Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Super Tuesday...

In high school a handful of the surfer boys started a rock band called, "Super Tuesday". They were kind of crazy, loads of fun, and without a doubt my favorite place to spend Friday nights. Today reminded me of them, it is Tuesday, my training was kind of crazy, we found some fun, and of course it was all over a few of my favorite places.
The day began on the treadmill, intervals. Short ones. The intervals had so much sweat spraying that I was giving free showers to anyone within 2 feet. Tready sessions keep you so honest, you just punch in the numbers and move the legs to match the goal numbers. For someone like me its a pretty good tool to learn a pace. There is no going out too fast and no holding some for later, you just do it from the start and hold on till the end (or fly off the back). Anyways, it hurt, it was crazy, it was my super Tuesday.
After that-OCEAN SWIM! Time to rock on!! This was the fun part... it was sort of a "recovery" and sort of a "hold on" swim. The fastest woman in Kona was the leader and I had to hold onto her feet, (after a very serious warm up of course). Warm was to the 6th buoy, bump into everyone in Kona that was in the ocean at the moment, talk story for an aloha minute, then we go. I won't lie, swimming with Karlynn is not very easy, her kick is a little crazy and she can move. My eyes held tight to her feet and would not let enough space come between them and my reach.

After the crazy run, fun swim, it was ride time. I LOVE living in my new place because every time I leave my house I get to ride past the first beach I ever surfed at in Hawaii. It gives me butterflies still today! The ride was the weirdest wind I've seen all year (so far). It was like riding in a tornado. It wasn't a head wind or tail wind, it was swirling in all directions and as soon as you figure it out you get blown in another direction only to find yourself death gripping your bars. Nonetheless, it made fitting sense to this Super Tuesday. Of course all great rock bands have moments of some lovin' and my Super Tuesday got some too...but it hurt. A massage that looks like it left bruises from jumping in mosh pits & crowd surfing. OUCH! A good ouch.
What a long day...the pillows are calling. VERY good night from Kona! OOOOOOOOH, great news, had Brooke and Nick over for dinner, they read the comment Todd wrote about being a "nursery snob" and now they are going to let me paint their baby room! THANK you so much Todd for pulling Brooke to her senses, ha ha!! YES!
Lots of ALOHA,


beth said...

love your Tuesday! great pics.

Deborah Moore said...

Hey Bree
Where do you get your 2 piece training suits from - looking for 2 piece but not bikini, but not great big coverage on top and bottom either. Kinda like the one Karalynn (sp?)is wearing in the pics?

Regina said...

Great pics! Love the Buddha one, ha!

t-odd said...

Yeah me! Glad I could help. Does this mean I get to be in the room for the birth? I better get on those travel plans.

(Brooke - don't worry I was barely in the room for the birth of my own two kids. Birth is kind of icky. And REAL messy.)

Soulrunner said...

The first Pic is amazing.

take care
marco from germany

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

These pics make me giggle! Can you guys have any more fun? Not possible :-)

D said...

Todd needs to learn to quit while he's ahead. He never will, but one can dream.

I LOVE that you are a treadmill girl. I <3 the mill!! :)

ShirleyPerly said...

OMG, I think we may be neighbors!! Our lanai looks right at it 24/7. Now if only I were there 24/7... Working on it!

Yasi said...

I like hearing that you run on the treadmill! Sometimes I feel like I'm cheating when I do it, but right now it's out of necessity (too cold and snowy!). I'm hoping it'll help my pacing too for the upcoming season. And as usual, I love your pictures!

Marni said...

those pics are awesome!!!
So excited for Brooke!

CoachLiz said...

Ok, I want abs like you gals. I guess I am going to have to start working out again and laying off the chocolate.