Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday Lessons...

Sunday taught me a lot. I learned that no matter how turd like, (as coach calls it), that your legs feel, even a long ride is amazing with the views in South Kona. The simple life... Sundays are so good.

I learned that when you see a "Help yourself" sign that really means "Kona Long Ride Aid Station" and to take full advantage because most likely there is not another stop for a long-LONG-long time!
I learned on Super Bowl Sunday beers are only 25 cents-and that my training partner is an alcoholic....ha ha... just kidding, I think. I learned no park dis space means move your bike.
I learned "Please don't pick the mangos" only counts if you park. (don't ask-PLEASE don't park).
I learned you won't die and go to hell if you pee in the cemetary. I had to go so bad, no bathroom and we still had 3 hours of riding. I was pretty scared but after I realized no ghosts were chasing me and I was still in paradise it's can go there...
I learned movies are not reality. Wendy and I saw that movie "When in Rome" and the chick stole a few coins from a fountain in hopes she'd have better luck with her love life, well... When in Kona, at a local shop, "take a wish" does not work like in the movies.... (another long, funny story for a rainey day).
I learned Sundays on Ali'i Drive are not full of garage sales (mostly because nobody has a garage), but full of FREE stuff. Again, the training partner found happiness, a cooler for all his 25 cent beers!
I also learned that when it's time for an Ironman I am in charge of the baking/training fuel, so this Sunday was all about making Kate's Ironman NZ stuff for the long flight she will take tomorrow (or maybe its Tuesday).
The grand finale...... drum roll please.... I learned tomorrow I get a massage and my coach is coming to Kona! Not sure if I'm scared or excited... Good night!!


ADC said...

Lovely lessons. Uh, I like the look of Kate's fuel. :)))


25 cent beers????
When's the next flight to the islands??

tinaparker87 said...

The beer for 25 cents should get me back to Kona with the husband quickly:) Thomas and Kinoa can hang in the water, since Thomas just told me he'd like to learn to surf. Mom's will hang on the beach and in the water with the boys! Great pcitures, nice race and a fun Sunday!

Regina said...

So, are you a quick learner? This was such a funny post. I'm with ONEHOURIRONMAN, 25¢ beers? I am so n the next flight!

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

So much to learn, so little time!

I thought your coach was local?

Coach Liz said...

Looks like you had a great bike ride. Are those free oranges or lemons? I would be the goofball who sticks a few down my sports bra and be thrilled by my free enhancements that also doubled as a snack.

Ordinarylife said...

those look like great lessons to learn!

Marni said...

I love this post!! I learned that there are lots of free foods in Kona...and healthy ones I might add :)
Stay healthy and happy!

Bruce Stewart (ブルース・スチュワート) said...

If I had biked with you, I would probably have abandoned you when we passed by the garage sales, although when I come to think of it, even the junk stuff there was way beyond my budget.