance is just around the corner!


Sherry said...

I had a visual while reading the part about seeing all of the other athletes training out on the Queen K. That's got to just be an amazing site at this time of the year. :o)

Way to naiul your last long run... and to be able to leave that little extra 'something' in the tank for the 10th. :o) Enjoy your new goodies! Always exciting!

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

I love how there are all these people in your triathlon family that meet you along the way - offering water, running with you. It sounds like tri-training paradise. Thanks for letting me share in your world!

Regina said...

Great post! I felt like I was out there with you, ok, not really since I could never run that far.

It's nice to hear you so positive about all your training, goodness knows you've worked hard enough. Thanks for taking us on your journey.

Can't wait to see your new "K-Splish", nothing like a new "outfit" to make a girl feel fab. Almost time to cash in!

Christi said...

Way to rock that run!!!! You are awesome and are going to have a great race in October!

I can't wait to see the K-splish!!

Jill Costantino said...

Awesome run!!!!!
Have a great weekend with your little man!
I too can't wait to see the "K-Splish". I LOVE that company!

Teresa said...

Excited to see the outfit! Nice run and glad you left some in the tank for the BIG day! See you soon!

Jamie said...

I've always just done 10lbs of ice and thought that THAT was a lot. I will have to fill up my tub a lot more next time. That must be the secret to being fast like you...

tinaparker87 said...

Heck, I'm excited for you. You look great and the big day is approaching. I will be watching via internet. The girls from DJRacing will be racing in Barstow for cancer in our jeep.

All the best!