Thursday, May 13, 2010

Give Me A Pineapple!

Sometimes you gotta let go to feel alive again... it sucks, believe me. I'm a girl who wears her heart on her sleeve and speaks out loud whatever is happening in my head and heart, (gets me in heaps of trouble more times then not), but I think it keeps me real. Now I feel like racing. Its like a juicy pineapple, I just want to bust into it and go for it, 3 races are on my horizon and I'm happy training for them, the journey is what it's all about right!?

Yesterday's bike ride did not start fun. I tried to get out the door before the sun woke up and I landed on my @$$. Really. The back skewer came out and the back wheel ran into the breaks and jammed up in the derailleur and me on my @$$. Thankfully the wheel smashing into the breaks caused my speed to hit a whopping 4mph so I saved myself from any serious wipe out.
Jason came to fix up my bike and decided to start his ride, (even though he wasn't awake just yet), to make sure the bike and I were in one piece. After a long warm up coach gave me 2 hours of tempo. The warm up was where Jason wanted to reconsider riding with me, I sung every song I know as loud as I could, then he asked if I knew rap, (because I don't and that would silence me), little did he know I could make up my own rap, and so I did. He about fell off his bike, I about fell off mine laughing, and then it was tempo time. I was on a mission, I wanted to race him, every time he would try to get next to me I would try harder to keep in front, not sure what was happening, the pineapple's I guess... It was a good training day...sung through swim practice too, because if I wasn't making myself laugh, yesterday was a day I'd be crying...
Woke up ready to run, it was all I could think of, not even the ocean called my name. Strange. It felt like I was running on Lanai, I'm not sure I saw any other runners out there I was so focused on finding my run again. Every run it gets closer and closer and I hope by 3 weeks (Honu) it will be home to me. I'm trying to remind myself to relax and let it happen on it's own, not rush it, but I want my run legs back all the way. Patiently awaiting my legs recovery after the morning run I sat at the Harbor watching dolphins splash and play, it really reminded me to relax and breathe. Till then, I'm on my way now to see Nancy (Makai Chiro/ART), her and Dawn (Healing Island Massage), have been working their magic. Then...swim practice with the high schoolers-OUCH.
Happy training and pineapple eating!


Regina said...

I think I would enjoy riding with you. For the singing part, not the part where you kick my proverbial ass cuz you are THAT awesome.

Can I tell you, pineapple is my most favorite fruit in the world!! International symbol of welcome!

Sherry said...

I'm with Regina 100%! Sing-a-longs on the bike would be fun!

By the way, that is an absolutely beautiful run photo of you.

Catching up with Jessica said...

You're so focused right now, Bree. Stay with it, you got it! And I love Nancy. So glad you see her. I miss my Hawai'i patients and doing ART out there in Honolulu. Trying to fit it here in TX! I'm trying to be focused, too! Thanks for inspiring me!

CoachLiz said...

I am so glad I am not the only one who sings on the bike. Maybe that is why not many people ride with me, hmm. I guess my renditions of The Black Eyed Peas and Rhianna are not that spectacular.

SSB said...

I love pineapple. Hey, when you get a chance can you send me the recipe for your crockpot coconut chicken? I finally bought chicken and want to make it.

You should pop over this weekend for the Hon tri.

Ruben Montane said...

I love the bike photo! Nice Sidi's by the way!