Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tuff Miles...

The riding has been unbelievable, its really hard not to be happy when the sun is shining and the skies are almost cloudless. From our bikes we counted 7 whales playing in the ocean. I'm on my 8th year of living on the island and it still captures my heart, radiates some of the biggest smiles I've known, and makes me more than thankful for having a wild heart.
The plan was a 6 month job at Kahakai Elementary, i'd never even been to Hawaii when I agreed. On the plane I jumped and I never went back, life works so much better for me when I grab a goal, get on the path, but never fear taking detours. Those detours are where so many undiscovered opportunities this life that I just love.
Back to my post title, tuff miles. Darn Thursdays are begining to grab a painful routine, running hard, running fast. Today in the middle of my speed session I had a mile for time. With the given load my legs are enduring it wasn't expected to be a PR, just a "where are we" kind of mile. The girl that I am tried to remember the only mile for time I ever ran. Two came to mind. Once in 6th grade gym class and the other time in 2007, almost a year after giving birth I did that Kona Coffee Mile. I will never forget that mile. The very moment I crossed the finish line I peed my pants. Thankfully the women at the finish were moms and understood-running hard within a year after a baby pops out things are a little broke and well, somethings you can't control. Anways, other than the pee I got a 5:02 and was really happy because it was a PR, I beat my time from 6th grade.
Today I knew would hurt because all warm up hurt. When the mile came I wanted to run from it. I like the challenge and understand it was just a "lets see where we are" kind of thing, but darn I wanted more time to prepare. Well, the mile came and went, it was over before I knew it and sadly it was not even close to my pee-pants mile. Part of me wanted to grunt and moan the other part got fired up and motivated to keep pushing hard in my training. It was a very tuff mile, not so much the mile it's self but being able to accept where I am at this point in the season and having the patience to believe that I am where I am supposed to be-not too fast, not too slow, just here.

Other than loads of swimbikerun, a hard mile, whale encounters, and motherhood, life is going well. I'm still keeping to a path but never fearing a fact, I think I'll stick to the path (swim practice tomorrow) but detour it to the ocean rather than the pool so I can catch more whale tales. Enjoy the training :)


PocoLocoMan said...

If it makes you feel any better, the only 5 minute mile I'm ever going to see will be on the bike :)

Go Gammie said...

I guess the faster runs are only going to be when a person peaks, and can not run full speed all year long? I agree with pocolocoman, you are still much faster than I will ever be. Are you holding back on the pee pants bike ride stories!!
Enjoy the ocean swim and whales :)

IAN said...

GOD I want to live in Hawaii! Miss ya Breezer. Come to CA!