Wednesday, December 23, 2009

El Paraiso...........

This is a true story in the life of Bree Wee one day in Nicaragua...
3:30 wake up to a pig outside my window oink, oink, oinking till someone turned it into bacon, then it SQUEALED for help till my ears fell off! 4am the children marching for God stop in front of my house and play drums for us, let me remind you, ALL the children in town are marching this morning and banging on drums. Sleep is impossible because now the chickens are hanging out with me...GOOD MORNING NICARAGUA!! Yo ama Nicaragua!!
A nice little run, a marriage proposal, and a bunch of high fives from the men on the way to work. Yes, it's true my ultimate dream is to one day live in Central or South America happily married, however I'd like to actually know the guy for more than 2 minutes, I sort of like teeth, and it helps if he has a job, oh...and I don't plan to move till Kainoa goes to college (14 years), so I turned down his hand...ahh, better luck next time Bree....
Then Breakfast! Guess what I ate, BEANS AND RICE AND PINEAPPLE! I'm not counting but it was my 10th time this trip...lunch was number 11. Then off to school. I LOVE walking to school! Every shop is opening up and putting out fresh fruits and breads. All the town is happy, and everyone is holding hands. That is one thing I LOVE about Central America, everyone makes it clear the things they love and the people they love.... its funny to me how some couples of other cultures walk so far apart you'd never even know they were friends! Today I think the lovers were especially happy, the kissing was so intense that I felt a possibility of getting pregnant just watching them! This is no was "get a hotel" style, however, it beats the fighting and arguing you hear with other couples.
School was cool, he aprendido MUCHO. I'm falling so crazy in love with my Spanish class. Its so exciting learning of another country and culture, this kind of thing is my kind of living! My profesora thinks I'm crazy, I gave her some Chocolate covered mac nuts from Hawaii and she flunked me on my quiz...sucking up never worked for me and still doesnt! Oh no te preocupes, I redid the quiz and got an "A+"! Then I gave away my most favorite K-Swiss specially made-for-me shoes! One of the teachers LOVES my clothes/shoes so I promised them to her, by the looks of it, I will be flying home naked. Im struggling to say no to keeping anything, that's life though, you just keep giving till you have nothing left, then you still find more to give... Nicaragua, well, lots of places like this, do that to you.

Today was my shell collecting day too. Josue and I discovered the coolest piece of beach glass at the same time, he really wanted it more than me, he put it in his pocket, and looked for more shells. We found all sorts of shells but no more sea glass. At the end of our adventure he came over to me, gave me the sea glass and smiled. It spoke deep within my heart how he could give the very last thing he had. In all seriousness, he had nothing, he was fishing with his dad for dinner, no shoes, his brothers shorts on, and out of his poverty he still found something to give. I'll keep that glass forever. Standing still I am moved and Nicaragua has challenged me again!
After school I told my neighbor, Antonio, that we should go ride horses. A few moments later we were in his car and to his friend Guillermos house. I never met Guiellermo, but Antonio tossed me out of the car and said see ya in a few hours (in Spanish of course). Guiellermo and I just laughed and before you know it we were racing horses along the beach, up mountains, and through little towns. It was the most fun a girl could have on the back of a horse. A quick look at my watch and you guessed it, I MISSED MY SALSA CLASS! Sheeeeeeesh! Oooooop's!

Life is like that here. You wake up, no plans, just go with the flow. Before you know it you are in all sorts of trouble or in some sort of unplanned adventure. In my case I was on the back of a horse, on a mountain top, looking across the ocean at Costa Rica with a man I met only a few hours ago. Let's just say it was a very good Spanish lesson...and now I have to make my class up at 9pm tomorrow night, in the disco, with a bunch of Nico boys! It could be worse.... ha ha ha! My profesora will be there too, SALSA dancing here I come!

I found a few more chickens today... this time in the kitchen, not my room. I think they are breakfast tomorrow...YUMMY! I also found a really cool bright blue (celeste azul) dress! This is no joke, today my profesora told me that everyone of the women buy a new dress for the dance tomorrow (really for Christmas Eve), its the most celebrated holiday in Nicaragua. She said even the women with no money get a new dress. They save all year, wear the same clothes everyday but on Christmas Eve when they dress up for God in their best clothes. We walked to the market, looked at dresses, I about fell over with the thought of wearing one of those traditional big puffy dresses like the Nica women! ha ha ha, so I found a blue one. Being here has taught me to be even cheaper than I am, trying to spend no money, but in this case I figure its a nice way to "give to the town" by spending money, 4 dollars in case you are wondering....
Other than that.... the day was fantastico. I'm really tired, still have 4 more paragraphs to write with my homework. My little Nico brother is my adopted Kainoa, KAINOA I MISS YOU SO MUCH! I taught my little Nico brother to count to 5 in English today, he told me, English is ugly.... well amigo, you will learn to count to 10 by the time this girl goes home!
Okay, I think its time to eat more beans or something like that. School tomorrow, LOVE it! Double run tomorrow, LOVE it! Then helping at the campo (most poverty touched part of Nicaragua). The napkins are ready as what will be seen tomorrow is not a sight for those with a soft spot for children. Then I have to make up for my missed salsa class with the 9pm dance class...oh boy... bright blue dress here I come! MERRY CHRISTMAS, I mean, FELIZ NAVIDAD!
I love rice!


Damie said...

Glad to see you so happy and enjoying the holidays, Bree!!!! Merry Christmas and Feliz Navidad to you too. :)))))))))

Kat said...

Sounds like you are living life so fully- it's awesome to witness. Thanks for sharing! :) Happy holidays :)

Coach Liz said...

Feliz Navidad Bree!

Sue said...

I think for holiday homework assignment #2, Chloe will be writing about her 13 yr old friend that just lost her house to a fire on Sunday and how the family of 5 are making ends meet...and what the true meaning of xmas is about...helping others...staying simple...laughing...and drinking coco...stay tuned:)xxoo

ADC said...

Marry Christmas Bree!!!

chr15 said...

FELIZ NAVIDAD to you too Bree.
You are an ispiration.

Best wishes for 2010

Marni said...

I'm just loving these posts!! I know you are experiencing lots of life-changing moments ;)
Merry x-mas!

Kim said...

I love your posts Bree.. So full of life, love and thankfulness! So glad you are getting this experience!! Thanks for sharing this one and all of them with us.. You rock my world and I'm thankful for you at Christmas and always!! Take care and Salsa the night away for the Lord! Merry Christmas!!!

Missy said...

Can't wait for pictures of salsa class! What a great post. Thanks for reminding me how MUCH of EVERYTHING that I have.

Regina said...

Reading your posts is like reading The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao, with all the Spanish mixed in; in fact, it's like talking to my mother-in-law (she is from Colombia).

What an exciting adventure, except for the repeat meals of rice, beans and pineapple (And I love all that stuff).

Can't wait to see pics of that blue dress!