Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Beans and Rice of Life...

Another sunset in Nicaragua, another day to love, another day to live...
5:53...wake up before the alarm to the children marching for God, chickens cock-a-doodle-doooing outside my window, and a man on a bike shouting, “verduras” at the top of his lungs. By 6:04 I was out the door and running. This morning was back to my most perfect off road trail. By 6:10 it was as if the entire town was awake and ready for action. These morning runs are the absolute best way to start my day. A few miles alone with my thoughts, some time to prepare my heart for the things I will see, and a bit of day dreaming too. By now I’m recognizing familiar faces, like the man walking his cows. Today I hid behind a tree when they passed, the ones with the horns scare me and I’m afraid running past them will cause them to chase me. The woman selling empanadas, and the truck full of men on the way to work also befriended me again this morning, this time they high-fived the crazy white girl running
After the run was the same quick stop into the market for water, 9 cordobas, great deal! And for the first time in a million years I bought cow milk! I’m trying to live like the locals and I bought straight cow puss (sorry, it kind of grosses me out, I prefer Almond milk), they literally milk the cow and put it directly into a little plastic bag. Gulp, it made me almost hurdle, but I’m willing to try it, (at least it lacks the hormones and preservatives)…just not today…it will sit in the fridge till my guts are good and strong.
Yesterday was a good day, last night was a great night. A car load of us made the trip back to Maderas. The surf was beautiful fun. Head high on set waves and breaking into a perfect sunset. There was a swim on my plan, however, the swim would have been more of fighting waves and incoming surfers, so I was back on the borrowed board, in Nicaragua that counts as swimming. I met a boy from Costa Rica and reminisced of all my most favorite Playa Hermosa moments…returning to school in Costa Rica was an option, but I took the road less traveled here in Nicaragua and I’m happy with my choice. Very happy. In the surf I made new friends with some of the local surfers. We traded waves and Spanish lessons. My smile was growing as it always does in the ocean. Just before sunset I decided to be a good girl and start my home work, yes I dragged my homework to the beach. Lucky for me my new amigos were willing to help… a few “ayudame por favors” and they were rambling off verbs and words I never knew existed! Just as the sun was about to set, my homework was done, that left me with time to watch the sunset and enjoy the moment. The surf and running here is truly amazing and truly keeping me calm in the middle of everything that is nearly breaking my heart. School went by too fast today, (never thought I would say that about school). I’m enjoying it so much and being able to speak with my family and the locals makes me want to learn more. Of course I am still mixing everything up, but it’s getting better. My homework tonight is translating an entire lecture from English to Spanish. It’s written in the past, then proceeds to the present, and finally goes into the future…my dictionary in hand, more rice beside me, I’m ready…quien quiere ayudame??? Today I found out I have school on Christmas and if I have plans, which I do, then I have to attend Saturday school. HUH? Oh Dios mio! At least it will help me with the “missing of Kainoa” that is sure to attack on Christmas!
Today’s big adventure was a field trip after our classes. We went to La Playa Ramonso. It was a nice little beach tucked away. The purpose was to “speak Spanish” in a natural-non school setting. It was great fun as my chosen “natural setting” was the children and surfing. You got that right! A few children, them on surf boards, me helping! It was awesome! Most the children had never seen a camera and they all begged to touch it! I was taking videos of them surfing and playing it back, they were loving it as if it were gold!! The conversation was hilarious as they thought I was fluent and rambled to me a bunch of local words and slang…oh yes, I learned a lot! My class mates had soccer as their “natural setting“. It’s now 5pm, home from a long school day…
My class mates are from Sweeden, Switzerland, and Australia....however, this girl is SOLO with her own profesora...

My lovely profesora.... yes my lecture will be done!

Just home from my second run. This double-run day is a bit new for me, but it went fantastic. One man stopped to offer me a ride, he was very concerned seeing me running. Another man kissed his hand then smacked the kiss on my cheek! I am not kidding, I almost fell over and didn’t know if I should laugh or growl…FUN TIMES IN NICARAGUA. My family thinks I am officially crazy, not only for running, but doing it 2x in a day!! It’s now almost dinner, a walk through town at night awaits me, (we love our night walks here in Nicaragua, everyone walks after dinner). Lastly, I should tackle that lecture, I might be up till midnight with that thing! It’s as long as a short book! My hope is to find the surfer boys for a little help…I tried to convince my Nicaraguan family for help, but they protested….grrrrrrrr……..if that fails I might call the Argentina amigo even if it is 2am his time, (he’s my life line)…ha ha ha ha. Tomorrow the chickens will wake me, I might drink that milk in a bag, and the highlight of my day will be the 4pm dance class! Break out the salsa!!
Okay AMIGOS, disfrute la vida,


Heidi Austin said...

how fun! spanish and surfing! enjoy it and buenas suerte :) Have a great christmas bree!

beth said...

Bree! Sounds like you're truly living down there. the good,the bad, the funny, the sad. it's all there. i admire you for always pushing outside your comfort zone. amazing!
oh, and late happy 30th!!!

Sharon said...

You truly inspire me! I love that you have such a giving and free spirit. It radiates from you, which isn't easy to do in written words! I spent some time in college working with kids in Africa, for me my heart has always been in that beautiful continent. I hope to get back some day! So much need and so much happiness despite how little they have. You're previous post hit the nail on the head and reminded how grateful I am for everything we have in our lives and that it's not those things that create happiness after all. I admire you for doing something amazing with your time and energy during the holidays and away from your family! It sounds so rewarding and it'll be an experience I'm sure you'll never forget.

Thank you for being such an inspiration and for doing something more with your life than talking about yourself and triathlon, I live in Boulder and that's what so much of the Pro athlete scene is like. Don't get me wrong, triathlon is my life too but it's refreshing to see someone doing something good with it and use what you've been given to better the world.

Sorry for the long winded message :)

Merry Christmas!

Christi said...

Good Luck with the lecture!

Samantha said...

hace mucho que no practico mi español pero yo puedo tratar de aydudar. No me gusta mucho el pretérito, especialmente el pretérito imperfecto. buena suerte.

Val said...

Many moons ago, when I was a kid, we used to go to San Juan Del Sur; however, Masachapa was much closer to us. Can't believe the tons of memories your pictures are bringing back!
Please keep them coming!