Thursday, October 29, 2009

¿Estás listooooooooo?

Plan A is in bloooooooom! Estoy MUY feliz! It took some text messages, like 5 a day for over a week to Coach Paul. They were random and at sporadic times of the day, hoping I would just catch him at a good time and he would say, "Si, Senorita". They went something like this:
Margaritas and senoritas for you, 140.6 miles for me.
Yo quiero Taco Bell.
I hear a mariachi band.
Hola entrenador, Que tengas un buen dia
Me gusta mi bici!
Que pasa?
Chihuahuas are cool
Got burritos?
uno, dos, tres
I want a sombrero, can I go get one?
He wasn't buying any of it. He ignored me for 10 days. Told me to relax after Kona. SO I hiked, camped, and rode down a volcano. He told me about Plan C (Clearwater and Costa Rica or Honolulu Marathon) he really wanted that one, he shoooooooved my plan B out the window (Florida, I LOVED that race & wanted to see my family). I was not giving up...
I rubbed my pregnant sisters belly for good luck almost everyday waiting for coach to respond. She LOVES the land of burritos, she learned to drive standard trucks there and worked with children. I slept in my land of burrito t-shirt almost every night having dreams of mariachi bands, riding with a sombrero on, and running next to chihuahua dogs all while sweating with 100% humidity.

THEN the new issue of surf magazine showed up at my house! The issue was ALL ABOUT the land of burritos! Wave after wave of sunny shiney beach paradise and island life... One final email to coach went like this:
Dear Coach, Como andas??? Por favooooooooor, what is my plan? If it is or isn't let me know, I need to start packing and planning. MUCHAS gracias!
His response was: "MEXICO".
I wasn't sure I read it correctly... M-E-X-I-C-O! Celebration soon went into action! I got in touch with Jim (I have Kainoa Thanksgiving this year) so it works WONDERFUL... we will go to Florida and visit with my family for a week or so, then I will hop over the Gulf Coast for the weekend for 140.6 Mexican miles, then hop back. Kainoa will get his DREAM weekend of major spoiling from Grandma and Grandpa, PERFECTO!
Next up was making sure the sponsors/supporters were on the burrito wagon...I got some GOOD responses! Mostly Guy at Blue Seventy, "Rip that Ironman up girl, your a gem". He made my day. I'm not really loca, I just love racing. Today I got a call from the race director too, HOLA AMIGOOOOOOOOOOOO! I will meet him in Mexico...woooohoooo. The only thing left to do is book some flights for Kainoa and I.
What a dream! Honestly a DREAM come true. Thank you coach... so much! Mexico here I come! AND thank you to my sponsors for supporting one more race of the season!
Oh, how could I forget... Travis, the MAN-ager, thank you too! This is Travis in Mexico last week, he texted me this foto bragging that he was there and I wasn't allowed to go. He was the brains behind the plan and worked the burrito magic on coach Paul...wooooohoooooo!
Time to pack my traje de banooooooooo (Splish)!!
MUCHOS abrazoooooos!


Jill Costantino said...

Yeah to Plan M.E.X.I.C.O.!! Coach Paul ROCKS just like Ms. Bree! Have so much fun in Burrito land!

kerrie said...

how fun!! glad it all worked out - you even got to use your spanish :)

your sister looks absolutely gorgeous! what a pretty tummy!

Regina said...

felicitaciones!! I'm gonna need to get my hubby to translate this post.

Love that shot of you and your sis.

sounds like fun!!

Teresa said...

You are my spanish lesson. Go get 'em!


MM said...

sweet! I don't watch football, but now I have something to do the Sunday after thanksgiving! I'll be cheering for ya!

Ordinarylife said...


Your sister looks great!

ADC said...

Nice plan. I have a feeling it will be a great race.

Oscarjet said...

Me alegra mucho verte tan feliz e ilusionada con este mexican plan!!

Jamie said...

I don't envy your coach. You are not an easy athlete to coach. :-)

Have a blast out in Cozumel!

t-odd said...

That will be so much fun for you. Get crackin'!

greyhound said...

Woooohooooooo! Lizard and I will show you a good time and be your personal cheering section (when you lap us on the bike and we see you coming to the finish as we head out on our first lap of the run)!!

Go get some o' that Ironman luciousness.

Amy Beth Kloner said...

Excelente! Nos vemos alli! ;)

Christi said...

Congrats! I love Mexico!

Christi said...

Congrats! I love Mexico!

Trigirlpink said...

Yaooozers! Sounds like an awesome plan!!! I think you need a Fresh new Splishy too. Of course I think every day of the week deserves a fresh new Splishy. :-)

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Mexico is a blast!!!!! Have fun!!

Charisa said...

The perfect race for you! So glad you get to go rip it up in Mexico!!

IAN said...

AWESOME BREEZER!! I am so stoked for you. Ahora ve allí y matarlo!

Katya said...

Hola chica bonita!!! Tu eres muy loca! I love this post, and love the thought of you going to RIP IT UP in Mexico!! So excited for you!! May all your wishes continue to come true. I'll be sipping Margaritas with my feet propped up and my laptop on! xx, Katya

Ange said...

oooh fun! have a super trip home to your familia and good luck in Mexico!!!


You'll have fun... Careful, the Mayans think that Cozumel is the island of fertility. To test that theory out the Mrs. and I went there 14 years ago and we have our 13 year old to prove the folklore is true.

Slow Rider said...

Great news one for you with no pressure just go and Kick A@#

Coach Liz said...


I am so excited for you Bree! I am so excited that I will get to meet you! Coach Paul was a trooper for putting up with all of that burrito magic and badgering. You will tear it up on the race course and Greyhound and I will be heading up the rear of the stampede for the finish line.


Bob Almighty said...

Buena Suerta en MEXICO!! Es muy importante tu no bebe el agua!

Ok so my Spanish sucks Good luck in Cozmuel.

D'Arcy said...

Bree - Congrats on heading to Cozumel - it is a GORGEOUS island -there is a cool bar at the very southern part of it that serves ice cold Coronas - yum!

Trishie said...

I'll be there, too!! (my first IM) Hope I get to meet you, Bre ! :)

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Viva la Mexico! So happy for you Bree!

Kim said...

woohoooo hope to meet you in Coz - maybe a few margaritas and burritos post-race with liz, trishie, greyhound and me?

Stef said...

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