Friday, January 15, 2010

Another Week of Sport...

Somewhere behind the athlete you've become, the hours of practice, and the coaches who have pushed you is a little girl who fell in love with the game and never looked back...Play for her.

Mia Hamm
This has been a funny week. Everyone thinks I'm in love. All my friends have asked who the boy is because I have a new glow. It's not a boy, its TRIATHLON! You know when you first discovered triathlon and you were so excited to ride your bike and wear that goofy helmet? I feel like that. You know when you liked putting on that cap and those goggles and jumping into the pool with some speedo-wearing people, it's like that. Remember when you loved running and didn't stare at your watch or worry that you are a few seconds (or minutes) slower on your favorite loop than usual, or you would dream all day about that run? That's how I am feeling. Sport is love at first sight all over again. It might have something to do with Coach Jimmy acting like a kid and reminding me that we have to do things out of love if we are going to be good at them, or maybe it's the way he tells me not to stress when I can't make a workout because I am on mom-patrol or that if I feel like a truck ran me over to shorten it or skip it and go surf.
I'm a little girl again! I've been caught on my bike smiling with braids playing in the Kona winds. I have been the one making a splash, and I have been the girl that jumps in the puddles on my runs. This morning at the pool Kainoa ran up and down the lane racing me. Every breath I would breathe to his side and see a little boy so exctited to race his mom while she swims back and forth. He watched all of the masters team swimming back and forth and raced us all, he was loving it as if it were the Olympics and he raced as if he would beat us even if he is the smallest one there. It reminded me of being a little girl when sport was so much fun no matter what!
Do you remember when you and all the neighborhood kids would meet and race bikes around the block? At the start line or corner it was GO and you went. You just gave it your whole heart and never gave up and believed you would make it. Remember when you would play at your friends back yard pool and race to the other end thinking you would win. And sometimes you did and other times you didn't, but you raced really hard and loved it win or lose. Remember running in PE and looking at your friends thinking of how fun the race was about to be? Yes, I remember those days. I would always think I would win the run races and sometimes I did and everyone would laugh. Other times I would lose and we would clap hands or spank the winner on the butt. It was good times for sure. That was sport at it's best. Racing your heart out, believing you could win no matter who was in the race, loving it no matter what, and win or lose wanting to play again, and again, and again.
That is how sport feels to me, the reason I am happy with my dorky helmet, swim cap, and my run shoes all drenched from puddles. This week we had college swimmer girls jump in with us, the really fast girls, and I felt like that little girl from my youth who actually thought I was going to swim with them and hold on and maybe even beat them. It never phased me that I was out of my league, I just wanted to play. I had one hard hill ride that I was actually thinking I would kick Dave's bum, so what if he was a boy, that just means he has cooties. And on a run, well, nobody was around, but if they were I would have tried to play tag or chase with them like the old days.
It's all coming back... the love of sport at it's finest. Enjoy your sport this weekend!
Tag anyone???


Jill Costantino said...

I'll play! Your it! LOL!!!
Absolutely LOVE EVERYTHING about this post! It's something all athletes of any and every sport should read, absorb and DO!!!
Have such a fun weekend!

Jill Costantino said...

P.S. Love the roller skates - my figure skater girlfriend in elementary school gave me one of her dresses so I could make up routines in my basement. Taught myself some pretty good tricks too!

Dolphin Boy said...

I'm the winner at gonna spank my butt? LOL!!

Missy said...

Thanks for the reminder - all too often we get got in - I gotta go do _____ rather than I wanna go do _____.

On that note, I'm excited for my 8 mile run today! Woohoo! Fun times and clear skies.

TriGirl Kate O said...

Uh, PE was no fun for some of us since some of us were always picked last or sucked at everything athletic. Love that you're in love with your sport! I'm trying to find that love again.

t-odd said...

I have been "complaining" about my workouts the last couple of days, but truth be told, I love it! If I could make money at it I would do it all the time. It's hard work but SO much fun. And I can't wait to see the improvements in the future.

Your attitude is so great this year! Glad you found a coach that works so well with your personality. Keep having fun!

D said...

I think Jimmy is EXACTLY what you needed to find your love for the sport again :)

manfarr1974 said...

Yeah, awesome post. Love it! Love that you are loving it. Keep it up girl, you are an inspiration. Oh yeah, tag - your it!

Shelley said...

I so so so wish I could fall in LOVE with triathlon again...being in the cold, dark, grey tundra makes it hard...:-)

Sherry said...

Great post, Bree! Please send some of that love down here to Florida. Every now and then I 'think' I feel it... I look really hard for it... and then I just can't find it. But, I know it's out there! :o)

I'm VERY happy for you! Coach Jimmy sounds awesome!

Sarah Giacomarra Schrader said...

I knew I liked you but now you've gone and quoted Mia are super duper! (as my kids would say) I love soccer like you love triathlons and have always felt joy out on the soccer field. Alas, there is not much opportunity or competition for an aging soccer player but have found another outlet in triathlon. I will remember to train with my inner child and have fun. Thanks so much for a great post!

Teresa said...

Fantastic post. Glad you are falling in love all over again!!!


Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

You make my heart happy!

Mer! said...

Bree!! I love that Mia Hamm was my mantra while training for IMAZ in 2008--I loved it so much my sister put it on a plaque for me and it hangs on my wall in my room with my IM finisher's time!!!!

Great post!! Have an awesome 2010 season!!!


hilomike said...

I got that feeling again too :)

I started again this week.

Awesome post Bree!