Saturday, November 14, 2009





17 Hours later we made it…what a trip! I once heard that when deciding who you should marry you should spend time traveling with them, experiencing some sort of difficult situation, and get to know their family. IF you can get through those then you have like a 90% chance of surviving. Today I understand why “traveling” made the list. When lines are long, day turns to night, yucky food options, layovers, and lack of sleep, lost luggage, and crying children get involved you can easily see true colors in people. Let me explain…

Kainoa and I are in the window and middle seat. I ask the man in the aisle if he can please let my son out, he needs to use the rest room. The man begins to huff and puff wondering why he didn’t go before we got on. We did. He hands me all his things and says, “fine but you hold all this”, so I hold it, he grumbles, decides if we really want out…5 minutes later and 5 minutes too late Kainoa pees his pants. Lucky me.

Next flight. All the seat backs have video games in them. The man behind me plays the video game (did I mention it is used by your fingers and not a controler?) He is now banging the back of my seat, my head is bouncing all over while he finger stabs some aileans. The man on the other side of him and the other side of him lay their seats to recline. The guys behind us tell them, “I don’t think so, you reclined on my lap, get up”.

Finally, last flight, after Kainoa throws up. He wants to lay down. The man next to us (a keeper for any potential woman doing the “travel test” with the one they are dating), he grabs Kainoas legs and lays them out across his lap, he even takes off his shoes for him. He tells me not to worry, he can sleep laying out across both of us. AND he gets Kainoas slipper out of the throw up!

The day/night was like that… we saw all sorts of true colors. People yelling about delays, lost luggage, sick kids, bad food, and the temperature. We also saw people helping to load carry on’s, moving so a mom with her child could sit, and letting others cut in line. If I ever consider marriage again I might just tell the guy I have one test he must pass, TRAVEL with me…

In other news: The biking in Florida went well. Horses, empty roads, and some beautiful water (I am totally joking about the water!) It looks gator infested if you ask me! The family is napping. They have been working on the jeeps all day. Tomorrow we have a mudding adventure down in Punta Gorda! Yeeehawwwwww!! It feels great to be surrounded by family, great to see Kainoa getting spoiled, and great to swim/bike/run in some new spots. Time for a shower… I’m going bowling!

Hugs from the Sunshine State!!


Dawn said...

OMG I have been reading your blog a while and this is the first time I can EVER recall you complaining about anything! And rightly so I might add, poor Kiainio, poor you. And thank goodness for kind people like man #3!

Lynn said...

What idiot airline has video games in their seats?!?!??! I will be sure NOT to fly with them! Unbelieveable! Glad you made it safely and best wishes with family fun and your race!

Allan Tam said...

I like the new layout!

I’m sorry to hear about the inconsiderate people! I used to puke and pee my pants during trips too. hahaha too much info?

Josie said...

Awww…I can’t believe you had such a rough time getting there! And poor Kainoa! I honestly didn’t think there were people out there who would REFUSE to let a child get out to use the bathroom! But that last guy who helped watch Kainoa…amazing! He must be one heckuva daddy!!! Glad you got there safely! Have a wonderful time!

Natasha said...

Bree- you must have been flying Continental??? We took that to Colorado- and I had the same experience- the man behind me played solitare the whole time on the touch pad attached to my seat- AWFUL idea, who ever thought that would be okay? Movie- okay, its 2 clicks and you’re set up- an interactive game-
Well, you’re here now and Florida has you for a little while, couldn’t be happier to know we are in the same time zone! See you soooooon

Coach Liz said...

Men can be real jerks! Sorry guys, but some of your sex are really not able to interact with the rest of the human race. Where is the empathy? Where is the compassion? Where is the consideration for others? Their mothers would be appalled at their behavior, but on second thought these guys have gotten through life behaving like this all the time. I guess their mother’s never stood up to their boorish behavior.

At least the travels are over for a little while. You are a strong mommy for hanging in there.

Lilly said...

Very funny your stories, I Know you a bit through Pablo, now enjoying the the final stretch, and do not let him do crazy things … alla va! good luck