Monday, April 5, 2010

I Missed A Fuchsia Flat Worm...

Saturday something silly happened. When I ran into the guard rail I put my right leg down to stop from going over the thing and well, the foot hit first and it didn't like got sore, I iced, and being the "NON-TYPE A" girl that I am the Sunday (last long run pre-Africa) I bagged. Called coach and he said not to risk it either. Sunday was the ocean and a lot of good people with Tyson's family for Easter.
Today it felt like this jerk called Satan showed up for a snowball fight with me. It was one of those days that hiding under the covers would be a safe spot but that's just not my style so I decided to face it all knowing this is Hawaii and we don't do snow here...Satan can shut the $h!t up and get off my back. (sorry if I'm offending anyone). It was that kind of Monday and usually Monday is my favorite day of the week, really.
At 6am Coach Steve hugs me and has a little chat with me before letting me jump in the pool, personal conversation, one that leaves you feeling the same feelings you endure at a funeral, not sure if you should be happy or sad about it, but I know life goes on and in pain there is healing. So I swim and Jason laughs with me through it all (I tell him mostly everything in life), it felt better. Satan vs Bree (I win).
After swim practice I go to attack the run I didn't get to run on Sunday, last long run. The ankle has a little tingle and the fear of not being able to run is entertaining me... I've worked so hard and so smart leading up to this race I just want to run and be free of pain (you all know how that goes). Lacing up the shoes I see a bag hanging on my car. There is this group of local Hawaiian girls in Kona that started a run group, I always wanted to be part of it because I admired them so much, its like a real "local thing" and they have earned a ton of respect by running in these GIANT trucker hats so they stand out (We Run Kona), as part of showing a lot of healthy changes they made, anyways there was a hat for me, totally made me part of the group! Then Sam came running into the parking lot and said he would run with me to keep me company in case the ankle sucks and I end up walking. Satan vs Bree (I win again cause my friends rule!) AND I made all of the long run pain free! Whoooooop whoooooooooop! Glad I never ran yesterday so it could heal :)... LOVE being type "Bree" instead of Type A!
Okay.... then...bummer of a day my truck decides to spit green stuff everywhere! Travis once told me that's coolant and if it happens to turn on the heat so it wont have to cool anything. SO now I'm driving in 90* sunshine with the heat on sweating my tail off about to pass out (oh this is after I get busted for parking on a sidewalk and half the grass of someones walkway, whatever). Now stuck.... and to my rescue was Tyler. I about blew his face off with green stuff and then tried to put the wrong oil in there and found myself car-less needing to get Kainoa from school. Thankfully Tyler fixed it up good enough to get it to the car shop and taxied me around Kona as if he had no other work to do (poor guy). Kainoa was rescued from school and the sister is letting me use her truck tomorrow till mine gets back. Jason and Wendy offered me their cars too! Satan you suck cause my friends are tooooooo good to leave me walking home!
It was like that all day, a million moments of un-smooooooth waters that were calmed by good friends just tossing you a life raft to keep you floating was unreal. I even had Travis in Florida trying to save my day from 3,000 miles away!
Anyways, the bummer of the day (because everything else worked out) was missing a fuchsia flat worm. Jason and I had ocean plans, he had tanks waiting so I could go into the deep blue sea & forget about the morning drama. I never made it to the ocean today...but...again SATAN sucks cause I get a rain check on the tanks and deep blue sea and Jason took some random tourist girl instead who was sitting on the beach, I think I may have helped him find his future wife so it worked out good for him too.
Okay, bed time and I'm ready to snuggle Kainoa..."You, whose day it is, get out your rainbow colors and make it beautiful" -Traditional Nootka Song.



Christi said...

Friends are the best thing in the world and you have got some great ones! I will send positive thoughts your way so that you can get the juju going again!


Dang woman... Here's to sending a little good MO JO your way, but I might be the wrong person...

(Clutch went out on my son's car last week to the tune of $1600, so I feel some of your pain)

Bullet said...

Good to see that you can find the silver lining in just about anything. Now, doing that at mile 17 of the run is a bit different, BUT little practices like this will help. Hope your taper runs a bit smoother from here on out without having to fight so many little battles. Good mojo from Alabama.

Andrea said...

Sounds like there were way more positives than negatives when you add it all up. :)

I've been having days like that too lately, but friends are the best and it sounds like you are one lucky gal to have so many.

Chin up!

kakes773 said...

Hang in there, Bree! You are going to have an amazing season--keep up all the hard work, and you will reap the rewards in due time.

Trust in the Lord, and do good; dwell in the land, and feed on His faithfulness. ... The steps of a good [woman] are ordered by the LORD, and He delights in [her] way.
Though [she] fall, [she] shall not be utterly cast down; for the LORD upholds [her] with His hand.

Psalm 37 is such an encouragement in time of need.

Jennifer Yake Neuschwander said...

From one Type B gal to another...B is for being better off. Sending positive thoughts your ways. Cheers.

Teresa said...

FRIENDS make everything better...and a good workout...glad you are healed up!!