Sunday, November 15, 2009

This Ain’t Hawaii Y’all…


Today the country music was blaring, the mud was flying, the tow ropes were out, boots on…this girl was FAR, very far, from Hawaii! Despite being different from my usual oceanic adventures back home, this life is familiar. I was born in Michigan and spent summer days picking berries to make jam on my grandparents farm, I could ride a horse before I could walk, and the sisters and I found most of our adventures in fields, horse troughs, and ponds. It wasn’t until we moved to Florida that the beach became the love of my life.

Redneck Yacht Club 025

Today the family and I loaded up jeeps and a quad and found ourselves at the Redneck Yacht Club. What a day! We started out “friendly”. Kainoa and Regan got to ride the quad with Aubrey and me, the rest of the family was in jeeps. Some splashing through mud puddles soon turned to fish tails and spraying mud (it’s like a contest to see who can get the most muddy). At that point the kiddos were put in the jeeps. Of course the adventure lies in who can get the deepest. Aubrey and I were first stuck and some guys with muscles got us out. Cory won (My sister Bron’s hubby) for the deepest successful crossing (water was up the windows). By the end of the day he was in need of rescue though.

Redneck Yacht Club 030

Kainoa has never seen anything like it. At first he screamed a little in fear, once he realized we aren’t going to drown or flip he began to love it! Some routes have thick mud and others are thin… the thicker the better for just covering everyone with globs of mud… but the thinner the better for speed and spray. Every vehicle you can imagine was here today (lifted of course). I know what you are thinking…what is so fun about that? Really, it is a blast though. There are even competitions with prize purses bigger than that of some triathlons! Watching all the guys do tricks and not flip over was amazing, making it through some pits without getting stuck was pretty exciting too.

Redneck Yacht Club 072

Redneck Yacht Club 068

I bumped into a few people from high school, boy times have changed. From Florida to Hawaii has made a world of difference in my life. The ocean now runs thick in my blood, triathlon has taken over in some areas, and I’m a mom now. Being home brought back a lot of my roots and surprisingly I can still sing most the country songs. It feels good to be home again…but you better believe I prefer island living…

Redneck Yacht Club 007

Redneck Yacht Club 081

There is one thing I really, REALLY, really miss though… my family! My sisters! Bron and I took on the mud wrestling pit. We tied, I told her if Mexico wasn’t 2 weeks away I would have destroyed her, just kidding sis. Speaking of Mexico… today I was running at 3:45 this morning! My 2 hour run was no match for my family…they are serious about jeeping! When they said “WE LEAVE AT 6am SHARP”, they were not kidding and if I wasn’t done running they would leave me. While in Mexico Kainoa will stay with my family in Florida, with my parents he is in good hands, muddy, but good!

Redneck Yacht Club 064

Redneck Yacht Club 013

The sun is now setting here in Florida. It was a beautiful family Sunday, the kind I remember…

Aloha from Florida!!


Oscar said...

Enjoy ma friend !!! que fotos tan divertidas !!! jajajaa !! abrazoooos!

kristen said...

Yay! Now I can get you inot my google reader with this new format. Thanks for that!!

I love how you find advertures wherever you go!

marni said...

Those pics are great! Your pregnant sis looks great in overalls!
Looks like fun.
If you get bored, come visit us in Jacksonville!

Coach Liz said...

It looks like a lot of muddy fun! My son would love it.

Looking forward to meeting you in Mexico!

IAN said...

Next time I see you please be wearing those overalls. I might just wet myself with laughter.

Heidi Austin said...

how fun! what part of florida are you from bree? this does NOT look like the florida I'm familiar with.... lol enjoy your trip!

t-odd said...

The overall shorts, bikini top and rubber boots = super trailer park hot! Throw in mud wrasslin' and you are going to be on the cover of a whole new category of magazines.

Soulrunner said...

cool pictures