Saturday, November 21, 2009


Florida looks a lot like vacation land, my legs don't feel like they are on vacation though, yet something about this trip is totally a holiday! Yesterday was another painful swim, today was my last tuff brick before Mexico and as painful as it was the beach views more than made up for the pain. Today was a ride along the beaches of Anna Maria Island. I got to ride over 4 bridges, alongside gorgeous sandy beaches, of course with the morning sun popping up on another beautiful day. Other than the fact my favorite shades broke on the ride, now I must visit a surf shop, the ride was in my legs hurt just enough to know I have something to recover/taper from...and enough to let me know they are wanting to move.... The only thing better than the ride was the run. Off the bike I felt like a just-born-deer standing on her legs for the first time. WOBBLE BOBBLE...however, I did have good company (Pablo the amigo who paces better than me, is really good at working through rough spots, and kept me focused) hour later I was feeling like I could run forever... I LOVE that feeling!

After all that hard work it was time to put the feet up and sit on my bum... no better place to do that than Bush Gardens! Honest, I barely walked around coach, my feet were up almost the entire time (we got there late too, remember, I had the brick all morning)... it was just a family adventure close to the parents house...
Cory the brother in law and Pablo kept me company on all the roller coasters. Oh boy they were fun! I have not screamed that much like a girly girl in years! It was awesome! And since most the rides were upside down my legs were certainly up...
Kainoa also got to ride his first big kid ride, he loved it, I think...
I can't really tell in this picture if he was laughing or about to cry. Needless to say, I am finding a balance between some solid training, some family time, some laughing, some recovery, and good ol' Florida sunshine...
PS. I know what you are wondering, why is the crazy Argentina amigo in Florida running and riding roller coasters with us. Well, last week he sent me an email that said, "Bree, I didn't get on my plane, see you in Florida". He was here racing Ironman Florida. No worries for me, I will never turn down a run partner!
Good Night you crazy Floridians!


Trishie said...

looks like a great time ! see you in Cozy later this week (squeee!)

Coach Liz said...

Ok, Kainoa looks like he is near sheer terror in the first ride picture and he looks like he is having a blast in the second one.

I'm glad it is warmer where you are. Texas got cold and rainy this weekend. :(

t-odd said...

So fun! Glad you are feeling good going into Cozumel.

I love the look on Kainoa's face and the way a kids look of terror or excitement are essentially the same.

Have fun with your remaining time in FLA!

Missy said...

#1. Pablo is cute. I'm JUST SAYING!

#2. Kainoa does have that fine line look of fear and fun on his face.

#3. Rock out in Mexico!

Mel said...


Ange said...

I'll never forget the first time my 4 and 2 year olds went on a ride. They look on their faces... it looked like they were saying to each other,'Can you believe MOM is letting us do THIS?" too cute. Kainoa looks so great. Have a GREAT time in MExico!!!

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Love how happy you're sounding Bree - Mexico is going to be great!

Soulrunner said...

Hi Bree,
thank you for your comment with me.
I have been very happy.
the pictures from Florida are super.
my first rollercoaster journey was with seven year.
today, I can still remember it.
sorry for my bad one English
but I try my best one.

Have Fun

Marco from Germany


Dang woman..
6 miles from my house at Busch Gardens and couldn't stop by? I am taking you off my Xmas card list.
Just kidding (about the Xmas cards that is)
Rock the island. Should be well suited for you.