Sunday, November 29, 2009

I Drank The Water!

WOOOHOOO! Another Ironman in my body, another amazing adventure, and I feel fantastic! EXCEPT I am way too loaded up on all the Ironman fuel to calm, I'll write this report. Let me tell ya, it was my 7th Ironman, the very most challenging one I have done, so far. However, it was also one that I am feeling so proud of myself for...totally ZERO regrets to come tackle Cozumel.
This week I was the most "pro" I have been so far in my career. We stayed in a hotel FAR from the action, I did not meet up with a single friend, I never explored the island (VERY TEMPTING!), I slept lots, took naps, and made myself "prepare mentally and visualize". It felt kinda odd for me, but it was worth it to explore a different side of me...
Woke up feeling like a million trillion bucks, blasted my tunes, and got ready with some some Mexican white bread that was crunchy. Got to the race site and focused on getting ready, thanks to Pablo steeling my camera so I was unable to socialize or snap a single foto. Phewwwww... Again, I was proud of this side of me. It's new.
Going into the race I had 3 goals, swim strong and on feet, be brave on my bike, and don't walk any of the marathon. Of course Pablo made me a deal too, DO NOT high-five all the children, DO NOT site-see on the 3 loop ride around the island, and DO NOT wave and talk to every person I see on the run. If I could accomplish that he would personally drive my tired bum around the island the next day and let me look at everything, take a million fotos, and EXPLORE! Fine, deal, shook on it...

Honestly, this was the only goofing off I did all day long...I think. It's Oscar Galindez preparing for his race and me, well, also preparing for my race...
The swim was beautiful! A bit of chop, some current (in one direction, like swimming on a treadmill, the other direction it was like a free ride). I would like to say I am happy as a mermaid that my swim has improved so much and all those long solo ocean swims, or floats, have paid off. I would also like to announce that it is not good enough for the front pack and I was dropped. The bummer was I was not willing to slow for the second pack... so I was solo as solo can be.
Sooner than later I felt some guys on my feet and thankfully had company behind me for the first 2000. The next 1000 or so, Galindez swam next to me, it was fun having him there, I have always admired him the company kept me focused....except for the MILLIONS of starfish I saw on the ocean floor, it was SO tempting not to dive down for them! HUGE and beautiful.... the last 1000 meters plus some I was overtaken by the guys on Oscar and my feet and enjoyed a nice ride to the swim exit, along with a beautiful black eye.... thanks boys!
The bike I just wanted to be brave, I stayed in control with my HR, didn't let the other chicas ride away from me (except Yvvone the flying Dutch woman) who would have put my HR in zone 10, and I made sure to nail my nutrition/hydration. It was a good ride, not sure if it was beautiful since my eyes were off limits to site-seeing till tomorrow. It was very hot on one side and very windy too, a lot like Hawi, in fact, I think I was riding there a few times.
Off the bike I felt like a million bucks and thought for sure today would be the day my run would go the way it goes in training. In fact, I even brought my lucky fuel belt that gets me through all my long runs back home...

Let the most fun 26.2 miles begin! In the fuel belt, that had to be turned it yesterday afternoon, kept overnight, then held all day in the hot T2 tent, was my amazing mix (same stuff that fueled my ride so well), was now, bad. I took some just after the first mile and before I knew it my stomach was on the floor. Mentally I did everything I could to pull it together. I tried one more time, it was so sour, so hot, and maybe even molding!
One cute little boy on the side of the road liked it so I threw it to him and told him to ENJOY it.... I hope he never drank any! He was pretty happy, until Pablo stole it back and told me I have to have it, I threw that thing right in the bushes...
From there the run became jog and puke and I made it till mile 14 before I finally walked an aid station. I knew I had to get fuel in there and so I figured if I walk it and eat/drink everything then I might get back to my pace. Never happend... nothing would stay in. Truly I believe I would have been better off drinking the water in Mexico (that everyone said not to drink) than drinking what I drank, it was food poisoning if you ask me.
My goal of running an entire marathon never happend today, however I ran MOST of it, just really slow because for me tossing my frijoles while running isn't very fast...unfortunately. I walked 3 whole times for about half a minute... mission almost accomplished! NEXT year!!!!
Crossing the finish line was the best part! The crowds were amazing, the race was so well done, and the experience was unlike anything! I thought only of Kainoa in that moment and wished he was there waiting for mommy. From there, med tent.
The med tent was AWESOME! From the barf/jog I lost 10 pounds! Usually I gain 4 in an Ironman. I got a nice IV, 2 kinds of medicine that I had no idea what it was, and I got mostly naked! For real. Was shocking out from being freezing and wet in Mexico so the doctors told me I had to get out of my Splish and into a shirt then covered.... problem was the IV was already in my arm and I was so out of it to sit up or move. My Argentina Amigo Favorito to the rescue, the training partner has now seen my boobs along with half the med tent men who had to get me warm. I was also poked twice in the boobs while searching for my something, not sure what. Perhaps I would have enjoyed it more if I was coherent. ha ha ha....
What a fantastic race! What an amazing day! What a dream... I am already wanting to return next year! Thanks a MILLION to the amazing race directors, the super crowds of people cheering, the med tent men that needed me naked, Pablo, and the girls who gave me a good push! Of course to the sponsors and family too! Congrats to EVERYONE who raced today too! AND Rutger Beke (see above) and Yvonne V for their amazing wins! As for me, not sure if I was 4th or 5th, the results are in some language other than Spanish or English and in one of the results I am a boy... either way, I am happy beyond words.
Now time to recover, take a little off season, and of course prepare for the island exploration tomorrow! THEN, Kainoa, mommy is coming home! I miss you!!
THANKS again for all the wonderful cheers and kind messages, I love you guys!

