Friday, January 29, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Buoys...

It was a good morning because it started in the ocean. I also did something good for me that rarely happens, okay, first time ever, I had my feet worked on. They are fine, it's just prevention. The feet, especially those that run, jump, and are used a lot, often get neglected for all the work they do. A little circulation is needed more than we give.

Did you know every time we run while landing on our feet its equal to using a hammer to hit ourselves in the heal/foot with 1.5 to 3 times our body weight!? Poor little feet. Usually one to laugh when getting a massage anywhere near my feet, today was no laughing matter. The "ART Nancy Wonder Woman specialist" had me in tears while digging, rubbing, and stretching out my feet muscles/joints. That was the good of the day, along with the

The bad...well, I owe a few people that helped me move something bad, very bad. None of my healthy smealthy crapola, they wanted bad. Here is really bad if you are into that sort of thing:
Bad Bars
1 cup corn syrup
1 cup sugar
(mix the 2 on medium heat in a large pan)
3 cups peanut butter
(stir it into sugar/syrup mix)
7 cups Special K Cereal
1/2 bag butter scotch chips
(stir into mixture then spoon into your serving pan)
1/2 bag butter scotch chips
1 bag chocolate chips
(melt over medium heat then spread over cereal mix)
These things are so rich they make your belly ache! They have been a big hit that I try to avoid making. If you want to try a bit healthier option (unless the people that helped you move like it bad), we use carob chips and peanut butter chips, we use almond butter, and we trade corn syrup for agave and the regular sugar we use rich maple chunks. Then add in a few berries, dried blueberries are amazing in there!
As for the buoys... whales have been hanging out at the Ironman buoy all week, Wendy and I mustered up the balls to look for them out in the deep blue sea today. All we found were fish!
The whale hunting will continue tomorrow!


D said...

My, my... those are some big balls you have.

Oscarjet said...

holaaaa, maravillo dia bajo el gran oceano....tengo ganas de comprar mi acuatic camera en verano !!!big AbRaZooooo!

Sarah Giacomarra Schrader said...

I had ART on my calves once and almost jumped off the table. He had been working on my back and hip flexors, which didn't feel great, but I asked him to check out my calves bc they were cramping a bit during runs. After muffling my screams and almost sliding off the front of the table, my doctor said, "be careful what you ask for". I think he was a sadist. LOL. I would love to keep getting ART for preventative care, but can't really afford it. Unfortunately, ART is a reactive therapy choice for me instead of a proactive choice.
Happy training Bree. :O)

Regina said...

I love foot work...It makes me go all mushy (I have tough feet).

Good luck whale hunting.

sallyaston said...

Hey Bree, I love your blog and all the you inspired me to take some pictures of my training grounds :-)

CoachLiz said...

Great pic of you and the buoys. Your bad bars sound downright good/bad. They remind me of this candy type of thing my grandmother used to make called Buckeyes. They had some kind of cereal and peanut butter and chocolate all over them. Oh, the memories of tummy cramps from the sugar.