Friday, February 12, 2010

It's ALOOOHAA Friday!

Friday today was FULL of ALOHA, more than the usual "Aloha Fridays". Swim practice was amazing, more than ever I am thankful for Coach Steve and Kona Aquatics. Sometimes balancing motherhood and training it takes a community and today I felt the love. No sitter for morning practice so all the lane mates helped keep me in the pool with them by helping me watch Kainoa between laps, I must admit, Kainoa is amazing, he sat at the end of our lane perfectly cheering us on. Kona community I LOVE YOU!!

Friday was a funday...a much needed one. We started it off with the beach. Surfing, paddling, and castles, sand rolling, swimming, just chillaxin' with a lot of good people and a lot of sunshine. This was my recovery week and indulging full force into time on my bottom, feet up, and kicking back was fully a mission accomplished. Mentally I didn't need it but physically (after a couple hard weeks topped off by last Saturday's half marathon) my body was ready to take some lounging in the sand and surf...not to forget a massage today!

Oh guess what... the new Hawaii phone rule, is real. Today I answered the phone and the blue light behind me began to flash. DARN IT! I threw the phone down and looked for a safe place to pull over, found a parking lot, looked for an empty spot, just as I was about to find an empty spot a siren and a loud speaker go off- "PULL OVER NOW".
Cop asks me why I didn't stop. I told him I was looking for a safe place off the main road to park, then I was looking for a parking spot so I don't block in all the cars. IN MY FACE he shouts with his loud voice, "When you see the lights you stop there, I can get you for resisting arrest for pulling over". I am now about to cry, really? He thought I was trying to out run him! We battled that for a few moments and more than ever I wished the camera was rolling because nothing he said was making sense, like stopping in the middle of an intersection.
LONG story short, 20 minutes later, my multi hundred dollars of tickets for the phone, refusal to stop, crossing a double white line (still have no idea what a double white line is on a 2 way street, Palani in case you are wondering), he starts to feel bad because we have so many people blocked in and now understands why I would even consider parking in a spot out of the way... anyways, he gives me hundreds of dollars less (97 bucks) and tells me to go buy a blue tooth. I have no idea what a blue tooth is, he told me its for use so I can use my phone while driving. I'm totally over this cop-really, no phones but go get a blue tooth thingy?? So guess what, according to the cop you can talk on the phone all you want just not hold it... BUT you can hold your camera, your make up, your spoon while eating cereal, you can change the channel on your TV or change your CD's, and you can hold hands, just no holding a phone...In better news.... something beautiful came VALENTINES gift from Argon18!! My hot new road bike! Only fitting to name him my "sweetheart" as it is a Valentines gift, so in Hawaiian, "Ku'uipo". I already love this bike, I am totally hooked on Argon18 road bikes, they are just crazy responsive, super light, fit like a glove. Tomorrow we will have our first date.... ahhhh, happy Valentines Day to me! THANK YOU Argon18!!
AND one more last but for sure not least great thing of the week.... Coach Jimmy came to train with me!! It was loads of fun getting to know him (I laughed my bum off to say the least). We mapped out my plan till South Africa and now it's all I think of. We rode bikes, I ran while he road bike next to me, and did some swimming. He found some things, we got some changes to make, and I'm totally thankful that we get along so well.
Coach Jimmy and Coach Steve
Okay, Friday night is ready to flow into tomorrow. I gotta hit the pillows so that first date with Ku'uipo is a fun one in the morning. NIGHT from Kona and stay off the phone...grab your camera instead!


Oscarjet said...

Nice post amiga. Buen fin de semana!!!!
Besos a Kainoa !!

maija said...

I definietly understand that you wanted to find a safe place to pull over, I guess the cop just didn't know that when you were looking. Too bad he couldn't just give you a warning on that so next time you know that they will freak out if you don't stop.

Christi said...

Sorry about the ticket but at least you have a very sweet lookin' bike!

Heidi Austin said...

oh la la your valentine is sexy! the ticket sux but at least he dropped it a little right?

beth said...

GREAT post. totally filled me with aloha...
btw- you look HOT in the pink top/striped bottom bikini!!!

i got a speeding ticket w/ katya a couple weeks ago driving her car. i didn't have my license and her insurance card wasn't in the car. it was NOT pretty!!!! i feel your pain!

Coach Liz said...

Bummer on the ticket. They passed a law here in Texas that you cannot be on a cell phone in a school zone or else it is a $200 ticket. I have had to throw my phone down too because the cops love to hang out in school zones.

SWEET bike! Ok, question for the day. Now that you have all of these hot smoking bikes, where do you keep them all? My husband puts up with my bikes hanging out in the front room of our house but I don't think that I have as many "boyfriends" as you do.

Chloe said...

that phone thing is confusing. people can smoke and drive, and even throw it OUT THE WINDOW - but you can't hold a phone? really?

Jimmy is an awesome guy - even though the only time i've hung out with him was right before IMFL when he's totally stressed out.

Iron Krista, "The Dog Mom" said...

I just got a new Argon Gallium too! Looks like you got the pro. I'm absolutely in love with "red" so far!

finnyfinds said...

Sorry to hear about the ticket! I'm from NY and we have the cell phone rule too. And just like you said - there's no rule against reading the newspaper and eating a bowl of soup while driving, so who the heck cares if you're on your cell phone? Too many rules, I say!

Keep up the great work!


Bruce Stewart (施樸樂) (ブルース・スチュワート) said...

I am sorry about the fine, but I have no sympathy for people who use cell phones while driving a car or riding a motorbike. I ride a bicycle to get around and don't relish the idea of being flattened by some careless phone user. Even "no hands" talking should be strongly discouraged when the car is moving. I am convinced the driver's ability is impaired, enough to hit some unfortunate cyclist. Make roads safe for cyclists and pedestrians, I say.