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Estoy Lista!

Tengo la impresion de que ayer estaba rogando a mi coach para que me de la oportunidad de venir a competir en Cozumel y hoy me encuentro en Cozumel a punto de vivir ese sueno. Cada obstaculo que tuve que pasar y las carreras en donde las cosas no salieron como pensaba, hacen que ahora disfrute y aprecie cada momento. Compartir con amigos, conocer nuevas culturas, visitar nuevos lugares me llenan de satisfaccion y me hacen amar esta vida. Kainoa esta carrera es para ti, estare pensando durante toda la carrera y tu seras la fuerza que me lleve a superarme en los momentos mas dificiles y tambien el que me haga tener una sonriza cuando cruze la linea de meta.

Mi bici esta lista...mis bolsas estan listas... y ahora, mi estomago esta listo para comer! (ja ja ja ja) Despues, tiempo para domir, en la manana yo voy a nadar, pedalear y correr con todo mi corazon.
Finalmente, queiro agradecer muchisimo a mi amigo favorito de Argentina... MUCHISIMA GRACIAS para todo tu ayuda! En esta vida es mejor tener una persona que ayude a relizar los suenos, y tengo un amigo que me esta ayudando a creer en los mios.
MUCHOS abrazos desde Cozumel!

Friday, November 27, 2009

They Don't Like My Hula Girl...

Life on an island, TOTALLY unpredictable, and I LOVE IT! The swim was cancelled again this morning, no big deal...we went anyway, down the coast. Luckily my sombreros didn't splash off! The hotel is North of the action, meaning this is the least distracted I have been prerace. Not much here to do, but lots to look at if you don't mind seeing the blue ocean over and over all day long... I think it's helping keep me off my feet and out of trouble. In fact, the only thing tired on me is my ear and mouth from talking and listening to coach!! Thanks coach for the chat!!

I did have an incredible ride today. It is so beautiful here. I love the little roads and how everyone drives in the middle of them. And of course the "side of the road bike tech" was very fortunate for me too. However, the Mexicans do not like my hula girl! At the security point on the way to Cozumel they told me, "Que fea!" I don't think she's ugly. Today while getting my bike ready the techs were all laughing and asked if they should take her off. OF COURSE NOT! Then they asked me to at least wash her Hula girl is READY and I am TOO!


Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ocean Blue, Sky Blue, Beautiful Blue...

