Friday, December 18, 2009

Aloha Friday...HOLA Escuela....

It's time.... and very fittingly my beautiful neon blue watch reminds me it's "time". My bags are packed FULL. No bike, no fast skin, no transition bags. It's more like pencils, flash cards, and my notebook! Class starts Monday, 8am sharp...however, I'm thinking Nicaragua might be more like 8:30 or manana time. Whatever it is, I'll be there!
My bags are full of school supplies for the children and clothes. Most all the clothes are mine, I over packed on purpose. Everything I am bringing I plan to leave to my Nica sister-in-law. Oh don't worry, a few Splish suits, K-Swiss run shoes, and a few bikini's made it into my luggage. Training is back on my "Let's do this" list. Run before school, swim after school, bike whenever I can borrow one. Nicaragua will also serve as my "base camp" to get 2010 Triathlon season back into action!
Kainoa is already missed and I'm still on the island with him. Some things will never change. Like the way he makes me juice every morning and makes me open fortune cookies that we never eat. HOWEVER... I like our most recent one:
"A dream you have will come true". WOW.... what a way to kick start 2010! I have a few dreams rolling, any one of them coming true would be fine with me.

This morning was a swim with the Kiwi's. Sheeeeeesh, I nearly needed fins to hold onto their feet! I've heard and seen results of Bryan Rhodes being "first out of the water" race after race after race, well let's just say, I know why. Our main set was 200 easy 100 fast a bunch of times through and I'm pretty sure for me it was 200 hurt 100 die. I pushed off the wall at the same time as Aaron to make sure I didn't lose the draft from him and saved my life.

Here's the fuel of choice from my lane mates and I

After the swim it was off to the gym. My sessions with Denis the trainer from hell are finding their way back to my training routine. Unfortunately I am the sister with very little balance, lack of "breathing", and limited focus. Denis has helped me a lot this season in those areas and my hopes are in 2010 to make a little more progress...
Okay... that's a wrap from Kona. Next stop Nicaragua. New run routes, another sunset, a different language, lots of rice and beans, and more swims in the Pacific Ocean...I'm ready.
Have a good weekend!! Que tengas un BUEN fin de semana!! (better start with that espanol).


Lisa G said...

Awesome, chica! Have a fantastic trip to Nicaragua, I can't wait to read about your adventures! Oh, and happy belated birthday!

Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

Take lots of pictures please. I would love a virtual trip to Nicaragua.

Dolphin Boy said...

Dream big Bree Dream BIG!
All my best....

Yasi said...

I LOVE your watch! Where's it from? I'm envious that you're going to be teaching English somewhere new, I did it in China and ever since I came back I've been wanting to go somewhere else! Someday..

Safe travels!

Coach Liz said...

Happy Travels!

Good form on that plank. I would love a session with Denis the trainer from hell. As a trainer, I have to be mean and uncompromising with myself. Not that exciting. I would love to have someone kick my butt every once and a while.

P.S. I love the cup of Starbucks on the pool deck with all the water bottles.

kerrie said...

have a great time in nicaragua and really enjoy the experience(which i'm sure you will!!!)what a fun way to kick of your 30s!

TriGirl Kate O said...

Buen viaje! Travel safe and enjoy. Those kids will be lucky to have you for a couple of weeks. Merry Christmas, Bree!