Wednesday, January 13, 2010

100 Days Away...

Goals are my friends. I love them, they keep me motivated, give me some purpose, excite me, and make little things worth doing. 100 days till Ironman South Africa, that goal has me motivated, gives some purpose for the training today, excites me, and makes the sacrifices worth it. Coach gave me hills today so I hit my most favorite loop, the South loop. It is paradise in so many ways! The hills are such a mix of gentle climbs and challenging quad busters. The descents always cause me to stay focused and be brave. The little towns, the views, and all the coffee shacks make riding so much fun.

Blake digging the hole for my post-ride collapse
I'll be honest, today hurt the most training has hurt so far this year. My long base rides took on a challenge that had me close to seeing a pit in the ground with my name on it. A couple "hill climbing efforts" were on the plan. Everything was screaming, sweat was flying, teeth were chattering, huffing and puffing was wasn't nearly as attractive as the sites surrounding me. The thing I love about that type of effort is when you are done-you are done! Nothing left. Rolling back easy through town the best part is how you "suddenly" feel recovered.
Coach has now given me long rides, base rides, recovery rides, and hill rides. The intervals have yet to happen, but I know they are coming, I feel it. Till then no complaints, I'm madly in love with riding around the island lately just embracing the views and enjoying the bike a mile at a time.
Down by the bay today
On the ride home I stopped for a dip in the ocean and shaved ice. Just kidding, it was home just in time for a run before rescuing Kainoa from school and a lunch break. Lately I love running. "Run weather" is happening right now. It's nice compared to the usual Kona scorchers, not to mention all those Nicaragua runs are still so vivid in my memory that it feels like I am running through San Juan Del Sur. I'm really happy about that trip, I think it set me up for a good year.
Little grass shack in Kona.
The only thing left on the plan is swim practice this evening, ooops, in less than 30 minutes now, a bed time story with Kainoa, and sleep so I can wake up and do it all over again tomorrow.
Happy training & goal chasing!


Joel said...

Bree - found your blog from other Team Trakkers members' blogs. I'm jealous of the warm weather you're having (weird for someone living in Florida to say).

Great blog and website. Good luck this year!

CoachLiz said...

Shaved Ice sounds really good right now.

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

I would LOVE to go on a ride around the island with you! If only I could keep up!

Oscarjet said...

ma friend, i really love your blog !!! me hace viajar a kona desde mi computer....gracias !!!

Ordinarylife said...

woo hoo! 100 days.

t-odd said...

I had shaved ice this morning - if you count shaving ice off the driveway as the same thing.

Love the attitude and the pictures or warm weather.

Alex said...

Very motivating post!

Roblynn and Rebekah said...

My kids loved the shaved ice there, until they had an icy here in CR! They put sweetened condensed milk, as well as milk powder and then of course the syrup on them! Ticos are the only people in the world that can make an icy fattening!

noel said...

aloha, i just started following your blog, its very have much aloha

thanks for sharing


Jill Costantino said...

You live in such a beautiful paradise! Love the photos!

Jacqui said...

Bree, just got your message. All the best to you in 2010 too! I just read you are heading to South Africa and I am so jealous. You are going to LOVE it SO much. I have made my mind not to go home and race there this year but I so love the course and it is such an amazing trip. I wish I could be there to show you around! You are made for this course! I have a good feeling you are going to have your best Ironman ever there!!! Keep the good training and focus going my friend!

Julie said...

I had to comment as I tried your eggplant/artichoke/sundried tomato combo yesterday and the spaghetti squash the day before....

Keep in mind I am a total dud in the kitchen, but am learning!!

1. Don't put garlic, sesame seed, and olive oil mixture in the oven with the squash for too long -- otherwise the garlic burns to black crispy chunks. Yes, I am a dork.

2. Too many artichokes after having a OJ/milk smoothie = 2 Gasx


Thanks for the food ideas -- keep 'em coming! I've made those date balls (coconut and dates) and all my tri buds love them. :) :)

Regina said...

Someone is looking mighty tan! I love shaved mouth is watering from a distance.


Just saw your heading south...way south to SA
Was hoping you were going to put St Geo on the roster.
Unless you were to do back to back weeks..... on your way back to Kona?