Friday, November 6, 2009

Swimming With Kangaroos...

Perhaps one of the things I enjoy most about our sport is meeting people from all over the world, most times we have to look no further than Kona Aquatics swim practice. Almost all the athletes (swimmers, triathletes, duathletes), that come to visit or train in Kona jump in to swim with Coach Steve. Lucky for me the Aussie's joining us, (Pro triathlete Allie and her hubby Stu Fitch), are training for Ironman Western OZ. That means I HAD SWIM COMPANY TODAY!
Coach Paul gave me some pull practice to tack on after the Masters workout, the "Kangaroos" had pull too! I jumped in with them and they told me under one condition- "We swim Aussie rules". Huh? What? Okay, whatever that means, at least I have company.
The first rule was we swim down on the left and back on the right (like driving on the opposite side of the road), yeah my flip turns got ugly. The set was 4x300's. The next rule was breathing, 3, 5, 7 by 25's. I about drowned! Honestly, how in the world I am managing 30ft free dives is beyond me because I could not hold my breath for 5 or 7 counts! The final round Allie tells us the 4th lap is underwater. By this time I am highly convinced they are playing a mean joke on me. The morning was laughing and suffocating with the kangaroos, and now I had to swim underwater with a pull buoy between my legs and paddles rubber banded to my hands??? How? I made Allie go first so I could copy and not look like a dodo bird trying to lead some "underwater pull like a roo". To my shocker, she was swimming underwater with the pull equipment! (wish I had it on video). I was getting so far behind on that lap that I would race to catch back on during the "normal" swim. My whole body was fatigued from that "drill". It wasn't over after that... we had their cool down. You guessed it, with the Australians, we had to hop underwater like a bunch of kangaroos! Never a dull moment in Kona...
To top off my swim with the roos I was given a bit of a geography lesson. Stu gave me a nice little fact: Mexico is 80 miles North of Kona (almost on the same Latitude line), and just a few thousand miles East.
Now I am feeling a lot like a kangaroo, hopping all over the place with Ironman Florida tomorrow! I WISH WISH WISH I was racing it! Tomorrow a couple of my best friends & some team mates are racing so I have been hopping all over the emails and FB leaving "go get em' " notes, hopping over the phone with calls and text messages too! Now I have to hop to Bike Works to pick up my bike, I've got my own race to train for ALL day long tomorrow...
HAPPY RACING to everyone in Ironman Florida tomorrow!! Hope all your dreams come true!


Kangaroo said...

Hey Bree. Funny blog - had a good laugh. Fun session, and Steve is a brilliant coach. With Geography 1.01, it is Cozumel in Mexico, where you are racing in several weeks, that is around 70 miles north of Kona. Kangaroo Stu

Mama Simmons said...

Too funny! I went to Australia a long time ago and I remember trying to swim up the left side of the lane. You're right- the flip turns were the worst!!
Glad you're having fun with the roos. ;)