Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Monday In Taper Land...

Woke up like a kid on Christmas, TODAY I was meeting up with the ARGON18 crew! At the pool of course, so I don't miss swimming... The swim was a float that floated me into my first ever bike interview. Not even nervous, I love the Argon18 crew and I could talk about "Kalani", my bike, all day long...
I then learned that the French are not like the my Amigos in Central America or my friends in Hawaii (we all do one kiss on the cheek then a hug). The French guys do 2 kisses, sometimes 3. No wonder the French men seem to have women droooooooling, all those kisses.
Coach then told me to get OUT of the sun with the feet up. With a little help, the feet went up! ha ha... still like a kid at Christmas having all my favorite Amigos here and having Macca on pool deck. BUT... the best... was turning around to a few of my best friends and seeing this:

I started to laugh and then cry! I guess there are about 30 of those shirts floating around. Life on an island really creates amazing friendships...we really have no choice, we are stuck together on a rock-that or jump in the sea to swim away from each other... MAHALO PLENTY!!
The pool was definitely a fiesta Monday morning...between the crazy shirts, my Amigos from Argentina & Panama, the Argon18 crew, Coach Steve, and Kona Aquatics, it was a perfect swim.
After kissing and hugging Kainoa good bye for school I think I ran out of kisses! Island Naturals hooked this mommy up with all the salads she can eat and more hugs and kisses and "go get em's". It's just amazing the way my entire town is transformed with athletes from everywhere yet it feels like the same small town. It really is a beautiful island with beautiful people...
Pablo and Lucy came over, I tried my best to convince them we should watch "50 First Dates" again, no luck... instead we watched Lucy roll every inch of her body! Kiwi girls are crazy!! My feet did not leave my home till time to get Kainoa...from there we were to Bike Works...with the FRENCH men!!
Let me tell you, the Argon18 crew is so fantastic... they had me laughing so loud it hurt! I'm not trying to sell any bikes, but if you are wanting one that comes with a family (and a lot of kisses), you should check out Argon18! I've pretty much met up with all my sponsors now...except for Trakkers, who I will miss dearly this year! (Hey, Charlie, if you are reading this there is STILL time to book a flight, Travis that goes for you too!).
OKay, time to tackle Taper Tuesday... Kainoa has oatmeal ALL over the house, coach called, and the Amigos are meeting me at the pier... ALOHA!!
PS: Kalani is ready too... Brooke even reminded me to breathe.... thanks sis for writing on my bike!!!grrrrr.... LOVE it! And the hula girl is ready for her first ever 112 mile race, lacking the hula skirt of course!


Charisa said...

You are so ready!!!! :)

NJ said...

Geez, get some clothes on that hula girl!

You are going to do awesome! Can't wait to watch the action on the computer...in gray and drizzling, going towards freezing MN! Good luck!

Jill Costantino said...

No clothes for the hula girl...sorry NJ Bree...keep her naked and FREEEEEE!
Rest up Chica!


Does that say "dust breathe"? I dont think that is such a good idea....You know that too much dust can hurt your lungs... I'm just saying..

Markus said...

Love your site! All the best from Germany - go hard and have fun on saturday!

Thanks for all the pics!

Teresa said...

What a fantastic Monday. And it will only get better! Love your hometown and your friends sound amazing. Go Bree and hula!


t-odd said...

I love the "team bree" t-shirts. (I'll say it again, I would totally buy one of those.) I bet you have the coolest bike on the course. No one else rides with a hula girl. You are so going kick butt.

MadisonDuo said...

Love the 'just breathe' note from your sis. :)

You are going to kick some butt out there on Sat.

Looking forward to cheering you on!

Coach Liz said...

I think the Team Bree shirts are the BEST!!! You have such a great group of friends. Keep up that Taper and I love your photo article in the new issue of Triathlete Magazine. Only you can manage to mis-match bikini pieces and make it look cool and intentional. If I tried that, people would ask me if I got dressed in the dark.

Norman E. Pascual said...

all the best bree!!!we will be rooting for you come race day..we love you here in the philippines..my sisters loves you!!goodluck!!!

Melissa said...

Great great pics! You are so ready! Random question: is there really a huge bleacher section at the pool? I can't imagine having that much room for spectators. I know..question out of left field...but swimmers are odd so I noticed :-)

The shirts are great Bree, what a nice surprise that must have been! GoGoGo!

chr15 said...

Yay for bike graffiti. I do it all the time! Inspiration, right there when you need it most.

Wall to wall tri, eh? it must be crazy there in the two weeks prior to the IM. I go stir crazy during taper usually, but all that stimulation must keep the jitters at bay?

I love your tales and pics of your amigos and your 'tri royalty' freinds. I'm just jealous.

Keep breathing Bree :)