Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Can I please be home already...

All that stands between me and home is a 5 hour flight across the Pacific Ocean. Every single time this 5 hour flight lands in my lap I appreciate it more and more and no matter where I am coming from its never as good as where I am going, home. And no matter what I’ve just experienced it never takes the place of what I know is waiting for me, home. 5 hours from home….just 5 hours.
I’ve been on the go for 41 hours, my butt hurts from sitting so long, my eyes hurt from lack of sleep, and I’ve got a bloody nose from the dry plane air that is filling my lungs. I’m pretty sure my ears are broken too because it’s difficult to hear, or maybe they just need to be popped. We won’t talk about the food choices the airplanes or airports offer. Gosh I miss my kitchen.
Right now I’d give almost anything to just get lost in the ocean, to take off these dirty clothes and run wild and free into the Kona Coast. I want to feel the sand in my toes, just let the salt water wake up my sleepy face, and feel some sunshine on my back. It would be even better if the waves were up and I could swim down deep under the swells and feel them shake my body alive.
I want to eat fresh papaya, smell plumerias, and watch geckos do that little dance with their heads when they are happy. I want to get in my truck, roll the windows down, play the music loud, and sing all the songs at the top of my lungs. A few cliffs are calling me to jump, a few fish are asking me to snorkel around them, and I can almost hear the little Filipino lady telling me I can have a deal on the bok choy. I feel like honking at the runners down Alii and watching the local boys sitting on the sea walls talking story or playing the ukuleles at Honl’s. That sounds nice. I’m almost there.
Kainoa is on that island too and there is nothing like the hug from your son after not seeing him for several days. I miss the sound of his little voice and that laughter. I love the island life waiting, it’s a love filled life! While I was gone two of my favorite people got engaged and this weekend is the engagement party, another good friend wants a double date (or possibly triple date) so we can meet her new “friend”. I’m excited to return to what’s happening in the lives of my friends, they are the family I missed so much. And Wendy needs me, she was the only one at Taco Tuesday while I was gone!
Of course the plan to un pack my bike and get back on Queen K is filling me with joy too! All the training partners I am sure are full of “what the hell Bree” stories to question my South African Ironman adventure. I’m more than ready to swimbikerun with them again, it’s been too long without them. And the hard part, it seems like every time I go away then come back they have gotten so much faster…love that challenge they give me!
For now, it’s a little more time in this airport, the 5 hour flight (which Im getting on 90 minutes late thanks to a delay in the last flight now my trip is 47.5 hours), and then home. Ooooooh, tonight I get to sleep in my own bed! That is enough to make me “almost” not mind sitting on my butt for another 5 hours. Despite the fact going so far from home can present so many adversities and other long mind boggling adventures, if you are ever dreaming to go half way around the world or the opportunity ever lands possible for you-take it, the bloody nose, sore butt, and sleepiness from crossing 3 or 4 time zones is worth all 46 hours (plus some).
Across the Pacific I go.


SSB said...

Hope you make it home safe. Boca is invading your island this weekend. Come out and play with us.

KevinandSpring said...

Hawaii is always awesome to come back to. I have been smiling ever since I made it back to Oahu. Looking forward to racing with you some day, nice job out there!


ADC said...

Hope you got home OK. Now it's tome to enjoy some time with friends and family.

ashish said...

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Heidi Austin said...

hope ya have a safe trip back... almost there girl :)

CoachLiz said...

I hope you enjoyed sliding in between your own snuggly blankets and setting your head on your pillow last night. That is my favorite part of coming home. Recover up from that 47+ hour trip by doing some swimbikerun "nearly naked girl" and let us know how Kainoa liked his giraffe.

Kathleen @ ForgingAhead said...

Welcome back Bree!

Catching up with Jessica said...

Making me really miss Hawai'i...I am so glad you appreciate it so much; you don't just live there, you LIVE there and I love that about you.