Monday, January 25, 2010

Adventures In Moving...

The happy couple with baby in belly moved a couple weeks ago. It was perhaps the most challenging couple weeks ever in Kona life. The luxury of walking in my pajamas to my sisters was gone. The ability to be at her house in 13 seconds (we were neighbors) was gone. She moved 2 miles down the road-by Kona standards that's nearly the other side of town.
When I went to University at PBA she followed, when I moved to Hawaii she came. When she moved to Kalani Kai I followed, now she moved 2 miles away, and Kainoa and I followed! Over the weekend I made my sister and I neighbors again! We are 49 seconds away from each other again, life is really good again, ahhhh...the simple things that mean so much to me! Of course part of the reason is I want our boys to grow up playing together as neighbors and I like having uncle Nick within reach of my bike! ha ha.... Our family grill outs are back in action! Our baking days are full swing ahead, and movie nights are scheduled. Back in Florida my parents, grandma, aunt/uncle, and cousins, sister, all live within walking distance of each other, Brooke and I have to keep that distance here too. It's tradition.
As for the new neighbors, the woman next to me is pretty chill. I think we will get along well. Lots of kids in the neighborhood. AND one of my favorite people, Cody, lives about 200 meters away! Jhan and his family are in here, across the lanai is my friend Isabella and Nico (he was in my class a few years ago), and below is a family that chats on the lanai almost all day long, so that means no complaints from them about Kainoa because they are loud too. Perfect.
One of the men already smelt me baking and asked to be invited, looks like I might have future help with broken things in exchange for baking-nice. Other neighbors aren't fans of the baking! I've already set the smoke alarm off twice. By the way, if you set a smoke alarm off beating it with a broom only makes matters worse because the battery drops out and without a battery it continues to beep to remind you your alarm is broke.

For the most part we are almost all moved in and my legs feel like I have ridden 400 miles from all the moving, lifting, carrying! THANK YOU SO MUCH to my friends that helped, couldn't have done it without you all! Of course somethings will never change, like the fact 5 years of college could not help me follow a step-by-step books shelf for a 3 year old! Brooke did it, leave it to a pregnant girl, she didn't even use the directions! Truly I believe the directions make things more difficult-never follow them.

Plant shopping was also fun! CHECK it out, finally a double colored hibiscus! You better believe we bought it, no promises it lives, I've killed every plant I've ever owned...this one says, "little care needed", so it should be fine for me.

Tonight Kainoa promises to sleep in his own bed, that would be nice. After the move and today's swim/ride combo I could use a sleep without legs and arms clobbering me! Training is back in full swing, this week looks like a heaps of fun if you love swimbikerun, I see a training load full!
Live it up!


ADC said...

I also killed every single plant I've ever had so if yours survives let me know.
I like your new place and am glad you are closer to your family.

Laura said...

LOVE your new digs! Looks wonderful. I too have killed every plant I owned. When my boyfriend left me with his fern his instructions were, don't water it unless I tell you to. I killed my sunflower seed in 3rd grade because I watered it too much. Maybe I give too much love? ;) Nahhhhh!

Jill Costantino said...

Your place looks great! That is so fantastic that you are so close to your sister. I tend to kill the plants around our house so we mostly have cactus, they need little water! hahaha! Good luck with the sleeping in the own bed, we're working on that one too - I'll email you!

Go Gammie said...

Nice pad Bree!! Glad the move went well and that you are nice and close to family. Kainoa looks happy in his new place,,,,

Even though you are now more than 250 steps to the pier, I know life in Kona will be awesome for you :)

CoachLiz said...

Baking for new neighbors will always get you good things! Happy to hear that the move went ok and that you and your sister are still just a few steps away from each other.

Regina said...

I would kill to have my sister even two miles down the road. She is clear across the country; you are so lucky!

What is it with toddlers and perpendicular sleep patterns?

MaryMaryMyers said...

Wow, everyone is moving! I'm so happy you and Brooke are close by each other, she'll be very happy when baby comes and you're within seconds to clean spit up and such! lololol!

Call me if you have probs w/the hibiscus...I was pretty good with them in FL back in the day...

Jennifer Cunnane said...

So happy to hear that you are still close to your sister and will live nearby. Wow, you are a busy momma - pro triathlete + single mom, you need family by to help out when things get busy. I don't think I could have figure out those directions either. Glad your friends were there to help!

D said...

Oh. My. God. That food looks sooooooo good. I feel kinda robbed that I went out for $25 Japanese now. Stupid choice.
I LOVE the look of your place. I wish I could make mine look that sunny :)