Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Sun Kissed...

The ocean is full of whales this time of year! Coach Steve was pretty much side swiped by one and from the beach you can see them breaching! Its beautiful seeing something so big so close! The day began in the ocean and I'm highly convinced it's one of the best ways to start a day. Salt water soaked, washed to shore with the swell, and arms lingering with that happy-tired feeling, it was a good morning.

From the beach to the bike. Today was South Loop, maybe my favorite Big Island ride. The ocean was still lingering on my skin, reminding me of how just moments ago I was in the water with those crazy whales that were now visible from the bike. The South Loop is just one hilly mess smothered in coffee farms, hot chunks of old lava, and very much sun soaked! The lower road from bay to beach is maybe the most heated place I know other than standing on the lava. Air does not move down there and shade is nonexistent. Perhaps it is beautiful only because it takes you from one amazing view to another gorgeous spot on Earth with nothing much between the two.
Coach warned me after the swim/ride I would be feeling a little "pooooooped". With about 45 minutes to refuel, refresh, recover it was time for a run. His words, "You won't feel like doing this, but make it happen". OH MY GOSH, it really felt like I jumped off an Ironman swim/ride and began running. That same feeling was mimicked. "Push through Bree, push through Bree, push through Bree", was replaying over and over in my mind. The thoughts of South Africa in 3 months was filling every muscle reminding me that THIS is how I will feel so discover ways to deal with it now.
Sure enough, within a few moments of bitter sweet battle with the flumsy clumsy tired body I was in that zone where you forget about being a little tired, a little hungry, and a little thirsty and you realize only commitment to conquering the workout will get you through. The excitement of finishing a good day of training was near to that of finishing a good day of racing, I was famished and happy all wrapped into one triathlete.
From there it was time to get Kainoa. The instant he ran to hug me he backed away from his sweat drenched smelly momma...oh life is sweet. At that moment I was needing food and all I wanted was roasted wasabi seaweed (must have lacked a few pounds of sodium in this sun filled day). Again, leave it to a 3 year old to make everything better. After mouth fulls of seaweed he says, "mom, don't worry, you can brush your teeth before bed". I was all smiles with that innocent truth he shared with me...
I think there is just enough time to catch a sunset today, happy training!


Regina said...

Leave it to the little ones to put it all back into perspective.

"Hey, mom! what is that green stuff in your teeth?!"

CoachLiz said...

Wow, I would love to be able to see the whales. You are a very lucky gal to have such a great training playground.

Alex said...

Cute Kainoa sayings!

I was looking through magazines today and saw something for fitness competitions. I know nothing of the subject but it made me think of you. You are the fittest person "I know" have you ever thought about entering one?

Alex said...
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ShirleyPerly said...

I've never ridden that South loop but met a guy who owns a coffee farm who does, who rode with us on the Queen K last month. I think I'd better add that route to my training so I can hopefully do better keeping up with him.

Cool about the whales!

greyhound said...

Love the shadow picture. The rabbit ears are just perfect for your sense of play. "Except ye become as little children . . . ."