Estoy Aqui!! Cozumel.... WOW! Already the Spanish is flowing, (mine more like flops than flows, but you know what I mean)... burritos are in my belly, and the race is another day closer! For the first time ever I wish the race was manana! Usually I want a few more days...I'm excited in this breath, this moment, this second to go swimbikerun! It's like a dream to be surrounded by so much blue! It's an island but not like Hawaii, it's little here, like 3 bike loops of the Ironman bike course pretty much covers most the island, little.
Let's talk about my discoveries so far, (remember, things change from now till race day), but so far.... it has been so hot that I was pretty sure someone was putting me in the oven to cook me for turkey dinner. It has been so cold (like right now), that I am wishing I had on a jacket. The wind has not stopped and it is MORE than the winds I know of Hawi, no wonder they said NO DISC WHEELS!. I'm pretty sure if the ocean continues as it is we can call it "treadmill swimming" thanks to the current, and the chop, I like it, a lot! This mi amigo es Mexico, and that must be why the race shirt says, "It takes an Ironman to conquer this island". Wow, unbelievable in so many ways, mostly beautiful and blue!
Other discoveries that I have never undiscovered is how TRULY blessed I am to have this opportunity! I pinched myself the entire flight over the sea on the way to Cozumel...and you better believe race day when it's hot like an oven, windy, and choppy, when I feel like puking or whatever the day brings, I will still be thankful to be in those moments than any other...
I have also discovered the people in Mexico are SO KIND! Not really a shocker, I've spent enough time in Latin America to know most the people of this culture have giant hearts, welcoming hands, and a lot of appreciation for the simple things. Speaking of simple... no Internet in the rooms and zero phone service for me! LOVE it!! However, the lobby has internet so I can still check in back home from time to time. AND Coach, I will find a way to call you!
As race day gets closer and while it's still Thanksgiving Day, THANK YOU to my sponsors, supporters, friends, family, coach, and manager for making this trip, this coming Ironman, part of my life. Beyond any of my wildest be here in Mexico...another country, another Ironman! I just wish Kainoa was here, everything reminds me of him, including the fact the hotel has child care on the beach, with a play ground, kiddie pools, and beach toys galore for $5 an hour! He could have his own Ironman while I'm racing mine!
Thanks a lot for all the wonderful messages, I will be thinking of you all 140.6 miles long! "Muchas gracias para todos los mensajes. Los llevo a todos en mi corazon-140.6 millas!"

Muchos abrazos!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Bike Is In The Box...

Today is the first day since Kainoa and I have been off the island that I miss the island. I woke up and wanted to see Kailua Bay. I was in the mood for lunch with friends at KNF, sunset at the beach with a bunch of burritos. Then I went to the kitchen and my parents were there with morning coffee and everything was better. Kainoa was eating some cereal that his grandma spoils him with (we don't buy that kind back home), and then life felt perfect, like I was in the right place and the right time...not missing Hawaii anymore.
My bike is packed in the box...ready to roll to Mexico...estoy listo tambien!
Today was my last Floridian run pre Ironman Cozumel and let me tell you, it will not be forgotten for a VERY long time, LONG LONG time! Perhaps the only thing more scary would have been a gator chasing me...this morning it was a lightening storm! A complete dumping of water from the sky soon became a flood of puddles and the entire sky lit all sorts of colors. I have never been more in a panic, I'd rather be a pregnant girl with her water breaking in a super market in front of everyone then experience that again. Under the telephone poles I would sprint for fear of one falling over and the cables shocking me. My head was actually seeing visions of creepy things like that.... it is still raining... this is Florida for sure, so unpredictable, but perfect taper weather for a girl that feels the need to be outside 24/7.

Kainoa has been playing "bomb mom" while I type this. Now covered in black and blue from his body slams as I lay here...maybe a trip to Mexico is just what I need. AND I AM READY! The manager called this morning to check my head, still one of the craziest girls he knows, but at least racing is filling my brain with happy thoughts. Coach called with the final touches too. The rest is up to me... what a wonderful opportunity, I am so blessed to travel to another part of the world, to race another race, to call this my job is truly a dream come true!
Next stop...Mexico!
Gracias por su apoyo!! Soy una chica MUY feliz. Ahora, tiempo de competir!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Speed Bumps...

The race suit has arrived! The smell of burritos are lingering, the mariachi band is sounding closer and closer, and the sombreros that I have fluttering in my belly are out of control... I have MEXICO ON MY MIND!! Race week is here and I love it! Today kicked off the usual: massage, manager meeting, swim, get bike tuned up, make weezle balls with Kainoa, lace up the K-Swiss, and relax.

Tomorrow and the next day look about the same...a few rides on the golf cart with Kainoa is about as much "adventure" as this chica will see until race day. Speaking of race day, if you are already finished up with your season and day dreaming about 2010 I have a little code you can borrow to get $15 off a REV3 race. Yeah, every little bit helps, so punch in BreeWeeRev3 when you enter any of the fantastic REV3 races for next year and save some money for holiday shopping!

If you are wondering about Coach Paul, haven't written about him much, I think he is going loco. For yesterdays bike, he told me to ride some hills...well, if you count the speed bumps coach then I rode a few hills. THIS IS FLORIDA...bridges and speed bumps baby! Okay, no more teasing my coach, he did give me the green light for Mexico (thanks again Coach!!).

