Thursday, December 24, 2009

Levanto la mano...

2:30! Let me repeat, 2:30 IN THE MORNING the marching for God began! It was ALL the children, followed by most the town, with drums, trucks blasting music, and a lot of singing. When I heard it I decided to go out side with my Nico family and film it, you gotta see it! After realizing my eyes would not stay open to watch it my tia (Nica auntie) told me it's 2:30 in the morning, HOLY COW you are not kidding me?! Needless to say falling back asleep took loads of effort and I slept through my alarm, missed my run, took a trickle of a shower, then ran to school with a panqueque in my belly! (it's Navidad here, no rice for breakfast!).
Let's back up.... last nights homework was a bit challenging, so I did what any intelligent white girl that speaks Spanglish would do, I went out to dinner! A couple of the other students had piles of homework too, however I'm in a few levels above them so they couldn't help, my brilliant idea was to eat dinner with the homework and see if I can convince the waiter to help me! You better believe it worked! It was the absolute most fun night of homework ever! Thankfully we were the only people in the resturaunt so I got the waiter all to myself and needless to say today, my teacher gave me an "A"!!

The highlight of school was shopping! Today we go to el campo to bring Christmas to the children with nothing, and I mean that, most are naked, hungry, and parentless. After my lessons and a quiz my "project" was to pretend I live in Central America, (very easy for me to do), and go throughout the town talking to each of the people in the shops getting the things for the children. We bought fabric, food, a pinata, you name it we are bringing it! One of the greatest things, (and reasons I picked this school), is a large chunk of our tuition goes directly to the children in Nicaragua! In one hour we are loading up in the bus and taking the journey to a place, a situation, a meaning to Christmas.

I called home today. I've traveled a lot and truly no matter where I go or what I see my family is my greatest treasure. Of course it would be nice to be celebrating with them, but Kainoa is my most treasured gift and the thought of a Christmas tree and all that Christmas brings without him while he is at his dads would be difficult for me to enjoy even with my parents and sisters. To my family, thank you for understanding why I came here and not Florida. This Christmas I will never forget, inolvidable!
Okay, if you want more rice, beans, and the chicken that was under my bed, levanto la mano!! Raise your hand.... my Nico brother can out eat any kid in town. Honestly my stomach was SO full I could not fit another rice or bean in my belly, so I snuck the featherless chicken and some more on his plate, and I was BUSTED big time! In Central America it is beyond rude to say "no" when you are given food and even more rude to not clean your plate, like lick it clean it! Todays chicken was fried and the rice was too, almost fell over trying to stuff it all in my belly. Now I am too full to do my run, feels like Thanksgiving!! So perhaps at 2:30 am when the rest of Nicaraua is marching for God, after I dance salsa, I will do my run...
Okay, off to el campo. LOTS of hugs the size of Nicaragua to all of you and a MOST happy holiday too!
PS: It is very popular to keep a chicken for a pet, my profesora was telling me she has one and she paints its nails, she even named him after her husband. BUT she is changing the chickens name because she loves the chicken more than her husband. Then she told me when she was a little girl she would sleep with her pet chicken, one morning she woke up and it was dead, she fell alsleep on it and squished it! I'm thinking I should get one for Kainoa in Hawaii!


Go Gammie said...

Sounds like a very interesting and rewarding way to spend Christmas Bree. Like you say,one to always remember. Feliz Navidad, enjoy the panqueque :)

PocoLocoMan said...

Sounding like the experience of a lifetime so far! Not sure I'd appreciate the noise at 2:30 am :)

Feliz Navidad!

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Merry Christmas Bree! You look like you're having a total blast on the horse!

Coach Liz said...

Mele Kalikimaka Bree!!!

Is that your blue and white dress you bought for $4 in that one picture? I look forward to hearing about your visit to "el campo".

Kainoa might get a kick out of a pet chicken. Just tell him not to sleep with his pet.