Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Loco Coco........

Training today was a big hit! Whenever our little town gets visitors here for training camps we "insist" they swimbikerun with us, sometimes to pull us, other times so we can play tour guides, sometimes to smash up on them, and just because it's fun to have new training partners along for the Kona adventures. Kiet is here this week and we introduced him to Queen K on the bike. Dave talked his ear off, Kate and I made him listen to all the girl talk happening, and then I "insisted" he join me for my intervals out to Puako. Then I got bossy and told him refueling island style is coconut water or nothing...poor guy. 70 miles later no bonking, it works!!!
This is no vacation for the visitor... we made him come to swim practice too. We are adopting him because he can swim IM really fast and lead the lane when we need some help. Poor Kiet.

About the time he thought he's seen all Kona has to offer, he witnessed true NERDS in action. Kate is getting ready for IM NZ and her race number came out today, 242. SO I figure it's time to psych her up, we body marked her 6 weeks early, she swam with the number and will keep it on till race day! I'm officially very tired now. Training is hard this week and wore me out enough that I managed a GREAT nap today. VERY needed as my legs feel like pooooooo.
Tomorrow is a run, with a speedy section that will no doubt require all my efforts mentally and physically. I'm ready, Coach is getting spicy with my training program and I like it. And of course Kiet will be my "rabbit". I've already told him the pace and he said no worries, he will pace me through...then we got him and Manny, (our AK visitor), to keep us company on the ocean swim. LOVE having training partners from all over visit the island, its like a training camp in my back yard!
I've already got the recovery activity for tomorrow planned too. LOOK! (see above foto). I found GREAT new fabric at my favorite Friday hangout. Elvis Presley and Shaved Ice fabric new in town this week and I already got my hands on it! Not sure what to sew, I'll think of something!
Oh, I got a new recipe for you. You know how after long rides you get weird cravings and you just are not sure what to eat but you know you have to satisfy that hunger for whatever it is?? After today's long ride I was needing protein, some sweetness, and a bit of crunchy. SO I got out the Maca powder and Carob nibs (both raw foods loaded with antioxidants, omegas, and protiens). Then I got an idea....

Put a bunch of things I'm craving together:

1 cup walnuts

1 cup coconut shreds

1 cup blueberries

1/2 cup carob nibs

1/2 cup raw flax seed meal

1/4 cup raw cocoa powder

1/4 cup agave syrup

1/4 cup coconut oil

1/4 cup flax seeds

1/4 cup maca powder

2 bananas

I put all that in the food processor, processed just a little, then put it in a baking pan. Really I had no idea what to expect, no recipe, no clue, just things I thought would solve the post-long ride cravings.
It sort of looked like blue brownies. I baked it at *350 for 40 minutes, it made my whole house smell so good I was spooning out bites from the oven every 5 minutes to see if it was done, (not that I knew what done would be with this concoction). After 40 minutes it was "baked" and let me tell you, it was fantastic! Not only did it taste good it was the perfect recovery fuel and helped my swim go swimmingly!
Okay, its again bed time. Happy training! Try the "Puako bars". I named them that since it was my bike turn around today.



Oscarjet said...

Nice post!
Always i love your pics...
i ´m saving to buy a waterproof camera to take some pics next summer while i train.... :D
2 days ago.....Carlitos 5 months.!!!!! time goes fast!!!
big hug !!!!!

ADC said...

I will definitely have to try that coconut water. It say it's a source of electrolytes :)))

Christi said...

I am so impressed with your workouts this year! You are going to have a great 2010!

kakes773 said...

I try all the recipes you share and haven't yet been disappointed. This one is going on my list of things to make soon, and your coco caribbean cookies are on my list for this weekend! Thanks. Stay strong, Bree!

t-odd said...

You have got to use the Elvis motif in Brooke's nursery. You want that baby to start out looking at super cool Hawaiian stuff. Do one wall "Blue Hawaii" style. If you need help, let me know. I am an interior designer after all. (for reals)

D said...

OMG. You're killing me with all the food. I also happen to read those posts at the most inopportune time lol.

Julia said...

I love coconut water too! It's my favorite workout drink :)
Wow, your post workout concoction looks incredible. I've never tried maca, but I am intriqued

IAN said...

I told Keit yesterday that I want to be him. Your pics and story made me even more jealous. A kona camp might just be in order this year.

I hope he gave you my punch in the arm?!?!

Regina said...

You sew too? are the rest of us humans supposed to keep up?

If that recipe is half as good as the recovery balls (which I still make all the time), I'm going to try it!

Samantha said...

I LOVE O.N.E...I also love when it goes on sale at whole foods but I never get there in time so its always cleared off the shelf already when I get there.

CoachLiz said...

Love the Elvis fabric! You should sew up a nifty drawstring bag to throw some dry clothes or a towel in for swim workouts or just for bumming around at the market.

Coconut water is the best. I just have to keep my kid from drinking it all up before I get any. I took your suggestion and bought some coconut milk to use in place of dairy milk and it is pretty darn good.

Mer! said...

Can you come here to cook please. I was so inspired by some of your food posts, I went out and bought an eggplant which went bad in my fridge and a spaghetti squash still sits there....I buy all these things with good intentions of making "bree wee salads to go"....but, I fail....

I did make one salad w/couscous, squash, red onion, spinach and drizzled some asian salad dressing on top!!!

Always tasty reading your blog =0

MM said...

I'm going to try those Puako bars. One of my favorite places no the Big Island.

Heidi Austin said...

interesting.... i'm glad it turned out ok :)