Buenos Noches!!

Saturday, November 21, 2009


Florida looks a lot like vacation land, my legs don't feel like they are on vacation though, yet something about this trip is totally a holiday! Yesterday was another painful swim, today was my last tuff brick before Mexico and as painful as it was the beach views more than made up for the pain. Today was a ride along the beaches of Anna Maria Island. I got to ride over 4 bridges, alongside gorgeous sandy beaches, of course with the morning sun popping up on another beautiful day. Other than the fact my favorite shades broke on the ride, now I must visit a surf shop, the ride was in my legs hurt just enough to know I have something to recover/taper from...and enough to let me know they are wanting to move.... The only thing better than the ride was the run. Off the bike I felt like a just-born-deer standing on her legs for the first time. WOBBLE BOBBLE...however, I did have good company (Pablo the amigo who paces better than me, is really good at working through rough spots, and kept me focused) hour later I was feeling like I could run forever... I LOVE that feeling!

After all that hard work it was time to put the feet up and sit on my bum... no better place to do that than Bush Gardens! Honest, I barely walked around coach, my feet were up almost the entire time (we got there late too, remember, I had the brick all morning)... it was just a family adventure close to the parents house...
Cory the brother in law and Pablo kept me company on all the roller coasters. Oh boy they were fun! I have not screamed that much like a girly girl in years! It was awesome! And since most the rides were upside down my legs were certainly up...
Kainoa also got to ride his first big kid ride, he loved it, I think...
I can't really tell in this picture if he was laughing or about to cry. Needless to say, I am finding a balance between some solid training, some family time, some laughing, some recovery, and good ol' Florida sunshine...
PS. I know what you are wondering, why is the crazy Argentina amigo in Florida running and riding roller coasters with us. Well, last week he sent me an email that said, "Bree, I didn't get on my plane, see you in Florida". He was here racing Ironman Florida. No worries for me, I will never turn down a run partner!
Good Night you crazy Floridians!

Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Florida Findings...

I found this! This amazing sunrise on yesterdays ride and this mornings run! It was as if the world was waking up and inviting me to rise and shine with it! I can tell Ironman is just around the corner because the volume is getting less and the intensity is starting to make my legs get a little frisky. It's pretty fun riding around Florida, rather than looking out for goats, (like back in Kona), I am on the look out for gators...horses....cows...snakes...
Not only did I find a gorgeous sunrise, some speedy training, I also found my amigo! Yep, Pablo is here in Florida and kept me company on my run this morning! It felt so good to have a training partner here, especially one that loves to run and makes me love running even more than I already do! Motivation is soaring through the roof! In fact, I even enjoyed the pool swim yesterday!
THEN... THEN... THEN.... I found FLORIDA ORANGES! It's pretty much the only thing I ever miss in Hawaii... FLORIDA ORANGES! They are big, orange, juicy, and pretty much the sweetest thing in Florida! $6 dollars later my shopping was done and I was lovin' my findings!

Just because I'm not on the island does not mean I need a map to find a beach... we found Siesta Key! Pretty much Siesta was my stomping grounds growing up. It was like traveling memory lane driving through the village. All my memories of surfing, skating, jumping off sea walls, camping under stars, playing on Melodie's trampoline, fishing with Dave, Tim, and Jeff, making a video for Bre's boyfriend at Subway, (hilarious story if she would let me tell it), and collecting shells with the Florida surfer girls all flooded my mind!

Kainoa was thrilled to dig in white sand and not lava rocks. He was a little curious where the tide pools were hiding and when we would see dolphins and honu, but the sand castle building & sea gulls distracted him from that.

It is now time to find a pillow! It was a beautiful day all the way from sun up to sun down... and tomorrow, I get to do it all over again!


Good night from Florida!


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Pesos, Pools, and Cucumber…


Thump, thump, thump, thump, do you hear that? It’s my heart, it’s beating SO FAST! I’m trying to enjoy the family moments and lavish up all this fun here in Florida without thinking toooooo much about Mexico. However, I am SO EXCITED the butterflies are floating in my belly out of control! THEN, I got pesos! Travis is giving me all his pesos from his recent trip to Mexico, but only under one condition… if I OWNED my swim yesterday, hand over the pesos amigooooo!

