Monday, April 12, 2010


Sorry for the lack of updates.... you haven't missed much, or maybe it's the other way around if you find swimbikerunkainoafriendsislandlifelovefamilybookscoachsunshinebeachstarstacos interesting.
I've been busily getting the IPOD ready for the 36hour South Africa flight. Since I can't splish and Splash in the ocean, run along the beach, or ride over looking the sea for almost 2 days of my life I figure the next best thing is to take some of the music that lingers over my training with me. Here's my favorites at the moment:
Stars will be shining- Mishka
Shes gone-One Drop
Better Together-Jack Johnson (Hawaiian Slack Key Album)
Something Beautiful-Newsboys
When I dream about you-Lowie Boy
Akaku-Tierra Kekalau
Wishes were made for dreams-Zacc Kekoa
Girl, let me know-Kawao

Okay, thats it, time for swim practice....ENJOY your Monday!


Nibbles said...

I'm so excited to see you do this race! You're gonna kill it!

Teresa said...

I just read three posts in a row...loved the "proposal" photo. Things sound so wonderful in your life right now, you seem the happier and happier every day! Cheers to the taper, and laughing and enjoying each moment!!!


Trigirlpink said...

hummmmm.. I will have to check out some of those tunes. I'm in a tune slump.

Regina said...

Better Together....all time favorite. will have to look into some of those others. tick tock!

Bob Almighty said...

Good Luck in SA! I'm serious jealous of the frequent flier miles you're going to be racking up.

Sherry said...

Music moves the soul, doesn't it? :o) Thirty-six hours is a loooong time in an airplane. Wow! I hope that you have a safe flight and that it's as comfy as possible.

Woo-hoo, Bree! Getting closer! So excited for ya!

Oscarjet said...

Hola amiga! estoy impaciente por tu race en SA !!!!!!!!!
Lo haras muy bien!!!!!
un abrazo y fuerza !!!!!