Thursday, November 19, 2009

My Florida Findings...

I found this! This amazing sunrise on yesterdays ride and this mornings run! It was as if the world was waking up and inviting me to rise and shine with it! I can tell Ironman is just around the corner because the volume is getting less and the intensity is starting to make my legs get a little frisky. It's pretty fun riding around Florida, rather than looking out for goats, (like back in Kona), I am on the look out for gators...horses....cows...snakes...
Not only did I find a gorgeous sunrise, some speedy training, I also found my amigo! Yep, Pablo is here in Florida and kept me company on my run this morning! It felt so good to have a training partner here, especially one that loves to run and makes me love running even more than I already do! Motivation is soaring through the roof! In fact, I even enjoyed the pool swim yesterday!
THEN... THEN... THEN.... I found FLORIDA ORANGES! It's pretty much the only thing I ever miss in Hawaii... FLORIDA ORANGES! They are big, orange, juicy, and pretty much the sweetest thing in Florida! $6 dollars later my shopping was done and I was lovin' my findings!

Just because I'm not on the island does not mean I need a map to find a beach... we found Siesta Key! Pretty much Siesta was my stomping grounds growing up. It was like traveling memory lane driving through the village. All my memories of surfing, skating, jumping off sea walls, camping under stars, playing on Melodie's trampoline, fishing with Dave, Tim, and Jeff, making a video for Bre's boyfriend at Subway, (hilarious story if she would let me tell it), and collecting shells with the Florida surfer girls all flooded my mind!

Kainoa was thrilled to dig in white sand and not lava rocks. He was a little curious where the tide pools were hiding and when we would see dolphins and honu, but the sand castle building & sea gulls distracted him from that.

It is now time to find a pillow! It was a beautiful day all the way from sun up to sun down... and tomorrow, I get to do it all over again!


Good night from Florida!



Regina said...

You HAVE to be a morning person. I love a sunrise as much as the next person, but prefer a sunset. No one could be as happy as you to see a sunrise. Clearly you are a Lark and I am an Owl.
Gorgeous pics though. I am so happy to be entering citrus season!

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

You should be hired by the fruit board to promote all fruit - you do such a fabulous job of it naturally!

Love that photo of Kainoa on the beach - happy kid.

Marco said...

Hi Bree,
a very beautiful report.
the pictures are terrific.
your small young one is really sweet.

says hello from Germany
Marco the soulrunner

Marni said...

glad pablo is enjoying Florida sun with you! Have fun with the fam!


Email me, you need to come up and ride the SunCoast trail. It is about 1.5 hours from where you are now. Great spot and lots of type A riders!!
You can meet the famous Arnie!!

CoachLiz said...

Mmm, those ruby reds looked delish!

Glad to hear that you got some beach time.

Lisa G said...

Florida sounds awesome! And Mexico is coming up quick - I am excited for you!

Nick said...

Hi Bree!! Great to hear you are back in Florida. Let me know if you need a training partner...even though Pablo is back! :) Im out in Lakewood Ranch...home of the cows, pigs, gators and gerries too!


Fred (aka ace) said...

Wow that produce was awesome. I get happy (and hungry) just looking at it. Great post and pics!