Solo swimming in the ocean, NO problemoooo! Solo swimming in the pool, yikes! While getting lost on the way to the pool yesterday I had the MAN-ager on the phone reminding me that in 13 days I get to race in Mexico and that I have to make the swim count, (he knows I am a lost cause without Kona Aquatics when it comes to the pool). After firing me up I arrive to find this:

florida o9 002

A huge, beautiful pool with only one swimmer and 3 life guards! Talk about no distractions (or in my case nothing to motivate me to move it). I reminded myself of Ironman Hawaii and how I swam most the swim solo, I need these solo swims to practice finding ways to focus for those races where sometimes you are solo swimming. Jump in and go… Mexico on my mind, pesos on the line…

The swim goes in the book as one of my rare, VERY RARE successful solo pool swims! In front on me I was pretending to follow Monroe, Jason, and Andy, my lane mates from back home. Coach Steve was on the deck with that smile of his, it was Kona Aquatics in Florida. When I got out my smile was beaming and I could hardly wait to call the MAN-ager back to let him know he can hand over the pesos, ha ha! But even better, I found a team, the Florida Masters has a few workouts that I plan to jump in with for my next couple swims, just to be safe…

Redneck Yacht Club 002

Along with the pool swim, training has been going smooth. My parents are keen to help me whenever I need some Kainoa-sitting, and they are fully supplying all the recovery meals, laundry, and entertainment I need. It’s nice to be a kid again!! Todays fuel was Pei Wei’s. Never heard of it or been there till today, I give it 5 stars. Not really sure when fortune cookies started to announce your “lucky food” but today, along with my fortune, (that I have a 6th sense and good intuition), and my numbers, the cucumber is what I am to fuel up on…okay, I guess…

12 Days…

Sunday, November 15, 2009

This Ain’t Hawaii Y’all…


Today the country music was blaring, the mud was flying, the tow ropes were out, boots on…this girl was FAR, very far, from Hawaii! Despite being different from my usual oceanic adventures back home, this life is familiar. I was born in Michigan and spent summer days picking berries to make jam on my grandparents farm, I could ride a horse before I could walk, and the sisters and I found most of our adventures in fields, horse troughs, and ponds. It wasn’t until we moved to Florida that the beach became the love of my life.

Redneck Yacht Club 025

Today the family and I loaded up jeeps and a quad and found ourselves at the Redneck Yacht Club. What a day! We started out “friendly”. Kainoa and Regan got to ride the quad with Aubrey and me, the rest of the family was in jeeps. Some splashing through mud puddles soon turned to fish tails and spraying mud (it’s like a contest to see who can get the most muddy). At that point the kiddos were put in the jeeps. Of course the adventure lies in who can get the deepest. Aubrey and I were first stuck and some guys with muscles got us out. Cory won (My sister Bron’s hubby) for the deepest successful crossing (water was up the windows). By the end of the day he was in need of rescue though.

Redneck Yacht Club 030

Kainoa has never seen anything like it. At first he screamed a little in fear, once he realized we aren’t going to drown or flip he began to love it! Some routes have thick mud and others are thin… the thicker the better for just covering everyone with globs of mud… but the thinner the better for speed and spray. Every vehicle you can imagine was here today (lifted of course). I know what you are thinking…what is so fun about that? Really, it is a blast though. There are even competitions with prize purses bigger than that of some triathlons! Watching all the guys do tricks and not flip over was amazing, making it through some pits without getting stuck was pretty exciting too.

Redneck Yacht Club 072

Redneck Yacht Club 068

I bumped into a few people from high school, boy times have changed. From Florida to Hawaii has made a world of difference in my life. The ocean now runs thick in my blood, triathlon has taken over in some areas, and I’m a mom now. Being home brought back a lot of my roots and surprisingly I can still sing most the country songs. It feels good to be home again…but you better believe I prefer island living…

Redneck Yacht Club 007

Redneck Yacht Club 081

There is one thing I really, REALLY, really miss though… my family! My sisters! Bron and I took on the mud wrestling pit. We tied, I told her if Mexico wasn’t 2 weeks away I would have destroyed her, just kidding sis. Speaking of Mexico… today I was running at 3:45 this morning! My 2 hour run was no match for my family…they are serious about jeeping! When they said “WE LEAVE AT 6am SHARP”, they were not kidding and if I wasn’t done running they would leave me. While in Mexico Kainoa will stay with my family in Florida, with my parents he is in good hands, muddy, but good!

Redneck Yacht Club 064

Redneck Yacht Club 013

The sun is now setting here in Florida. It was a beautiful family Sunday, the kind I remember…

Aloha from Florida!!