Friday, September 4, 2009

On The Couch...

Holy Cow this week kicked me in the "you know where!!". Coach and I came up with a plan, the weekends that Kainoa is with his dad he will crush me with training, load me up, give me work! When I have Kainoa the load will be lighter. SO... it went like this...last weekend Kainoa with his dad-me hurting ALL weekend! This weekend I have Kainoa so we put all the week into 5 days so the weekend we can play!! AND TODAY I FEEL IT!
Wednesday was the 8hr day, Thursday woke up feeling a lot like I did Ironman...BUT there was a long run WITH PABLO on the plan. He is not a normal runner. He recently finished the Gold Coast Marathon in 2:40 (an easy time for him) after 5wks of no training, a somewhat broken leg, and just for fun. Gross!
Pablo has been one of my most favorite training partners/friends since 2005. He was the one that said, "Go to Ironman Florida and get your Kona slot" I went... Back to this run with him. We did most of the Ironman marathon. Running out of the Energy Lab we saw Chris McCormack, Terenzo, and Tim Marr (who high fived me, thanks, HAWAII people are the coolest!), running into the lab. I get all excited and tell Pablo, "lets not let them catch us!". OF COURSE if it really was Ironman day they would never be behind me and Pablo would be in front of me not running next to me, but for the sake of fun on a training was Ironman and I was winning against them!... phewwww... lets just say we negative split the back half of our run by almost 7 minutes and we added in a bonus mile down Ali'i where I was trying to race Pablo into the finish line! OUCH...but time to ride my NEW bike (more on that later).
This morning I slept through my alarm clock (I never do that) and missed swimming!!! I am so beat. I took off on another ride, I think I fell asleep on the last hour because I don't remember how I got home. You know those days where all of a sudden you are somewhere but have no clue how you got there?! I called coach half awake, he told me to take a 30 minute nap, but not sleep all day so I can sleep tonight. My run is still lingering in the air for today...SO, here I am on the couch, not sleeping but really wanting to sleep. If I sleep I will be WIDE AWAKE and unable to go to bed early...this couch life is not for me, but the way I am feeling it is probably a smart idea. My eyes are held up with tooth picks, I'm playing computer to try and stay awake till I rescue Kainoa from other job is an announcement I am working on for the new REV3 series (I will try to have it posted tomorrow).
And lunch...
I'm really into Bok Choy sprinkled with sesame seeds lately. I like it with a corn flat topped with 2 eggs, then red peppers, grilled zucchini, cabbage, garlic, and this crazy spicy Hawaiian sea salt I found at KNF. Talk about good!
That's all I have to report on for now...this couch isn't all that exciting...
Hope everyone is more awake then me!


Rory said...

To think that some people love sitting on the couch! I don't have a couch. I will be back in Kona to watch/volunteer at IM this year. See you there.

Trisaratops said...

First of all...that looks freakin' delicious.

And second of all, I don't suppose that announcement would say you are heading to Cedar Point?! That would pretty much rock. :) I'll be doing my first 70.3 post baby #2 there--would be awesome to have you there, too!

Coach Liz said...

OMG, I have had those days where I feel like my eyeballs are rolling into the back of my head any time I don't do too much movement.

Tell us all about the new REV3 series job and have a great weekend playing with Kainoa.

Go Gammie said...

Heh Bree, I finally got some time to look at some of your posts. The free dive video is cool,, familiar background music :) It was nice to read of your first IM also, truly amazing. Come see me this year for your Bodymarking!!! I will be catching also, but you will be celebrating long before my shift :) Have a great weekend !!!

Regina said...

You forgot to mention that you still have the job of looking after a 3 year old when you are exhausted. Which is really, really hard. I'm not doing half the load you are and I find it difficult.

That dish looks so yummy!

Tawnee said...

That meal looks sooooo yummy. You should make a cookbook because I've heard rumors that you have other amazing recipes.

Marni said...

Looks like you are staying busy and still balancing life. the Rev3 looks the future I will put that on my schedule. :)
Stay healthy and well!